How To Notify a Selected Candidate: Template and Examples

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Why is notifying a selected candidate important?

The following is a general format for informing a candidate that they have been hired:

Examples of emails to selected candidates

Here are a few illustrations of emails informing chosen applicants of hiring decisions:

Example 1

An official email to a chosen candidate might look something like this:

Example 2

An example of a moderately formal email to a chosen candidate is provided below:

Example 3

Here is an illustration of a casual email to a chosen candidate:


How do you say that candidate is selected?

What to include in a job offer email when notifying a selected candidate
  1. Thank the candidate for their time.
  2. Mention the candidate’s qualifications, experience, or other attributes that set them apart.
  3. Share the decision to offer the candidate the position.
  4. Explain the next steps in the hiring process .

How do employers select candidates?

Candidate evaluation The hiring manager will typically call a meeting to go over the profile of the ideal candidate and to assign the committee. Given how the candidate’s qualifications and qualities relate to the position, each member of the screening committee will have a preference for each

What does it mean to be selected for a job?

The process of choosing applicants who meet the requirements to fill a position in an organization is known as employee selection. The process of selection involves finding and hiring candidates to fill open positions in an organization.

What is a finalist candidate?

A finalist is a candidate you’ve spoken with, whose references you’ve checked, and who you’d be willing to hire for the position.

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