scenario based bgp interview questions

BGP Interview Questions for Experienced
  • Differentiate between Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) and Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). …
  • Differentiate between hard reset and soft reset in the context of BGP. …
  • What do the various BGP Path Attributes mean? …
  • What do you understand about communities in the context of BGP?

Lab Setup

R1 Configinterface FastEthernet0/0

! ip route

R2 Configinterface FastEthernet0/0

ip route

Most Commonly Asked BGP Interview Questions

Frequently requested BGP questions, such as scenario-based BGP interview questions and BGP troubleshooting interview questions and answers, have been addressed in this blog.

What do you know about BGP, explain some basic characteristics?

This is a General BGP Interview Question most face in a networking job interview.

BGP is a path-vector protocol with the following common characteristics:

  • Uses TCP to transfer data, this ensures reliable delivery of protocol updates (port 179)
  • Sends updates only after network changes (no periodic updates)
  • Periodically sends keepalive messages to verify TCP connections.
  • The protocol metric is called path-vector or attributes.
  • What is BGP in CCNA?

    scenario based bgp interview questions

    Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is the routing protocol of the Internet. Meaning it chooses the best path for communication to happen between two or more routers. Some of the distinguishing features of BGP include:

  • It is the biggest routing protocol in the world.
  • It manages the trusted and untrusted routes.
  • It enables routing through autonomous systems instead of routers.
  • It is the slowest routing protocol in the world.
  • It is primarily used for service providers.
  • It can also be used for enterprise customers.
  • Now that you are completely aware of BGP, we can move ahead. Also, this works as the very first interview question.

    It is time to graze over some other tricky BGP interview questions and answers.


    How do you troubleshoot BGP problems?

    Cisco CCNP Route – BGP Troubleshooting
    1. Define the problem.
    2. Gather the facts.
    3. Document the facts.
    4. Consider the possibilities.
    5. Create an action plan.
    6. Implement the action plan.
    7. Repeat until resolution.
    8. Document the solution.

    How do you stop a loop in BGP?

    Actualy the only usable metric do prevent loops in bgp is the as-path attribute. No EBGP peering neighbors do accepct an update which includes it’s own AS. So this is used in EBGP to prevent loops. But in IBGP there is no change is this attribute, so there comes the rule you mention with the IBGP full mesh.

    Which algorithm is used in BGP?

    The golden rule of BGP

    BGP does not enable one AS to send traffic to a neighbor AS intending that the traffic take a different route from that taken by traffic originating in the neighbor AS“ RFC 1771.

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