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A second interview for Target can be an exciting opportunity to show your enthusiasm for the job, your qualifications, and your knowledge of the company. It is a chance to demonstrate to the hiring team why you are the ideal candidate for the role. By preparing for the interview, you can ensure you make the most of this key moment in the job application process.
The second interview at Target is an important part of their recruitment process, as it allows them to observe you closely and determine if you are the right fit for their organization. With this in mind, it is important to make sure you put in the effort to prepare for the interview so that you can make a great impression. Here are some tips to help you make the most of the process and increase your chances of getting the job.

5 Common Second Interview Questions (+ How to Answer Them)

2,721 questions about working at Target

What is the work from home policy at Target?

Not allowed

How long must you work for Target before you are eligible to take maternity leave?

6 months

How often do you get a raise at Target?

~6 months

What steps should Target management take to stop more people from leaving?

Be more polite; remember that we’re all just people here trying to make money to pay our bills.

Why did you leave your job at Target?

Target wastes workers’ time by having massive trucks to unload and constant overstock. There is no pattern to what arrives on freight; frequently, items arrive that can’t be sold simply because Target doesn’t carry them. You are expected to work yourself to death by the Executive Team Leads because they are completely ineffective managers. the team leads changed CONSTANTLY. My coworkers were generally pleasant though; we had many good times together and said, “It is what it is,” a lot. “.

Does Target offer a dental plan? What does it cover?

Yes. Annual cleaning and appointment are free, and then you will pay between $50 and $100.

What is the best part of working at Target?

Pay and benefits

How is feedback from management delivered at Target?

There isn’t any so terribly.

What is the promotion process like at Target?


What is the interview process like at Target?

There isn’t one. Big problem.

Video Transcript

Interviewer: Please describe your job title and primary duties. I worked the register as a cashier at Target while I was employed there. That’s about it.

Target Employee: It was a cool, upbeat environment. Interviewer: How was the work environment? I had to move around a lot because in addition to working the register, I also had to work the floors and assist customers who I had seen wandering around. Or, if I was idle, I would lend a hand to other workers. As a result, there was a lot of movement, talking, and communication.

What about working there did you enjoy the most, the interviewer asked the target employee? Talking to other people. I’m very talkative at times, so that was fun.

Interviewer: Please describe a typical day as an employee. Target Employee: Typical day, a lot of things going on. A typical day at Target is very busy. Many people shop there because it is a well-known store. Being an employee means you’re constantly moving and working. It’s busy there.

Target Employee: The application was straightforward, the interview process was straightforward. I did it online at the store. But after they invited you in, I conducted two interviews. The first was to assess how I would get along with the other workers, and the second was to determine whether I could handle the work in terms of the register, calculations, and other similar tasks.

What should a candidate wear to a job interview, asks the interviewer? Target Employee: Business attire You should always don a dress shirt or a shirt and tie to Target. Something casual.

Target Employee: The question, “What do you think you can bring to the company,” stood out to me because I believe I can bring a lot to any company. Interviewer: What questions did the interviewer ask you during the job interview? There will be many benefits as long as I am associated with it. I find that question particularly interesting because I am currently dealing with a lot.

Target Employee: My personality, how I presented myself, and how I interacted with the hiring manager set me apart from other applicants. I think that I made a good impression. That’s why I got the job.

Target Employee: Discounts Interviewed: Did you receive any perks or other job benefits? They gave me a few discounts, such as 15% off of many items, including electronics. That was good.

Target Employee: In terms of career growth, it did teach me a lot about working with others and being active because, at the time I was working there, it was close to Christmas. Interviewer: Did you experience any promotions or career growth? So many activities were taking place, including numerous sales and long working hours. In order to focus more on the tasks at hand for my job and better manage my time, it enabled me to leave the playing-related activities alone. So, it helped me grow in that nature.

