top 50 sql tricky interview questions pdf

TOP 50 SQL Interview Questions And Answers

18. What is a relationship and what are they?

Database Relationship is defined as the connection between the tables in a database. There are various data basing relationships, and they are as follows:.

  • One to One Relationship.
  • One to Many Relationship.
  • Many to One Relationship.
  • Self-Referencing Relationship.
  • A DB query is a code written in order to get the information back from the database. Query can be designed in such a way that it matched with our expectation of the result set. Simply, a question to the Database.

    A subquery is a query within another query. The outer query is called as main query, and inner query is called subquery. SubQuery is always executed first, and the result of subquery is passed on to the main query.

    22. What is a stored procedure?

    Stored Procedure is a function consists of many SQL statement to access the database system. Several SQL statements are consolidated into a stored procedure and execute them whenever and wherever required.

    A DB trigger is a code or programs that automatically execute with response to some event on a table or view in a database. Mainly, trigger helps to maintain the integrity of the database.

    Example: When a new student is added to the student database, new records should be created in the related tables like Exam, Score and Attendance tables.

    60. Explain the difference between OLTP and OLAP.

    OLTP: It stands for online transaction processing, and we can consider it to be a category of software applications that are efficient for supporting transaction-oriented programs. One of the important attributes of the OLTP system is its potential to keep up the consistency. The OLTP system often follows decentralized planning to keep away from single points of failure. This system is generally designed for a large audience of end users to perform short transactions. The queries involved in such databases are generally simple, need fast response time, and, in comparison, return in only a few records. So, the number of transactions per second acts as an effective measure for those systems.

    top 50 sql tricky interview questions pdf

    OLAP: It stands for online analytical processing, and it is a category of software programs that are identified by a comparatively lower frequency of online transactions. For OLAP systems, the efficiency of computing depends highly on the response time. Hence, such systems are generally used for data mining or maintaining aggregated historical data, and they are usually used in multidimensional schemas.


    What are the basic questions asked in SQL interview?

    SQL Interview Questions
    • What is Database? …
    • What is DBMS? …
    • What is RDBMS? …
    • What is SQL? …
    • What is the difference between SQL and MySQL? …
    • What are Tables and Fields? …
    • What are Constraints in SQL? …
    • What is a Primary Key?

    Are SQL interview questions asked?

    SQL programming skills are highly desirable and required in the market, as there is a massive use of Database Management Systems (DBMS) in almost every software application. In order to get a job, candidates need to crack the interview in which they are asked various SQL interview questions.

    Where can I practice SQL interview question?

    SQLPad gives you everything you need to succeed in a SQL & Python/Pandas interview. Watch, learn and practice data interview coding questions all in your browser. Every question is thoughtfully designed in a business context. One-stop-shop to improve your data skills to a whole new level.

    What is SQL very short answer?

    Q #1) What is SQL? Answer: Structured Query Language SQL is a database tool that is used to create and access the database to support software applications.

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