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Applying to a job at BNSF Railway is an exciting process that can open up many opportunities for career growth. As a potential applicant, it’s important to be prepared for the interview process. BNSF is known to ask thought-provoking questions that require a response that is tailored to the position and the company. In this blog post, we’ll provide an overview of the top ten BNSF interview questions. We’ll explain the reasoning behind each of the questions and offer tips on how to craft a great response. Whether you’re a recent college graduate or a seasoned professional, these tips can help you prepare for the BNSF interview process. By the end of this blog post, you’ll feel confident and knowledgeable about the different types of questions that you’ll be asked during the BNSF interview.

Top 5 Interview Question to Ask at a Railroad Interview

What candidates say about the interview process at BNSF Railway

  • Initial Phone Screen Online Test of Skills Online Test of Personality and Work Habits Zoom Interview with a group of three HR,Manager and Supervisor. Clerk Marketing/Logistics – Fort Worth, Texas – Shared on April 27, 2022
  • Virtual interview with one person. Lasted 20 minutes. Shared on January 20, 2021.
  • Panel interview with 4-5 people. Shared on June 7, 2020 – Sr. Programmer Analyst – Fort Worth, TX.

What advice do candidates give for interviewing at BNSF Railway

  • Prepare for your interview by doing some research so that the questions you do ask are more in-depth than the typical ones. Shared on November 30, 2022 – Intermodal Equipment Operator – Chicago, IL
  • Be Upfront and Honest with Both of Them Shared on November 4, 2022 – Track Forman – Amarillo, TX
  • On October 14, 2022, Railroad Conductor shared the phrase “tell the truth.”

How candidates received their first interview at BNSF Railway

  • I applied after being encouraged to do so by a college friend who currently works thereShared on May 5, 2020 – BNSF Corporate Intern – Billings, MT

Interviews for Top Jobs at BNSF Railway

Internship Interview


I applied through college or university. I interviewed at BNSF Railway


The initial interview was one of those interviews where it just pops up with a question and starts filming you soon after the question pops up, not my favorite interview style. However, the second round of interview was in person and the people were very personable and made me feel comfortable.

Interview Questions

  • When I faced a problem during a group project and how I overcame it

Specialist Interview


I interviewed at BNSF Railway


I felt like the overall interview process was generally fair and equitable. I initially connected with the staffing specialist, the hiring manager and then participated in a small panel interview.

Interview Questions

  • During the first 30, 60, or 90 days, what would you do?

Conductor Trainee Interview


I applied online. I interviewed at BNSF Railway (Los Angeles, CA)


5 person panel zoom meeting. They set up date. You join at time and date. Pretty straight forward. Basic questions. All upper management but local staff Fairly serious. Not to many smiles or light discussion

Interview Questions

  • Would there ever be a reason to break saftey rules

30 BNSF Railway Company Interview Questions & Answers

Check out our other sets of company interview questions.

The following careers are the ones that this company typically hires for; use these career-focused practice sets to help you succeed in your interview.

Practice with our topic-based interview question sets if you want to ace your upcoming interview.

Practice from one of our industry sets to find more interview questions that are relevant to your company.

Check out our other sets of company interview questions.

The following careers are the ones that this company typically hires for; use these career-focused practice sets to help you succeed in your interview.

Practice with our topic-based interview question sets if you want to ace your upcoming interview.

Practice from one of our industry sets to find more interview questions that are relevant to your company.

This page’s goal is to assist you in getting ready for your job interview. To do this, we develop interview inquiries that we anticipate you may be asked. To assist us in developing our interview questions and writing sample responses, we work with professional interviewers (people with years of experience interviewing candidates). On our pages, there are no advertisements; however, we do try to monetize through paid memberships.

For instance, “When I first started working for BNSF Railway as a conductor, I was in charge of keeping an eye on the train’s speed as well as communicating with other crew members about any issues that may arise during the journey. One of our brakes stopped working properly one day, but my engineer hadn’t yet noticed. I made the choice to slow down the train so that we could address the problem before it became more serious. My decision helped us avoid an accident. ”.

This inquiry can help the interviewer learn more about you and your motivations for applying to their organization. They can use it to determine whether your interest in working for BNSF Railway is recent or has existed for some time. It can be helpful to mention a particular incident that sparked your interest in working for the company when responding to this question.

You have the chance to demonstrate your industry expertise in this question and how you might use it in this position. If you have prior knowledge of working with freight trains, describe your duties in that capacity. Consider describing a time when you worked with large vehicles or heavy machinery if you lack direct experience.

Example: “My car broke down on the way to work the last time I was late for work.” I had no idea that my car would break down that cold morning. I called my manager right away and explained the situation. He advised me to postpone my shift until later that week and take the rest of the day off. I ultimately decided to take the following two days off as well so that I could fix my car. ”.

You can anticipate being questioned on a range of topics regarding your experience, abilities, and qualifications if you are interviewing with BNSF Railway for a position. But you’ll also need to be ready to respond to some interview questions that are specific to the company.

For example, the railroad industry has its own generous retirement system. CSX, a major player in the U.S. rail industry, contributes an additional 13.10 percent of employee pay to the retirement fund. Turnover can be low and the fact that youve even been invited to an interview is a plus. Dont blow it by showing that you cant wait through a sometimes lengthy selection process.

For instance, CSX interview questions might inquire about your ideal workplace. Never state during an interview that you prefer working alone, regardless of whether you are applying for a position on a freight or passenger train. Don’t demonstrate your propensity to claim all the credit for shared responsibilities; instead, demonstrate your capacity to work as a team member.

The railroad industry is credited with standardizing time across the United States in late 1880s, according to Wired. Before rail transport, it could have been 10:15 a.m. in New York and 9:45 a.m. in Pennsylvania. William Allen, who organized the Association of American Railroads, became famous for the U.S. railroads implementing the use of the five time zones.

A lot of railroad careers are lucrative, and they average ​$135,700​ annually as of 2020. That includes engineers, IT professionals and dispatchers, according to the Association of American Railroads, or AAR. Therefore, what you say or dont say in your interview during the railroad hiring process could determine whether you get a shot at what could be a rewarding and satisfying career.

When interviewing for a railroad job, avoid coming across as an independent worker who prefers to work by themselves. The effort of teams is necessary for railroad activity and freight transportation, from the dispatcher and locomotive engineer in the corporate office to the customer service representative. In order to collaborate and share current information, it helps to have effective communication skills.


Why do you want to work for BNSF?

Example: “I’m passionate about railroads and transportation, so I want to work at BNSF Railway.” I’ve always been fascinated by how trains work, so I’d love to learn more about how your business operates. Additionally, I am impressed with your safety record, which makes me eager to join the team. ”.

How long is a BNSF interview?

Lasted 20 minutes. Panel interview with 4-5 people.

How do I pass the BNSF assessment test?

How to Prepare for BNSF’s Aon GATE Assessments? To perform well on the Aon GATE test, take the time to practice and become familiar with the subject matter it may cover. Flashcards are an effective study tool for brushing up on fundamental math concepts. You can also use applications created to improve your math abilities.

How long is the BNSF hiring process?

When taking into account 389 user-submitted interviews for all job titles, the hiring process at BNSF Railway lasts an average of 43 days.

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