Interviewer: What additional guidance would you offer to someone looking for work? Target Employee: Just go for it. It’s a good job. It’s a teaching opportunity for interpersonal communication and teamwork skills. It’s a collaborative environment; many people must cooperate, especially in a large store where many activities are taking place. So, it teaches you a lot of things. A good option for you if you enjoy teamwork is Target.

Target Cashier Interview Video

Interviews for Top Jobs at Target

Team Leader Interview


I applied in-person. I interviewed at Target


Interview with ETL and Store Director. If you can have someone print out the interview guide before hand most interviewers will stick to the guide and not veer off. Be focused on GUEST and team development.

Interview Questions

  • Experience based questions. Situation, behavior, outcome questions.

Team Leader Interview


I interviewed at Target


good, it was a great learning opportunity and i enjoyed my interview process. They asked really good questions and helped me understand the position and company. They started by explaining what the position was about and asked if i had questions from there.

Interview Questions

  • What is a time you showed leadership skills

Target Interview Questions (With Example Answers)

At least once, all of us have visited Target, and chances are we all left with a few more purchases than we had intended. Target is, after all, a fantastic one-stop shop for all of our needs as a department store. With 1,897 stores open nationwide as of 2020, it’s also a sizable one.

Because it is such a large company, Target is a fantastic place to work full- or part-time. There is little experience needed; all you need to know is how to ace an interview.

Fortunately, we’ll look at the most typical Target interview questions in this article and discuss how to effectively respond to them.

See available positions at Target and similar positions if you’re looking for a job there:

Despite how adorable Target’s Bullseye dog is, he won’t accept you without an interview first. You must prepare for your Target interview because almost all employers use interviews to gauge how you might perform if hired. You want to make a good impression on the hiring manager, after all.

Here are some essential actions you can take to land a job:

  • Submit an application. Of course, to even land an interview, you’ll need to apply. Search for available Target positions on a job site or the Target website, and then complete an online application. Alternatively, you can go to a store in person and ask to fill out a hardcopy application.
  • Wait for a call. After you apply, you should expect to wait a week or two before receiving a call from Target. During this call, you’ll likely be asked to schedule an in-person interview.
  • Nail your interview. During your interview, you’ll be expected to sit down with a hiring manager who can assess your potential. Typically, Target will only need you to participate in one interview, but you should still prepare in case you need to schedule a second interview.
  • Onboarding. Once the Target location you’ve applied at has decided that you’re the best candidate for the job, a series of onboarding tasks begin. Before officially being brought on, expect to receive a background check or potentially take a drug test. Though, this may depend on the type of position you’re hired for. For example, you will only have to take a drug test if you signed on for a job that requires you to operate machinery in the backroom.
  • Common Target Interview Questions with Example Answers

    No matter the job you’re applying for, interviews can be nerve-wracking. You can use the following list of typical Target interview questions and sample responses to get ready:

  • How would you handle an angry or verbally abusive customer? Sometimes dealing with an unruly customer is unavoidable, even if hopefully rare. Knowing that, the hiring manager might want to ensure that you can handle a volatile situation safely and appropriately. These kinds of questions are all about communication and de-escalation skills, as well as your ability to follow store protocol. And, given that you won’t necessarily know store protocol, you need to emphasize your ability to stay calm and perform in a stressful situation. Example Answer:

    Of course, my first step would be to de-escalate the situation as effectively as possible. I would remain calm, staying mindful of my body language and speaking tone. Then, after listening to the customer thoroughly, I’d attempt to empathize with them and find a reasonable solution. Though, if this ultimately failed to calm the customer, I would follow company policy and contact a supervisor or manager.

  • If a customer needs help finding a product but is struggling to describe it, how would you assist them? You can probably recall at least a few instances where you went to the store looking for something you didn’t know the name of. Well, given how vast Target’s inventory is, you’ll likely get a few customers dealing with the same issue. Helping them find what they’re looking for can be quite the challenge. Don’t be afraid to communicate with the customer. Ask them to describe what they need to find, or try to respond with some clarifying questions. The hiring manager will want to know that you’re willing to do what you can to help the customer. Example Answer:

    Well, first I would try to ask the customer if they can further describe the product, in the hopes that this would spark my recognition process. If not, I would ask a few clarifying questions like, ‘how would you use the product?’, or, ‘what task is this product meant to accomplish? If I’m still unsure what they’re describing after that, I will coordinate with my coworkers to find an answer while staying with the customer to ensure their needs are being met.

