13 Tips on How To Make Your Virtual Internship a Success

Here are 13 tips on how to make your virtual internship a success:
  1. Learn about the organization. …
  2. Prepare ahead of time. …
  3. Join the company culture. …
  4. Unite with fellow interns. …
  5. Understand the expectations and set personal goals. …
  6. Keep communicating. …
  7. Maintain a timely schedule. …
  8. Be patient.

VIRTUAL INTERNSHIP SUCCESS TIPS: How to Prepare for a Zoom Video Interview or Meeting

How is a virtual internship different from a traditional one?

Both online and in-person internships are crucial career steps, but there are some distinctions, such as:

Virtual internships are similar to traditional ones in that they still involve project-based work, reporting to a supervisor, and team communication.

What is a virtual internship?

With a virtual internship, you can gain professional and practical experience while working remotely rather than in an office or another location of the company. You conduct the majority of your business via email, phone, online chat, or other channels of communication. Employers are aware of the value remote internships have in preparing job candidates, and remote internships can help you develop the time-management and self-discipline skills that are highly valued by employers.

With a virtual internship, you can avoid spending money or time moving or commuting, have more flexibility with your workday or class schedule, and apply for internships both domestically and abroad. Employers who offer virtual internships can expand their pool of qualified applicants and save money on space and equipment by using a remote intern team.

13 tips on how to make your virtual internship a success

Virtual internships are a great way for you to expand your network of contacts, develop new and stronger skill sets, and gain professional experience. The following 13 suggestions will help you have a successful virtual internship:

Learn about the organization

Before starting your internship, learn as much as you can about the company or organization in order to become familiar with its culture and communication style. Online staff biographies can be read to get to know the managers and coworkers you work with. If you have inquiries or wish to learn more about the company, think about contacting them.

Prepare ahead of time

Even though the internship is online, it’s still crucial to plan ahead. assemble all the supplies and equipment you were given, such as a laptop computer or the company manual. Create a workspace where you live that is relaxing, peaceful, and useful for working. Consider doing it before your first day or as soon as you have the information ready, along with completing any necessary paperwork, if you have programs and platforms to log into.

Join the company culture

It can be difficult to fit into the company culture when working virtually rather than in person. Through employee resource groups, virtual events, and other company resources, you can interact with coworkers, leaders, and other interns. An organization might, for instance, host a virtual walking competition or book club as a way for employees to interact outside of the office. Another enjoyable way to participate in company culture and stay connected to the team you work with is to sign digital birthday, anniversary, or congratulations cards.

Unite with fellow interns

Connecting with other interns is a great way to provide and receive support, engage and promote company culture, and expand your professional network, whether it be through email, message chats, or social platforms. You can discuss how to assist one another with the online internship program, gain knowledge from past mistakes, and encourage one another while working on projects.

Understand the expectations and set personal goals

To discuss the position expectations, goals, and feedback process, get in touch with the leader or director of your internship program. You can succeed if you are aware of what is expected of you, so think about getting clear information by asking questions. Share some of your personal goals with leaders to let them know about your aspirations and receive support in achieving them. Offer or request scheduled check-ins to track your progress. Write down your accomplishments throughout the virtual internship so you can look back on them and update your resume and professional social media accounts.

Keep communicating

It’s crucial to understand how your internship supervisor prefers to communicate since remote jobs frequently involve more communication via email, chat, and conference calls than in-person interactions. Ask them how they prefer to be contacted, and be sure to use that method. For instance, if your boss enjoys receiving emails from you, think about sending a weekly summary of the work you completed or checking in at the beginning of the week to ask for tasks to be completed. Alternatively, arrange phone or video calls to connect and discuss task lists or other obligations.

Maintain a timely schedule

Even though virtual internships don’t require entering an office, it’s still crucial to maintain a workday schedule. Your official office hours may be flexible or otherwise not correspond to regular business hours, such as working until 11 a m. to 7 p. m. for example. The most crucial thing to keep in mind is to hold yourself responsible for showing up and working during your scheduled time. Keep track of deadlines, meetings, and calendar invites, and try to avoid being distracted while working.

Be patient

Remote employment and virtual internships frequently involve coworkers in various time zones, nations, or shifts. Be patient, adaptable, and understanding when waiting for online communication replies or assignments. Team members might need to complete other tasks that aren’t as obvious as they would be in an office setting.

Invite colleagues for a virtual coffee break

A virtual internship allows you to be more inventive when developing your professional network than an actual one. Think about inviting coworkers over video chat, instant messaging, or other virtual outings for a coffee break. You can still learn more about the industry, specific career paths, or other crucial advice from those who have been in the field longer by connecting virtually, which can have an impact that is equal to that of a face-to-face meeting.

Connect with everyone

Numerous networking opportunities are offered by internships, whether they be with coworkers, clients, or vendors. There are still ways to connect with people online to expand your professional network even during a virtual internship. During your internship, you might think about adding people to professional social networking sites and platforms and following up with them occasionally to get advice, feedback, and insight. Even a simple “hello” conveys your appreciation for the opportunity to work for a company and your aspirations.

Share ideas and be bold

In-person internships frequently involve more errands or administrative work, such as making copies or purchasing lunch. It is advantageous to take advantage of the chance to exchange thoughts and perspectives because a virtual internship might have fewer of these duties. Consider sharing fresh concepts and recommendations throughout your internship in addition to finishing your assignments. Building a reputation as a brave, imaginative, and enthusiastic team player is more important than whether teams use your input.

Ask for help when you need it

Working remotely requires some getting used to, especially if you’ve never done it before. Ask for assistance when you need it, whether it be to learn how to prioritize your tasks and time, or how to avoid being distracted while working. A good place to start is by talking to your internship supervisor about your concerns. By doing so, you can demonstrate your professionalism. For additional guidance on navigating virtual internships, think about reaching out to friends, students, and other interns as well as the college career center.

Meet in person if possible

To strengthen relationships, think about meeting the team or some of its members in person. If the company has an office and you are nearby, you could arrange a face-to-face meeting there. You could also arrange a meeting with other employees or interns for lunch, coffee, or a visit. Meeting in person can strengthen the bonds you’ve already established and expand your professional network for potential opportunities in the future.


How do you succeed in remote internships?

6 Ways to Make the Most of a Remote Internship
  1. Set boundaries, even if your hours and location are flexible.
  2. Find time to connect with mentors. …
  3. Practice overcommunication. …
  4. Ask for feedback. …
  5. Document your achievements. …
  6. Ask for a letter of recommendation.

How do you succeed at a virtual internship reflection?

A virtual internship is a job-shadowing opportunity that students can complete at home. Students communicate with their employer throughout the internship through a variety of channels, including Skype, Microsoft Teams, email, webinars, and Slack.

How do you rock a virtual internship?

How to Succeed in a Virtual Internship
  1. Communicate about communication. Everyone has their own preferred method of communication in this new virtual environment.
  2. Overshare your accomplishments, blockers, and points of confusion. …
  3. Connect and network.

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