Turning Down a Promotion: How and When to Do So

How to turn down a promotion
  1. Offer gratitude. Begin the conversation by stating how grateful you were to receive the offer. …
  2. Decline the offer. State your decision to decline the promotion. …
  3. List your reasons. Provide your reasons for declining the new position. …
  4. Listen. …
  5. Stay firm. …
  6. Establish your desires.

Most people, and with good reason, would appreciate a promotion at work A promotion frequently entails increased pay, greater prestige, and occasionally a welcome change of pace from the current position. But occasionally, a promotion offer isn’t so welcome. It’s important to think about the consequences before declining a promotion, whether you don’t want to take on more responsibility for personal reasons or you don’t think the new job is right for you at this point in your life.

If you decline a promotion now, keep in mind that it might reduce or completely eliminate your chance of receiving one in the future. Not only the employee puts in a lot of effort to get a promotion The manager frequently needs to exert effort to convince upper management that an employee deserves a promotion.

If you decline a promotion from your boss, he or she may be less likely to take a chance on giving you another one in the future. You risk ending up in a dead end entry-level job. However, Inc. advises declining the promotion if you lack the necessary abilities to succeed in a challenging new position that comes with unrealistic expectations.

You might end up alienating your coworkers by declining a promotion because some of them might feel they deserved the opportunity more than you did. In some cases, you might even experience employee hostility, which could make your day-to-day working environment isolating and uncomfortable.

If you aren’t diplomatic when declining the promotion or if your boss doesn’t understand your decision, they might not appreciate the rejection. Your boss might have struggled to give you a new job or risked his professional reputation to convince upper management that you merited the promotion. In these situations, alienating your boss runs the risk of retaliation, where you are given projects that no one else wants in an effort to get you to quit your job.

Should You Ever Turn Down A Promotion?

How to turn down a promotion

Use these steps to help you decline a promotion from your employer if you’re not interested in accepting it while maintaining good relations with your employer:

1. Offer gratitude

Say how appreciative you are to have received the offer to start the conversation. Mention how you value that the company recognizes and values your skill set, how you enjoy being a part of the team as a whole, and how you look forward to staying with the company.

2. Decline the offer

State your decision to decline the promotion. Make it clear that you’re categorically rejecting the promotion by using language like “After careful consideration,” “After giving it some thought,” or “Upon further consideration.”

3. List your reasons

Provide your reasons for declining the new position. Speak openly and honestly to maintain your relationship with your manager or boss and to demonstrate your respect for the business.

4. Listen

Your manager or boss will probably ask you to think twice about accepting the promotion and give you a few justifications for doing so. Listen respectfully and take time to consider what theyre saying.

5. Stay firm

You can confidently reiterate your decision to decline the promotion after hearing the justifications your manager or boss provided for accepting it. If necessary, reiterate your worries or reasons for rejecting the offer.

6. Establish your desires

Finish the conversation by expressing your satisfaction with your current position. When you have more experience and are offered a promotion to a different position or another one, let your manager or boss know that you are interested.

Why should you consider turning down a promotion?

While a promotion is typically a welcome and eagerly awaited career opportunity, there are some instances where it is not the best career move. Take into account the following situations where it might make sense to reject a promotion offer:

Examples of what to say when turning down a promotion

Use these sample responses as a guide to politely decline a promotion.

Family concerns

In this sample response, the applicant states that they are not interested in the position because it would interfere with their personal life.

I’m so appreciative that you understand my dedication to this business and my desire to keep learning and developing here. Although I would dearly love to take on a managerial position, my family and I are not ready at this time. My current position allows me the flexibility to arrive at work early and depart early to pick up my children since they finish school at 2:30. Knowing I’d have to stay late at the office because I’m a manager When I have more freedom at home, I’d definitely be interested in this position. “.

Different career goals

In this sample response, the applicant expresses a desire to remain in the field rather than advance to a supervisory position.

“I’m grateful the company recognizes the leadership qualities in me, and I’m honored to be considered for this position. A leadership role is a huge opportunity.” Even though the job is a step up from what I’m doing now, I’m actually eager to keep working in the industry. I’ve always enjoyed the research and development aspect of my work, and if I were to take on a supervisory role, I know I would miss that. “.

Skill set

In this sample response, the applicant expresses a lack of confidence in their ability to carry out the position successfully.

It’s a true honor to be chosen for a promotion so early in my employment with this company, and I appreciate you being willing to give me another chance. I’ve read the job description you provided me for the new position carefully, but I don’t feel yet like I’m ready to assume the responsibilities. I’d like to stay in this position for a few more months while observing someone in that position before making the switch. No matter what position I hold, I want to give the company my all and represent it well. “.

Considerations when turning down a promotion

When you choose to decline a promotion, bear the following factors in mind to have an effective and constructive conversation:


Is it OK to turn down a promotion?

Because of this, more and more employers are hiring managers who are trained to spot signs of burnout. However, it is unquestionably a valid reason to decline a promotion if you are concerned that the stress will be too much.

Can you be fired for turning down a promotion?

If a promotion is offered to you but you decline it, you run the risk of losing your job permanently. In this way, you aren’t compelled to accept the promotion; rather, you are given the choice to either accept it and continue working for the company in your current capacity or decline it and look for employment elsewhere.

How do I decline a promotion for salary?

Consider a phrase such as:
  1. “I appreciate the job offer, however, I must decline.”
  2. “Thank you for the offer and your time, but I’m afraid I can’t take the job at the pay you’re offering.”
  3. “Hello. …
  4. Dear Sebastian,
  5. I appreciate you contacting me about the social media manager position at SpotCheque.

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