16 Productive Things To Do When You’re Bored at Work

When you are stuck in the office, facing a long day of work and deadlines, it can be hard to stay motivated and focused. It is natural to feel bored and want to take a break, but this is not always an option. Thankfully, there are plenty of creative and productive activities to do when you are bored at work. From mentally stimulating exercises to simple ways to keep your stress levels down, there are a variety of things to do when you find yourself feeling uninspired. In this blog post, we will explore some of the best activities to try when you are feeling bored and unproductive at work. These are easy, quick activities that can help you stay focused, motivated and productive, no matter what type of work you are doing. So don’t despair, there are still plenty of ways to make the most of your workday, even when you’re feeling bored.

What to Do When You’re Bored at Work – Project Management Training

16 things you can do when you’re bored at work

Here are 17 useful activities you can do at work to re-energize you and boost your motivation when you’re bored:

1. Spend time on favorite tasks

Make a list of the tasks you most enjoy performing at work and focus on those tasks first when you’re feeling uninspired. Working on lower-stress activities can sometimes help you rediscover your motivation, as long as you aren’t missing any deadlines.

2. Apply your interests

3. Take on more responsibility

4. Keep a daily journal

5. Listen to podcasts and audiobooks

Listening to podcasts or audiobooks about your job or industry while you’re working or just relaxing can be fun and beneficial. You might pick up fresh perspectives and approaches that you can apply to your job.

6. Write an industry article

7. Sharpen your skills

8. Teach a group

9. Mentor a junior employee

10. Update department procedures

11. Create a list of resources

Create a handy resource list that your department could use. It could feature the top industry conferences, industry certifications or training courses, or anything else your coworkers would find useful. Send it out to your team.

12. Start an office book club

Choose a monthly business book that will motivate the team that is either related to your industry or just a general business read. Every month during lunch, take over the conference room and spend some time conversing with your coworkers and discussing the book.

13. Create a networking group

14. Try something new

If you’re bored at work, try something new. Start a side business to give yourself a challenge outside of work and to learn new skills. For instance, you could start an online store to sell goods and earn extra money while pursuing a passion while learning how to position products for maximum sales.

15. Clean your workspace

When you’re bored, cleaning your desk and workspace can be a great way to pass the time. Additionally, by simply organizing all of your office supplies and putting things away, you’ll be able to find what you need more quickly and be more productive.

16. Chat with a coworker

A quick break to catch up with a coworker can help you get your day back on track. Building relationships at work is crucial for boosting morale, and occasionally having a sounding board can help you identify the reasons why you’re not more motivated at work.

Reasons you could be bored at work

You can develop a plan to get over your boredom at work by figuring out why you’re bored there. The following are the most typical causes of boredom at work:


What should I do when im bored at work?

16 Creative Things to Do When You’re Bored at Work
  1. Watch a TED Talk. …
  2. Take a walk and don’t check your phone. …
  3. Listen to a podcast. …
  4. Do a quick office yoga session. …
  5. Complete a colouring book. …
  6. Create a photobook. …
  7. Take the Adobe ‘What’s your creative type? …
  8. Make a new playlist.

How can I pass time at work?

  1. Open two windows on your computer, then browse the web.
  2. Clean your space. …
  3. Get up and go to the restroom. …
  4. Take a break. …
  5. Snack (healthily) at your desk. …
  6. Create a to-do list. …
  7. Open a Word document and write your heart out. …
  8. Sign up for online work.

How do you survive a boring day at work?

Here are my five steps to handle boredom at work:
  1. Get enough sleep.
  2. Improve your emotional intelligence (EQ)
  3. Set yourself a 30-day challenge.
  4. Change your physical environment.
  5. Revisit the meaning of what you do.

How can I waste time at work without getting caught?

17 Ways To Procrastinate At Work Without Getting Caught
  1. Transform Facebook into a spreadsheet. …
  2. Look like you’re checking emails while browsing Reddit. …
  3. Get around internet blocks by requesting web pages via email.
  4. Fake that you’re busy with “hardworking” sound effects. …
  5. Create a decoy screen.

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