scss interview questions

SCSS Interview Questions
  • Explain what is Sass? …
  • What are the SCSS basic features?
  • List out the data types that Sass supports?
  • Explain the @include, @mixin, @function functions and how they are used. …
  • List out the differences between LESS and Sass?
  • Why Sass is considered better than LESS?
  • What are Sass, Less, and Stylus?

SASS Interview Questions and Answers

Q. Explain what is Sass? How it can be used?

When stylesheets are getting larger, more complex, and harder to maintain. This is where a CSS pre-processor can help. Sass (which stands for Syntactically awesome style sheets) is an extension of CSS that enables you to use things like variables, nested rules, inline imports and more. It also helps to keep things organised and allows you to create style sheets faster.

Sass works by writing your styles in .scss (or .sass) files, which will then get compiled into a regular CSS file. The newly compiled CSS file is what gets loaded to your browser to style your web application. This allows the browser to properly apply the styles to your web page.

Live Demo: Sass Example

Q. List out the data types that Sass supports?

i) @mixin A mixin lets you make groups of CSS declarations that you want to reuse throughout your site

ii) @extend directive provides a simple way to allow a selector to inherit/extend the styles of another one.

iii) %placeholder are classes that aren’t output when your SCSS is compiled

19. Why should we use float property in CSS?

The float property is used for positioning the HTML elements horizontally either towards the left or right of the container. For instance,

Here, the element to which the class is applied ensures that the element is positioned on the right of the container. If you specify the value of float as left, then the element will be placed on the left side of the container.


What are the most attractive features of SCSS?

5) What are the most attractive features of SASS?
  • It is more stable, powerful and fully compatible to CSS3.
  • It is time-saving because it facilitates you to write CSS in less code.
  • It uses its syntax.
  • It is based on the JavaScript and superset of CSS.
  • It is an Open source pre-processor that interprets into CSS.

What is the use of SCSS?

It facilitates you to write clean, easy and less CSS in a program construct. It contains fewer codes so you can write CSS quicker. It has very good documentation, meaning that you can get all the required information online. It provides nesting so you can use nested syntax.

Is Sass and SCSS same?

SASS (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets) is a pre-processor scripting language that will be compiled or interpreted into CSS. SassScript is itself a scripting language whereas SCSS is the main syntax for the SASS which builds on top of the existing CSS syntax.

What is SCSS and its features?

Sass lets you use features that don’t exist in CSS yet like variables, nesting, mixins, inheritance and other nifty goodies that make writing CSS fun again. In plain English, Sass provides tools for cleaner, more manageable styling, and much needed functionality that is not yet available with standard CSS.

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