tibco sap r3 adapter interview questions

Top TIBCO ADB Adapter Interview Questions and Answers

a) We can use publish by value or publish by reference for high speed and data type support like oracle long respectively. b) Can use polar or alerter for frequent and infrequent data changes respectively. c) ADB.PollingInterval, _ADB.DUPDECT.adapter_instance_name parameters can be used to do flow control and avoid duplication respectively.

What is the quality of services we can have in adapter publishing services?

RV: reliable, certified, transactional

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tibco sap r3 adapter interview questions

d)Error:- Take this transition if there is an error during processing of the activity.48. Can you please explain the uses of enterprise service bus (ESB)? Answer: ESB or enterprise service bus is an integrated, message-based solution, which is distributed, built on open source standards. Enterprise service bus facilitates reliable, secure communications between various IT resources like platforms, applications, and services distributed across multiple systems all throughout an organization.

16. What is the meaning of Tibco? Answer: TIBCO (The Information Bus Company) Software Inc. is an American company that provides integration, analytics and event-processing software for companies to use on-premise or as part of cloud computing environments. The software manages information, decisions, processes and applications for over 10,000 customers..

b)Success with condition :- Specify a custom condition using XPath. If the activity completes successfully, and the condition you create evaluates to true, the transition is taken to the activity it points to.You can type in an XPath condition, and you can use the XPath formula builder to drag and drop XPath expressions and data into the condition.

41. What is TIBCO Spotfire? Answer: Spotfire’s Enterprise Player, when combined with Core Lab’s RAPID database, allows our clients to perform analytics on the data sets being generated in our Joint Industry Projects. Each active Joint Industry Project has a Spotfire Analytical Template associated with it which allows our clients to investigate the various data sets through tabular and graphical displays.

2. What is the use of bridges in ems? Answer: Using bridge concept in EMS we can send messages between applications to applications without changing the application code. We can simply use the same application logic with defined topics and queues. Here we simply bridge the desired topics to queues or queue to queue or topic to topic vice versa.


How does Tibco ADB adapter work?

TIBCO adapters provide a bridge between an application and the TIBCO integration environment. With TIBCO adapters, packaged applications, databases, and other technologies can be used in the enterprise information flow, regardless of their data formats or communication protocols.

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