54 Types of Effective Marketing Strategies for Promoting Your Business

What is Marketing? | Types of Marketing Strategies + [BONUS POINT]

What are marketing strategies?

The methods you employ to connect with your target audiences are known as marketing strategies. Traditional marketing (radio, print, TV) and digital marketing (PPC, SEO, website content, social media) are just a few examples of the different formats that they can take. When brands plan their marketing strategies, they frequently combine them into a single, more comprehensive campaign. This makes it easier to produce content that adheres to a main theme or purpose.

Types of marketing strategies

Explore these 54 different types of marketing strategies:


A great way to increase traffic to your website is to write blogs that are relevant to the interests of your target audience. Blogging improves search engine optimization (SEO) and brand trust too.

Case studies

Digital case studies demonstrate the work you have completed for additional brands or clients. They help customers visualize what your company can offer.


Marketing teams use free downloadable e-books to gather leads. The concept is that customers can receive a free e-book with helpful information in exchange for their contact information.


SEO refers to the process by which businesses optimize their websites to appear higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). You can reach more people and persuade them to visit your website by using organic search.


Pay-per-click (PPC) is a form of paid advertising. You are charged a fee each time someone clicks on your advertisement. To increase their audience size through search engines, most marketers use PPC advertising.

Word of mouth

Word of mouth marketing is a fantastic way to encourage more people to try out your business, even though brands may not have much control over it. By offering superior customer service, you can persuade people to positively talk about your company.

Viral videos

Making content like viral videos can spark a lot of interest in your brand. To take advantage of this strategy, marketing departments examine emerging trends.


Since the invention of Instagram, a lot of companies have teamed up with well-known people to advertise their goods and services. Because so many users respect the opinions of influential people, this type of marketing has been successful.


This time-honored method of advertising has existed for a while. In newspapers, magazines, and other printed materials, marketers distribute advertisements and sponsored content.


Creating commercials is still a popular method many brands use. Based on the TV programs they sponsor, they can target their audiences.


Based on the radio stations’ listener demographics, you can target particular audiences. In their radio advertisements, brands frequently employ voice actors and creative sound effects.

Streaming services

Many advertisers use these platforms to reach more specialized audiences as video and music streaming services continue to gain popularity. Brands can produce more individualized ads thanks to these services’ ability to collect much more user data than traditional television or radio.

Guerilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing is when business owners advertise their goods on the street. Pop-up events, free samples, and other in-the-moment marketing techniques may demonstrate this.


Email marketing is a useful way to nurture your leads. Many businesses provide newsletters to their email list as a way to share interesting content. Additionally, they employ drip campaigns, which send emails in response to user actions.


Sponsored events are held by brands to increase interest in their products. These occasions could be conferences, talks, celebrations, galas, or fundraising activities. Some of their products might even be distributed as party favors.

Landing pages

Web pages called landing pages are distinct from the rest of your website’s navigation. They are used by brands to pursue a particular action and collect user data.


Brands can stay top-of-mind by sending out catalogs to customers on a regular basis. For retailers who regularly release new merchandise, catalogs are especially useful.

Cold calling

This is when a salesperson directly calls a consumer. The objective is to get them to call in order to make a purchase or learn more about the brand.

Direct mail

Brands can target certain demographics with direct mail. To distribute company announcements, coupons, or promotions, they frequently use direct mail.


Connecting with your clients can be done by setting up a business page on Facebook. Many brands also run Facebook ads.


Many brands use Instagram, a visual platform, to highlight their goods, company cultures, and values. Additionally, brands can use the Stories feature of the platform to promote themselves via your brand’s profile.


Brands can use Twitter to share sponsored posts. Another method by which businesses use this platform to become more visible is by sharing content with hot hashtags.


In addition to sponsored lenses and filters, brands can also use Snapchat stories to advertise. This is a fun way to generate buzz about your company.


Brands use YouTube to share ads and original content. When publishing original content, they take their target audience’s interests into account.


Business-to-business marketing is when brands market to one another. B2B marketing is based on needs, efficiency and brand relationships.


Business-to-consumer marketing plays upon a consumers needs and emotions. This type of marketing is used by companies to demonstrate how their goods and services can enhance your life.

Free samples

Giving away free samples is one way companies encourage consumers to try their goods. This is especially beneficial when introducing a novel product that nobody has heard of before.

Annual sales

When customers know they can rely on your brand to hold a sale every year, they might view this as a fun occasion. This is a practical strategy to increase sales during a particular season.

