How To Choose Your Staffing Partner

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How to choose a staffing partner

Follow these steps to select the right staffing partner:

1. Assess your needs

Start by evaluating your staffing needs in order to choose the best staffing partner. You can have meetings with coworkers and managers to discuss open positions and the expected profiles of candidates. Describe the hard and soft skills necessary for them to perform their role. For instance, a job requiring communication with clients or coworkers calls for soft skills like patience. An independent computer programming position requires greater technical know-how.

2. Find an agency that can serve your needs

Find a company with experience in the field where your business needs support once you are aware of what your company needs. While some agencies offer recruitment services for a variety of industries, such as finance or creative staff, others specialize in just one. Additionally, some organizations only provide temporary employees, while others offer a range of staffing options. Usually, their website has that information, but you can also call their office to double-check and inquire about the following:

3. Meet the recruiting team

Meet not only the sales team but also the individuals who conduct the hiring and interviewing processes for the staffing agency. Although they can persuade you to choose them by explaining how the agency operates, sales representatives are not in charge of staffing. You speak with the recruiters when working with an agency. Meeting them is necessary to evaluate their morals, ascertain whether you can trust them, and establish a productive working relationship. Here are a few questions you can ask them:

During the meeting, pay attention to how attentively they listen to your needs and whether they make any suggestions for how to address them.

4. Learn about their team organization

Ask the staffing company how many people are assigned to your account. The ideal number of people to assist with your staffing needs is three:

5. Ask about their staffing metrics

You can compare the agency’s performance to industry standards using staffing metrics. Ask for the following data:

6. Understand their pricing

Understanding how your staffing agency determines its service fees is crucial. The more open they are about their pricing policy, the more likely it is that they will adjust it in the event that the budget changes.

7. Check their technology

Automated technologies can facilitate communication between you, your staffing partner, and the employees you place in your business. To ensure you can use it, ask about their systems, online portal, or cloud service. Here are a few technology questions you can ask:

8. Value the relationship

Staffing partners need time to build a true partnership. They research your needs and work to find solutions to your particular staffing issues. So, when comparing different organizations, give preference to the one that demonstrates commitment rather than seeking out quick fixes.

What is a staffing partner?

A staffing partner serves as a liaison between job seekers and employers looking for staff. A staffing partner assists businesses in locating experts who meet their hiring requirements. The staffing partner or staffing agency locates candidates with the skills a company is looking for, whether they are needed to fill legal, administrative, finance, accounting, creative, or marketing jobs. The staffing firm takes the time to comprehend your company’s goals, challenges, and culture as well as your plans for future expansion. They also ask questions about the positions to fill.

To determine whether candidates are qualified for open positions on the side of the workers, a staffing partner screens and interviews them. Then, they recruit candidates who fit the job description. Some staffing agencies even offer equipment and training. To ensure employees arrive at work on time, they might also offer transportation there and back.

A staffing partner is a consultant with a stake in the development and success of the business. Their objective is to establish a long-lasting relationship with the organization and assist it in achieving its goal.

Benefits of working with a staffing partner

There are many advantages to using a staffing company, including:

Industry-specific expertise

Many staffing partners specialize in one industry. They establish contacts in that region and gain market and job knowledge. When working with an agency, you gain access to their knowledge.

Faster hires

Since recruiting teams spend time developing their networks, they frequently already know a candidate who is qualified for the position when you need to fill one. Additionally, many staffing firms employ automated systems that can quicken the hiring process.

Additional resources

Some staffing companies provide candidates with training to help them develop their skills. They can also help you find workers with particular skills to meet your company’s needs or staff temporary workers during times of high demand.

Better return on investment

In order to quickly place the ideal candidate, staffing agencies pay recruiters. Compared to an internal recruiter, it motivates them to work harder, which increases your return on investment.

Flexible and less costly

When you enlist the assistance of staffing partners, you can pay for their services as needed and respond quickly. Compared to hiring a full-time internal human resources team, it may be a more cost-effective and flexible option.


A staffing partner builds relationships and networks constantly. Even if you are not currently paying for their services, recruiters may still contact you if they come across a candidate who fits the requirements of your organization. The staffing company serves as a consultant to assist you and your company in achieving your objectives.

Understanding regulatory rules

Partners in staffing are knowledgeable about the most recent regulations that have an impact on hiring, such as contract laws or travel restrictions, and can assist you in remaining compliant.

Disadvantages of using a staffing partner

The disadvantages to using staffing agencies might include:

Higher cost

Typically, staffing companies charge a fee based on a portion of the employee’s annual salary. You also have to cover the costs of training and development for each applicant you hire.

Lack of branding

A company can develop its reputation through its hiring process. Candidates naturally discuss it, which improves the perception of your business. The hiring process is outsourced to a staffing agency, and you adopt their branding, which might not be as strong as yours.

Company culture differences

Due to the fact that the staffing agency’s recruiters are independent contractors, they may source candidates who do not fit your company’s culture. It might take new hires longer to get accustomed to your culture.

Best practices for effective staffing

Consider these practices for building a strong staff:

Stay flexible

When hiring a replacement for a former high-performing employee, you might base your criteria on the position they held. However, be willing to adapt. The new hire may also possess other qualities that are advantageous to the job. There may even be a need to modify the job description due to evolving business requirements.

Use different assessments

When making wise hiring decisions, using multiple assessments can be helpful. Conduct interviews and administer ability tests and personality tests. These resources can assist you in learning more about a potential hire’s capabilities.

Take your time

Take time to learn about your potential hire by:


What do staffing partners look for?

How to choose a staffing partner
  • Assess your needs. …
  • Find an agency that can serve your needs. …
  • Meet the recruiting team. …
  • Learn about their team organization. …
  • Ask about their staffing metrics. …
  • Understand their pricing. …
  • Check their technology. …
  • Value the relationship.

What is the role of a staffing agency?

Every day, staffing firms match people with fantastic jobs, but their goal is to fill open positions for their clients rather than to find candidates jobs. That service is free for you because their customers have already paid for it. For each open position, the organization wants to hire the best candidate.

What is a staffing vendor?

A “staffing vendor” is a business that doesn’t take the time to learn about your company, your culture, and the reasons behind your recruiting difficulties. They simply use the “Spaghetti Method” of staffing. They throw candidates at you until something sticks.

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