The Hiring Manager’s Email Address: Why You Need It and How to Find It

We all know it’s better to address a cover letter or pitch email to a specific person rather than just saying “Dear hiring manager.” And not just any person, but the right person—the person who could choose you for the job.

But even once you figure out who holds the power to hire for the position you seek, getting your note to land in his or her inbox is often easier said than done. Sure, some hiring managers post their email addresses in obvious places, making it easy to contact them. But others go out of their way to keep their contact information private with the hopes that they won’t hear from unsolicited job seekers (like, er, you).

Ironically, the people who are difficult to get in touch with might actually offer more opportunities: If it’s not easy to find their email addresses, fewer candidates are emailing them—and your email stands a better chance of getting read.

All it takes to get your foot in their inbox is a little sleuthing. (These tips, by the way, work whether you’re a job seeker, a freelancer trying to land clients, a blogger growing your network, or a startup aiming for news coverage.)

If you’re looking for a hiring manager’s email address, try these steps:
  1. Check the company’s website. Sometimes finding the hiring manager’s contact information is as simple as checking the team profiles on the company’s website. …
  2. Search social media. …
  3. Try using a Google search. …
  4. Find a coworker. …
  5. Call the organization.

How To Find a Hiring Manager’s Email in 2020

How to find a hiring manager’s email

If youre looking for a hiring managers email address, try these steps:

1. Check the companys website

Sometimes finding the hiring managers contact information is as simple as checking the team profiles on the companys website. Even if their email isnt listed, you may be able to determine the first and last name of the hiring manager by reading through the roles and bios. Having this information makes it way easier to find the hiring managers email address using alternative methods.

2. Search social media

People often list the URL for their personal websites and/or their contact information on their social media profiles, so it can be beneficial to use their first and last name to perform a search on both the professional and mainstream platforms. While youre there, you could follow them and even send them a direct message asking for their email address.

If you decide to do this, just make sure that the message is compelling and specific. People are unlikely to share their contact information with a stranger on social media without getting some essential context and information first.

3. Try using a Google search

You could perform a basic search on Google to locate the hiring managers email address on their website, the company site or another site that they are associated with. To ensure the success of this method, you should make your search as specific as possible by using keywords and symbols.

You could use these templated examples to help with your search:

4. Find a coworker

Even if youre unable to find the email address for the hiring manager, you might be able to uncover the contact information for one of their colleagues. You can oftentimes examine the structure of this persons email to uncover the hiring managers email address.

For example, if someone else in a company is named Rory Guzman and her company email address is [email protected], you could assume that the hiring managers email is structured similarly. You could try modeling that email address by simply replacing rguzman with the hiring managers first initial and last name.

Try sending your cover letter, resume and a well-crafted message and wait to see if it gets sent back. If you dont receive a “failure to deliver” message, you can assume that the email made it to the right inbox.

5. Call the organization

When youre struggling to find the hiring managers email address through other methods, you could always try calling the organizations direct line and then asking the receptionist for their help. You could say something like: “Hi, Im applying for the [job title] position and I would love to contact the hiring manager, [hiring managers name], to emphasize my interest and qualifications for the role. Do you know the best email address for me to reach them at?”

If youre applying to a larger organization that requires an extension or instances when the receptionist might be unaware of this kind of information, you could try reaching the specific department youre hoping to join. The assistant or receptionist for the department likely has more information about the opening and the person responsible for hiring.

Why should you look for a hiring manager’s email?

By locating a hiring managers email address, you can make a personal connection after submitting your online application, increasing the chances that you might get called in for an interview. Thats because when you can identify and contact the person responsible for hiring, you make your application stand out by showcasing your ambition, interest and eligibility.

Tips for contacting hiring managers

Here are some simple tips to help guide your communications with a hiring manager:


How do I find out who the hiring manager is?

Ask the employer’s HR department over the phone or via email

Say which job you’re applying for and ask if they’re willing to share the hiring manager’s name. You should also say why you’d like to know the name, for example, because you would like to address your cover letter to them.

Is it OK to email the hiring manager directly?

Should you email the hiring manager directly? Unless stated otherwise, it is almost always a good idea to communicate directly with the hiring manager. Take care when constructing your email and get someone to look over your application before you hit send.

How do you send an email to a hiring manager?

3. Write a follow-up email directly to the hiring manager
  1. Use a clear subject line, for example: Following up on a job application for [position title].
  2. Be polite and humble in the body of your message.
  3. Say you’re still interested and reiterate why you’re the perfect fit.
  4. Keep the resume follow-up email short.

Is it OK to contact the hiring manager?

Only contact a hiring manager if that manager conducted an interview with you directly. It’s inappropriate to reach out to a hiring manager at a company if you interviewed with someone at a staffing firm or in another role. If you try to work around a staffing company, it could backfire.

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