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I arrived as instructed one hour before the interview, where I met up with the other interviewees in the cafeteria. I must admit that the entire setting was very laid back, and the staff members expressed gratitude in a way that felt sincere. I met with an HR representative and a senior female captain during the HR portion of the interview. They both thanked me for coming and appeared happy that I could make it. Both were kind and gave a rundown of how the interview would go, specifically they wanted TMAA answers but also how did you deal with it and what did you do. I understand everyone needs pilots but this was the most appreciated interview I can ever recall, which reduced the tension greatly. Continue Reading this Interview Experience.


Interviews for Top Jobs at United Airlines

Associate Analyst Interview


I interviewed at United Airlines


There are situation based questions asked in interview. They want to know the thinking process. More questions are asked from excel. There are 3 rounds in total. Interviews are very understanding.

Interview Questions

  • How to design a survey.

Flight Attendant Interview


I interviewed at United Airlines


The interview was really dry and very transactional! My interview time was 7am PST the interviewer didnt even say good morning just went ahead with the questions right away. It felt rush and felt that she just wanna get it over with the interview process

Interview Questions

  • What would you do with the abnoxious guest

What candidates say about the interview process at United Airlines

  • Excellent Submitted on May 14, 2022 by a customer service agent in San Antonio, Texas
  • Arrive early and dressed like a flight attendant. First, a large group is introduced to the duties and way of life of a FA After that, they separate you into groups and set up drink carts. They already know who they like and who they dislike. Posted on May 14, 2022 by a flight attendant from Denver, Colorado
  • The interview and evaluation process for the position of flight attendant has several stages. If the candidate has experience in customer service and customer engagement, they will succeed. For instance, Flight Attendant – Chicago, IL – Shared on May 9, 2022

How candidates received their first interview at United Airlines

  • Was called in to work part- time. ( 6-weeks ) HOLIDAY. After. Phone call, to report for ORIENTATION. To start full time. shared on September 16, 2019 – Ramp service
  • Through a former Hiring Manager for the warehouse. Shared on December 3, 2018 – Houston, Texas – Lead CSA Agent – Customer Service Advocate
  • Through a phone call. Shared on July 30, 2018 – Customer service representative/ramp supervisor – Providence, RI

What advice do candidates give for interviewing at United Airlines

  • Don’t trust anybody; go to work, do your job, and then return home. Posted on March 10, 2020 by a Ramp Agent in Sterling, Virginia
  • After the non-DOT physical interview, go through TSA at the airport to the UA terminal to get your finger prints. Additionally, you undergo a hearing, eye, and drug test at the baggage claim. Parking at airport will …Shared on December 24, 2019.
  • For aircraft maintenance know your FAR’S. shared on January 23, 2019 by a mechanic for aircraft in San Francisco, California

What Do You Know About Us?

In response to the question, “What do you know about United Airlines,” you should persuade the interviewer that you have done your homework on the company and are interested in its offerings. To reassure the interviewer that this is not your first time interacting with the brand, be sure to provide accurate information.

Sample Answer

According to revenue, United Airlines is the third-largest airline in the world. It belongs to Star Alliance and is based in Chicago, Illinois. It has a frequent flier program called MileagePlus. (You can also mention their member Longue called United Club).

Popular Job Interview Questions for United Airlines

Ans: You can provide an interesting response to this question by outlining your educational background, professional work experience, skills, and desire to make a difference by working for United Airlines. Speak with assurance and a clear, upbeat tone of voice.

Why do you want to work for United Airlines?

Try to persuade them that they are your top pick by lauding the business for something. Perhaps you frequently fly with them and thoroughly enjoy the experience; now is the time to switch to the other side, assisting them in providing customers with such an experience.

In these uncertain times, it is preferable to work for a larger airline if you love their list of destinations, their branding, how they try to minimize their environmental impact, or simply the fact that they are big.

Alternatively you can refer to a recommendation from a friend. Perhaps a person you know works for the company in that capacity. They extolled the virtues of the group dynamic at work, employee benefits, professional development, and everything else. You decided to apply with United Airlines rather than one of their rivals, despite the fact that the latter may have offered the applicants a higher salary, because of their recommendation and your research.


What questions do they ask at United Airlines interview?

Name a time when you went above and beyond for a customer. If you have experience in customer service, how do you feel when you ask someone to follow the rules and they refuse?

Why do you wanna work for United Airlines?

Try to persuade them that United Airlines is your top choice by praising the company for something and explaining why you want to work for them. Perhaps you frequently fly with them and thoroughly enjoy the experience; now is the time to switch to the other side, assisting them in providing customers with such an experience.

How do I interview with United Airlines?

Submitting a United Airlines application is fairly simple. Hopefuls can use the online career portal to look for openings and submit resumes. Managers then contact qualified applicants to schedule job interviews. There may be additional steps required for some jobs during the hiring process.

What should I wear to United Airlines interview?

It is preferred to dress conservatively or traditionally for a flight attendant interview.

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