How To Use Construction Timesheets

Construction Timesheet + Time Tracking Software

Why are timesheets important in construction?

In the construction industry, keeping timesheets is crucial for a number of reasons. Some benefits of using timesheets include:

What is a timesheet?

In the construction industry, a timesheet is typically used to allow employees to track the amount of time they have spent on a job. To keep track of employee hours, businesses may use a combination of physical and digital timesheets. A company can use timesheets to make sure that each employee is paid accurately for the hours they put in.

Some construction-related professions that use timesheets include:

Elements of a construction timesheet

There are several important sections incorporated into construction timesheets. You can accurately create or complete these records by learning more about these components. Here are the crucial elements of a timesheet:

Employee details

A company can ensure that it is paying the right employee by using employee information. In this section of the timesheet, each organization includes varying levels of information. Common details incorporated into this section include:

Week or period of the timesheet

Pay periods differ between companies or projects. To accurately track employee hours over a particular pay period, many businesses specify timesheet periods. This section of the timesheet may list weekly, biweekly, or monthly timeframes. This can assist an employer in keeping track of and filing timesheets for future use.

Hours worked

Additionally, timesheets record the daily or project hours that a person worked. Many businesses divide the number of hours worked by day so that project managers can fairly compensate employees and monitor labor trends. For accurate project billing, some employers sort these hours by projects or cost codes. Common projects associated with cost codes include:

Additional expenses

Additionally, timesheets have a section where workers can claim additional costs. If workers purchase items to finish tasks related to their trade, this area will be helpful. In this section, some construction industry professionals frequently list the following additional costs:


Timesheets also have a section for employee and supervisor signatures. This section is typically finished by staff members and managers at the conclusion of the period. Timesheets that have been signed frequently show that the manager has checked them and verified their accuracy. Common items in this section include:

Tips to manage construction timesheets

Review the following advice to manage or finish timesheets for you or your business:


What are timesheets in construction?

Your construction field teams can quickly and easily enter time for individuals or crews on mobile and web devices by using timesheets. You can quickly gather the data you need for export to your payroll or ERP solution thanks to custom fields and built-in approval processes.

What should a time sheet include?

Learn how to track when employees start and stop their work by using a timesheet. A timesheet is a data table that employers use to track an employee’s work hours and more.

Information to include.
  • Employee name.
  • Pay period.
  • Date worked.
  • Hours worked.
  • Total hours for the week (or pay period)

How do I track employee hours in construction?

Your construction team will be able to easily clock in and out at any job site by downloading Hubstaff to any mobile device. Your construction team can easily clock in and out at any job site by downloading the construction timesheet software Hubstaff on any mobile time device.

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