Team Working vs. Team Building: Similarities and Differences

“Teamwork” and “team-building” are two significant aspects for any company to function efficiently and maintain a good company culture to achieve organizational success. Many people think they are the same, but no, they are. Today we will learn about the difference between these two terms and their relevance in a work environment.

It is easy for employees to get confused with both terms because they are similar yet comes with distinct concepts. If teamwork focuses on the functioning of groups, team-building means the formation of the groups.

To achieve great performance and success from your workers it is vital for both to function parallelly. When people work together as a team, it helps to increase the effectiveness of work and garners employee engagement opportunities.

Teamwork is “the process of working collaboratively with a group of people in order to achieve a goal”. And team-building is “the ability to identify and motivate individual employees to form a team that stays together, works together, and achieves together”.

good teamwork and bad teamwork

What is team working?

Team working is collaborating within a group to achieve common goals. Also known as teamwork, team working refers to the methods teams use to meet their objectives. When teams strategize well, they may accomplish more together than they could independently.

Team working has an important role in organizations because many businesses rely on members of certain departments, such as marketing or accounting, to use their individual skills and knowledge to work toward the same goals. Teams that work well together have many features in common, such as:

What is team building?

Team building is the creation of a team selected based on the members individual skills and their ability to complement each other to create positive outcomes. It also involves engaging these team members in activities that increase their cohesiveness by teaching them to balance each others skills. Team building has an important role in the workplace because it functions as the first step toward team working. Examples of team-building activities include office games, community service and company outings.

Team building vs. team working

Team building and team working involve different aims, but they have similarities as well. Both activities help members within an organization reach specific goals, they just do it differently. Here are some similarities and differences between team building and team working:


The purpose of team building is to create a team so that teamwork can take place. It allows organizations to develop diverse teams made up of members who can work together toward the same goals in different ways. Team-building activities serve the purpose of bringing team members together and boosting morale to increase motivation.

Team working takes place once team building has already occurred. Once an organization establishes a team, members discuss solutions to current challenges and how each one can help. They then complete their own tasks independently, so their combined outcomes have a positive effect on the team and the company.


The structure of a companys team-building exercises determines the structure of the assembled team. Activities companies use to build teams vary based on their primary goals. For example, if they want to emphasize compassion and helpfulness, they may structure their team-building efforts around community service projects. If they choose critical thinking as the primary focus, it might work better to create the type of team they want.

Team working structure depends on the results of the team-building exercises, why the organization created the team and the dynamics of the members. Some structures are organic or flat, with flexible roles that may overlap. Mechanistic structures have an established hierarchy with few leaders and defined positions.


The strategy for team building centers on developing a team that works together successfully. Steps organizations can take to build strong teams include:

Ensuring a solid foundation for a team involves creating teamwork strategies that encourage team members to work together productively. Ways teams can improve team working skills include:


Collaboration between members is important in both team building and team working. To encourage collaboration during team working, organizations provide their teams with resources they can use to brainstorm, share and expand on ideas. Many companies use digital resources to help teams collaborate effectively. These may include video conferencing and messaging programs, work management software and cloud-based productivity tools.

To encourage collaboration when building a team, organizations consider the roles the team needs to reach its goals. Team size varies, but Dr. Meredith Belbins nine team roles can guide companies in deciding on members for their teams. Belbin, a researcher and management consultant, formulated these roles in 1981 to help organizations balance their teams and encourage productive collaboration. The roles include:


Team working and team building objectives are different, and each relates to their purpose. The objectives of team building emphasize the interconnection between team members. They include communication, engagement, trust and bonding.

Team working objectives focus on how well the team meets goals. They vary by team, but organizations typically have similar frameworks for measuring efficacy. They may include factors such as:


Despite their major differences, team building and team working have a similar outcome: to improve personal and company growth through team efforts. Building a successful team leads to a functional team, and a functional team accomplishes goals that benefit its members, the team and the organization.


Is team building and team development same?

Team development is less recognised than team building, but it really is the key difference between a good team and a cohesive, high performing, successful team. Creating a team imbued with the true team spirit, which is not simply a group of skilled people working together, takes time and commitment.

Why is teamwork important in team building?

What are the different types of team building?
  • Activity-based team building.
  • Skill-based team building.
  • Value-based team building.
  • Team bonding.

What do you mean by team building?

Teamwork is important because it enables your team to share ideas and responsibilities, which helps reduce stress on everyone, allowing them to be meticulous and thorough when completing tasks. This will enable them to meet sales goals quickly.

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