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Written Programming Round: 30 min 1) 15 multiple choice questions. Difficulty level -> Medium-Hard 2) 3 programming problems: Difficulty level -> Easy a) You have an array of integers. Find that index for which sum of all the elements before it will be equal to sum of all elements after it. b) Implement queue using stacks. c) Find minimum value in a binary tree. 3) There were 2 networking related questions. We need to write the answers in detail. I don’t remember the questions.

In all, my interview experience was quite nice. Both interviewers were very helpful and cooperative. Practice writing code on piece of paper. That will help a lot.

Technical Interview 2: This interview was mostly based on my B.Tech Project on Artificial Intelligence. He also asked many fundamental questions related to AI and Machine Learning. For e.g. what is SVM (Support Vector Machines), ANN(Artificial Neural Networks), GP(Genetic Programming) and differences between them and how it is better than linear regression? He also asked few java OOPS questions.

Technical Interview 1: Discussed in detail my projects. They thoroughly went through my resume and asked questions. a) Whole database design of one of my project. Asked some SQL queries also. b) You are given a triangle with height h and base length b and a square of side length a. How many squares can you fit in triangle? Need to derive formula. c) A pattern matching problem with special characters. He wanted the full working code. Similar question: https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/wildcard-character-matching/

OPTUM UGH Company Interview Questions

Company Location: Bangalore, IndiaAttended on: 14.11.2021

  • What are your roles and responsibilities?
  • What is STLC?
  • What are the primary key and unique keys?
  • What is referential integrity?
  • Tell me Unix commands?
  • How can you find out the orphan records?
  • What are metric validations?
  • What star schema and snowflake schema?
  • What slowly changing dimensional tables?
  • What is a mean junk dimensional table?
  • Data flow of ur projects?
  • Find out the 3rd highest salary?
  • Company Location: Hyderabad, IndiaAttended on: 14.11.2021

  • Tell me about your project?
  • Which validation are you performing between ods and staging tables?
  • Are you using aggregate operations without group by clause?
  • Sel sum(sal) from emp group by deptno where deptno=10
  • Having count(*)>1 what is the order of execution?
  • How do you get the top five records in Unix?
  • How to find duplicate records?
  • How to delete duplicate records?
  • Difference between delete and truncate?
  • Write syntax for instr and substr?
  • How do you show which constraints you have used on a table in oracle DB?
  • Difference between filter and router?
  • What is meant by active and passive transformations?
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    OPTUM Company Hyderabad Interview Questions

    Company Location: Hyderabad, IndiaAttended on: 14.11.2021

  • Explain your project?
  • Difference between the star and snowflake schema?
  • What is meant by clustered index?
  • Difference between primary and unique keys?
  • What is meant by integration check?
  • Explain about smoke and sanity tastings?
  • Explain about subqueries?
  • What are the different types of transformations available in Informatica?
  • Explain dim table with an example?
  • Difference between DWH and DW?
  • Two tables have the same columns then how do you get common columns without using joins?
  • In your project how many dim and how many fact tables do you have?
  • How to find out 3rd highest salary?
  • A B
    10 10
    20 20
    30 50
    40 60

    O/p for a) inner join b) left outer join c) right outer join d) cross join

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