Social Media Specialist Skills: Definition and Examples

Managing all of these diverse responsibilities requires social media managers to develop a number of crucial marketing and marketing-adjacent social media skills. An effective social media pro brings both hard skills and soft skills to the table, both types which take time and effort to develop. Hard skills like data analysis and copywriting can be more easily studied and trained, whereas soft skills like being organized and making connections may be more difficult to learn, but are just as important.

One of the most rewarding and challenging things about working in social is that you’re never done learning. You have to constantly refine and develop all nine of the social media skills below to continue advancing in your career. The more you focus on cultivating these skills, the more you’ll be able to drive results, realize true business impact and level up your own abilities as a social pro.

Getting Social: All about Social Media Specialists and Social Media Manager Jobs

Examples of social media specialist skills

Several types of social media specialist skills can help you improve your work performance and enhance your companys brand. Here are some crucial social media specialist skills to aid you in engaging and connecting to your companys target market:

Verbal communication

Social media specialists communicate with customers, team members and managers regularly. Your verbal communication skills can help you convey social media strategies to your team members or announce social media campaigns to clients. These verbal communication skills are also useful if your company uses videos to convey messages to its target audience or clients.

Written communication

Because many social media posts include written text, effective written communication and editing skills are important. It s essential for you to write clear, concise, on-brand and accurate posts for your organization. Your written communication abilities are also useful for conveying messages and information to your team members, customers and management.


A key component of an effective social media strategy is the ability to differentiate your company from other companies on social media platforms. Creative thinking skills can help you discover ideas to help your organizations differ from other companies. Increasing your awareness of different social media trends can also help make your content more memorable and interactive.


Maintaining organized campaign plans and calendars can improve your social media plan timelines and help you prioritize tasks. Having an organized work area can also increase your productivity by allowing you to focus on your tasks. Organization ensures that you stay current with all content, tasks, messages and goals relating to your social media campaigns.

Marketing skills

An understanding of traditional and digital marketing methods can help you guide the role of social media within your business overall marketing plans. Knowing which types of social media marketing may work the best within different campaigns can increase your success. Knowledge of how consumers interact with your company can help you improve your social media strategies.

Customer service skills

Customer service is becoming more important to social media specialists as these platforms more frequently become an area of consumer contact. Addressing customer compliments, concerns or questions politely and constructively can improve your companys social media performance and increase customer awareness. Using social media to communicate with customers can create human connections and reinforce the authenticity of your company.

Networking skills

Establishing and building relationships is essential for any marketing or social media campaign. Fostering and maintaining relationships through social media can help build long-term relationships between the company and its customers. This can help you understand your target audiences needs and expectations.


Social media is trendy and constantly changing its moods and themes. Its important that you adapt and change strategies to align with current trends. You can spend time on social media platforms to know whats trending, the latest headlines, the top videos, the latest discussions and top searches. You may choose to plan a variety of strategies or create multiple campaign plans in order to adapt and remain relevant to social media trends.

Data analysis skills

Social media platforms provide data analytics that reports on ad, post and engagement performance. As a social media specialist, its important to review and analyze the performance data that gives your companys current social media performance. Understanding this information can help you determine if your social media campaign is reaching target audiences with your current content.

What are social media specialist skills?

Social media specialist skills are the wide variety of skills that help a social media specialist perform their social media strategies and campaigns. These skills help their company reach target consumer markets and increase brand awareness. Social media specialists complete the following tasks frequently:

How to improve social media specialist skills

Here are a few ways to help you improve your social media specialist skills:

1. Practice your soft skills

Find opportunities to practice your soft skills, such as communication and creativity, at networking events, workshops, training sessions or online seminars. Internships or volunteer opportunities can add unique skill sets that you can incorporate into your social media duties. These opportunities can also help you gain insight into the profession and visualize the daily responsibilities of social media specialists.

2. Incorporate observed skills

Observe other social media specialists skill sets or successful aspects of other companys social media accounts. Work to identify important skills and incorporate them into your daily responsibilities. Ask questions of other social media professionals to gather information about helpful skills and qualifications. These observed skills can also help you discover ways to improve your companys current campaigns.

3. Set improvement goals

Establish personal goals that are specific and measurable, as this can help you identify how your soft skills are improving. This can also help you implement strategies to ensure you align your progress with specific goals. Taking the time to analyze your current skill set can help identify new skills to develop.

4. Discover learning resources

Find resources that may help you expand your skill knowledge, such as books, podcasts or online seminars. These learning experiences may also provide an opportunity to network with other social media professionals and discuss skills or experiences. You might consider pursuing a degree that relates to the social media specialist profession to increase your skills and experience.

Social media specialist skills in the workplace

There are many ways social media specialist skills are useful in the workplace:

Customer service skills

Many social media specialists interact with customers and members of their online community. Customer service skills can help foster positive communication as the specialist seeks to develop a loyal consumer group among their target audience. These skills also increase constructive interactions and improve the likelihood of building long-term relationships.

Networking skills

Social media specialists often foster relationships for co-marketing or cross-channel marketing from influencers or blogs. Networking skills can help increase their companys brand awareness and improve their social media campaign performance. Networking with businesses and customers can improve their companys understanding of its target market.

Data analysis skills

Much of the daily responsibilities of social media specialists require the analysis of social media campaign performance. They often analyze key performance metrics and reports to identify how well a campaign is meeting established goals. Their data analysis skills can help identify how to gain entry into specific target audiences and increase brand recognition.

How to highlight social media specialist skills

To show youre the right candidate for a social media position, its important to effectively communicate your social media specialist skills. Referencing these skills throughout the hiring process can increase your chances of getting the job. Here are two ways you can highlight your skills in the hiring process:

Social media skills for resume and cover letter

When applying for a social media specialist position, highlight the skills employers want ideal candidates to have in your resume and cover letter. Many times, employers incorporate these skills into their job announcements. Adding these skills to your resume can improve your resumes compatibility with applicant tracking software (ATS) systems. Including these skills in your cover letter enables you to highlight your strongest social media specialist skills.

Social media specialist skills for a job interview

During the interview process, interviewers may inquire about your specific social media specialist experience and skills. Thinking of answers to these common social media skill-based questions can help you prepare for the interview process:


What makes a good social media specialist?

Social Media Specialist job profile

Social Media Specialists are responsible for planning, implementing and monitoring the company’s Social Media strategy in order to increase brand awareness, improve Marketing efforts and increase sales.

What are your top 3 skills for a social media manager position?

A good Social Media Specialist needs skills like data analysis, a strong writing and storytelling sensibility, an awareness of key trends, and the ability to create effective social media strategies.

What are skills in social media?

9 skills every social media manager must have
  • Communication. …
  • Writing. …
  • Creativity. …
  • Efficiency & top-notch organization. …
  • Traditional & digital marketing. …
  • Customer care. …
  • Making connections. …
  • Agility.

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