Brand loyalty

Brands use a variety of tactics to build brand loyalty. They frequently seek to meet the needs of a particular niche audience and find methods to respect their values.


When brands use a variety of platforms to reach consumers, this is known as multichannel marketing. Oftentimes, these platforms make up a larger marketing campaign.


Finding a very specific segment of the market and appealing to it is known as niche marketing. Instead of making advertisements that appeal to a wide range of people, you might find that only a small group of people can comprehend what you are talking about. This helps you create a strong sense of brand loyalty.


A tradeshow booth is a clever way to interact with clients face-to-face. Brands will dispatch a salesperson or representative who is extremely knowledgeable about what they have to offer.

Press conferences

You’ll see that big businesses hold press conferences to talk about their new products with the media. The plan is that by writing about the event, the media will give them free publicity. You often see this marketing tactic with large technology companies.

Press releases

Press releases are articles that companies publish about their most recent products. Oftentimes, publishers will share these press releases with their readers. Even better, distribute a press release to everyone on your mailing list.


Some brands tie philanthropy into their business model. A common business strategy is one-for-one, where a brand will donate an equal amount for every purchase a customer makes. Additionally, some companies may promise to give a certain proportion of their total sales to a good cause.


Many brands base their marketing campaigns on the seasons. For instance, numerous merchants offer Black Friday discounts or seasonal sales.


When businesses lead consumers to believe that their products are scarce, this is called scarcity marketing. This gives people the urgency to buy now.


Discount codes, coupons, and other forms of transactional marketing By buying now, people feel that they can save money.


Maintaining a strong relationship with customers is the key to retaining their business. Brands do this by providing excellent customer service and support.


More brands have become outspoken about the causes they support as consumers base their purchasing decisions more heavily on their values. They might even choose to donate money to these causes for a predetermined amount of time.

Content curation

While sharing original content on social media is helpful, brands can develop a more genuine social media presence by promoting content from other sources that matches their aesthetic, values, or way of life.

Business partnerships

Businesses will partner together to advertise both of their offerings. For instance, you might see movie trailers connected to a certain item.


Many companies will support events to demonstrate that their brand is committed to a particular cause. Likewise, its a way to build brand awareness. They frequently have the opportunity to include their logo on any promotional materials, websites, t-shirts, or signage for events.

Rewards programs

You can encourage customers to return and spend more money by rewarding them for visiting your store. Numerous companies develop reward programs where consumers can accumulate points and use them to save money on future purchases.

Storefront design

Visually pleasing storefront designs can get brands more foot traffic. Additionally, many businesses place advertising signage to entice customers inside.


A great way to get people to help you with your marketing is through competitions. Many brands require people to post sponsored content to enter. For instance, lots of companies want people to enter by tagging their friends. Additionally, they might ask them to share a social media article.

Enter to win

A great way for brands to gather leads is through enter-to-win campaigns. The award they give is unquestionably worthy of the consumer attention they receive.

Thought leadership

Brands that become thought leaders in their sector attract an expert following Customers can trust companies that are knowledgeable and offer helpful advice.

Popup shops

Popup stores are temporary retail locations set up by brands to sell a small quantity of their products. Due to the limited time nature of this event, people are compelled to purchase.


Customer surveys are one way brands can get feedback. They alter their business procedures in response to the feedback they receive.


Customers can submit a form to receive rebates in order to receive money back on purchases. People believe they are getting a good deal as a result.


By reviewing their databases, marketing teams can discover a lot about their clients. They then use this data to influence their campaigns.


Customers have the option to customize their shoes with brands like Nike and Vans. Many people appreciate being able to design unique products for themselves. Similarly, providing embroidery or engraving services enables customers to personalize their purchase.


An important factor in encouraging someone to take your product off the shelf is attractive packaging. To reach more customers, brands use a combination of stunning graphics and persuasive copy.


What are the 4 types of marketing strategies?

4 Types Of Marketing Plans And Strategies
  • Market Penetration Strategy.
  • Market Development Strategy.
  • Product Development Strategy.
  • Diversification Strategy.

What are the 7 marketing strategies?

You must decide on five things: PRODUCT, PRICE, PROMOTION, PLACE, and PEOPLE. The internal and external marketing environments are always a factor, even though the 5 Ps are somewhat controllable. To learn more about each of the P’s, continue reading.

What are 6 marketing strategies?

The seven Ps of marketing are: people, place, product, price, promotion, and packaging. You must regularly review these seven Ps to ensure you’re on track and getting the best results possible in the current marketplace as products, markets, customers, and needs change quickly.

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