  • Why do you want to work for Target? Whether you’re a university student looking for part-time work, or an experienced candidate looking for a full-time managerial position, Target has a versatile list of jobs available. However, remember that most of them center around teamwork and customer service. Try to highlight your interest in customer service experience or helping others, as these are traits the hiring manager will be interested in. Example Answer:

    As a university student, I find that having a job is an important part of growing as a person and maintaining my independence. On top of that, I’ve always loved working with people, so I’d like to have more customer service experience under my belt.

  • Tell us about a time you went above and beyond for a customer. Customer service is all about providing customers with the tools they need to shop successfully, happily, and easily. Good customer service promotes business, so the hiring manager will want to know that you care about Target’s customers. Try to think of a time you provided a customer with excellent service, and then use that example. Explain how your actions led you to a positive outcome. Example Answer:

    When I worked at the gas station, we often had a disabled veteran who came in for cigarettes. On this occasion, he bought two bags of groceries and a gallon of milk. While he didn’t ask me to help him, I could tell that he was having difficulty gathering and carrying all the groceries. I politely asked him if he needed help walking his purchases to the car, and he told me he’d appreciate that. I quickly asked my co-worker to take over the register and then helped the man walk to his car. He was so happy to receive help, and it really put a smile on my face.

  • How do you define excellent customer service? Working at Target is all about customer service. After all, exceptional customer service brings in more customers and makes sure those customers leave feeling happy. Recognize how a Target employee can improve a customer’s experience, and then talk about them in your response. This will tell the hiring manager that you know how to provide customer service. Example Answer:

    I believe a combination of a helpful, positive attitude and providing customers with the tools they need to be successful is what defines excellent customer service. For example, an exceptional customer service employee would help customers find what they’re looking for in a supportive and empathetic way, complete tasks for customers as quickly and efficiently as possible, and keep the store tidy and presentable.

  • What do you know about Target? This might seem like an obvious question, but employers will still want to ensure that you understand the company you’re working for. Think about what sets Target apart from other similar corporations and incorporate those differences into your answer. Ultimately, also try to find a way to personalize your answer, and explain why you’d be a good candidate for the job. Example Answer:

    My mom used to take me inside Target all the time to pick up her prescriptions from CVS. I loved taking in everything the department store has to offer and then maybe grabbing a bite to eat from the Pizza Hut or Starbucks inside. Overall, I’ve been in this store so many times I know it like the back of my hand.

  • What makes a team successful? Often, Target employees work in teams with other cashiers or staff members. With that in mind, cohesion between team members is an important part of keeping the workplace successful. Use keywords like communication, organization, diversity, and conflict management. This language will ensure that the hiring manager knows you understand the value of teamwork. Example Answer:

    I believe teamwork is most successful when people from diverse backgrounds communicate well. When communication is positive and productive, the team can manage conflicts efficiently and keep group work organized. In addition, productive communication also opens the door for new and innovative ideas.

  • Can you tell me about your greatest strengths and weaknesses? Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and the hiring manager will want to learn more about you. After all, a shy employee might struggle to interact effectively with customers, while an empathetic employee will excel. Be honest about your strengths and weaknesses, but also try to use them to your advantage. Think about how your strengths will make you a better retail or customer service employee, as well as what weaknesses you can improve on. Example Answer:

    I’d say my greatest strength would be my five years of customer service experience. My experience allows me to effectively communicate with my team members and any customer I’ve met. Honestly, my greatest weakness would be my kindness. I’m always extremely kind and friendly to everyone I meet, regardless of how they treat me in return.

  • Do you consider yourself a team player? Again, many of your tasks at Target will involve effectively communicating with a vast and diverse team. Even if you’re a cart attendant working alone most of your shifts, you’ll still have to effectively communicate with cashiers and managers for tasks, as well as the electronics for pick-ups. Answer yes! And emphasize your ability to communicate well with others, as well as follow directions. Example Answer:

    Yes, absolutely. When I worked at Marshall’s, my fellow cashiers and I always made a game plan before starting a hectic shift. I’ve had experience working with six other cashiers on the same shift and working by myself. While I can be self-reliant and perform all of my tasks by myself, I find that being able to communicate with other staff members makes shifts even more productive.

  • Tell me about a time you made a mistake on the job. How did you react? We’re all human, and mistakes happen. Hiring managers know this and want to learn more about your decision-making and problem-solving processes. You don’t have to lie and claim that you have no faults. Instead, don’t be afraid to own your mistakes, and highlight how you’ve used those mistakes to improve going forward. Example Answer:

    During my first week working at the gas station, I accidentally began cleaning the coffee pots during a rush. I had only considered the daily tasks I was told to do and not this special situation. My manager quickly informed me to wait to do the daily cleaning until after any rushes in the future, and I was sure to follow that guidance going forward!

  • These positions are hiring now close to you if you’re looking for work:

    How to Answer Target Interview Questions

    Okay, so we could just veer off course and begin answering arbitrary Target interview questions without a care in the world. The problem is, that isn’t the smartest way to start.

    Consider this: If you went hiking, wouldn’t you want a handy compass in your possession? Of course you would. It’s a good idea to have something that indicates the direction you should travel in order to reach your destination. The same goes for these tips.

    You’ll always be able to locate north with the proper interview techniques and strategy. Because you took the time to pack your compass, you’ll be better able to answer the trickiest questions. So, let’s develop those skills now.

    First, you need to do some research. You need to review the duties and essential competencies of the role, just as you would review any landmarks that aid you in staying on a forest trail. Every job is different, including the different positions at Target.

    Review the job description carefully. Check the list of essential skills and characteristics for any recurring abilities or traits. These are your north. They provide you with valuable information by letting you know exactly what the hiring manager is looking for. You can learn a ton about what Target is looking for by combining that with a careful examination of its mission and values statements.

    Now, you don’t just want to list your skills and characteristics when you create answers to the Target interview questions. That’s about the dullest approach imaginable. Additionally, rather than demonstrating your knowledge to the hiring manager, you are merely telling them. In the end, that’s not going to be convincing.

    How can I convince the hiring manager that I have what it takes? Well, by providing them with specific examples Consider your past experiences and note instances where you used different abilities or relied on particular characteristics. Then, make those part of your responses.

    Using that strategy when responding to behavioral interview questions is fairly simple. Start off by using the STAR method. It enables you to transform your experiences into captivating narratives, enhancing the impact and interest of your responses.

    Then, go further. Employ the Tailoring Method to really personalize your answers. Your responses will be as pertinent as possible, increasing their impact and significance in the hiring manager’s eyes.

    Additionally, we wanted to let you know that we have a fantastic free cheat sheet that will provide you with exact responses to some of the most challenging interview questions you will encounter at your upcoming interview. After all, as we previously mentioned, hiring managers will frequently ask you more general interview questions in addition to those that are related to your target company.

    Click below to get your free PDF now:


    What does a second interview mean at Target?

    Although more than one hiring manager may participate in the second interview with Target, it frequently takes place one-on-one with an assistant store manager.

    Does Target have 2 interviews?

    Your chances of being interviewed depend on the position you’re applying for. Yes. The first interview is a general one, and the second is with the team lead of the department you are applying for. Yes there is.

    What do they ask in 2nd round interview?

    More job-specific questions about how you might approach typical challenges you’d face on the job will likely be asked of you in your second interview. Additionally, questions about your preferences for employment, such as pay, management style, motivations, and career goals, may be asked of you.

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