60 Salesperson Questions To Ask Your Client

Examples and tips for sales representative interview questions
  • Where do you see your career heading in five to 10 years? …
  • What motivates you when you’re at work? …
  • What makes you a good sales representative? …
  • Why did you apply for this position? …
  • How do you think our company can improve?

A hiring mistake could cost your business between 30 and 50 percent of the salesperson’s annual salary. And that is for an entry-level job. In the case of a mid-level sales position, the cost of a salesperson’s departure from the company could reach $1. 5 times their annual salary.

A sales assessment can be a potent and useful tool to use before a company begins the interviewing process. Today’s job market is flooded with applicants who, regardless of whether the position would be a good fit for the business, would say or do anything to get hired.

SALES INTERVIEW Questions And Answers (How To PASS Your Sales interview!)

Salesperson questions for identifying client needs

It’s crucial to comprehend your customer’s needs and ideal circumstances before attempting to explain how your product can benefit them. You can use the following sales inquiries to learn more about your clients’ needs:

What are your must-have features?

You want to reassure your customer that your product meets their needs when you speak with them. With the help of this inquiry, you can determine what your customers value most about the goods or services you are providing for them. Emphasize the features theyre seeking that your product can provide.

How are you using your goals to strategize?

You can understand your client’s goals and their strategies for achieving them by asking them this question. You can convince them that your product can help them achieve their goals while saving time and effort if they explain their plan in detail. If they respond that they don’t have a specific strategy, you can come up with an illustration of a strategy where your product is essential.

Id like to share a few ideas for success with you. Is there anything else youd like to talk about?

With this statement and question, you have the chance to demonstrate to them how your product can affect a company’s success. Additionally, it enables the customer to voice any worries they may have regarding your product. It’s crucial to let the client initiate the conversation because doing so demonstrates your concern for their company’s success and allows you to explain how you can help.

Additional questions about client needs

Here are some additional illustrations of sales inquiries you can use to determine your clients’ needs:

What are salesperson questions?

A salesperson may pose an open-ended or closed-ended question to a client in order to better understand their needs, preferences, and personality. An open-ended question typically prompts the client to elaborate and provide more details as opposed to a closed question, which might only elicit a yes or no response. You can learn more about your customers and how to meet their needs by using both types of sales questions.

The goal of asking thoughtful sales questions is to close the deal by developing a thorough understanding of the customer. You have more information that you can use to successfully close deals if you are aware of their needs and wants, how they feel about the product you are trying to sell them, and their particular circumstances.

Salesperson questions for understanding product opinion

When you speak with a customer, they might be trying out your product for the first time, a seasoned user, or both. It’s important to inquire about their opinion if they have previously used your product so that you can highlight the features they like and address any issues or concerns they may have. To learn more about your clients’ opinions of your products, try asking them the following questions:

Are you happy with the product?

This is a straightforward query that can prompt the customer to consider their feelings regarding the product. They are more likely to make another purchase if they haven’t considered it but realize after you ask that they are happy with it. In contrast, if they are dissatisfied with the product, this is a chance for feedback and improvement. Additionally, you might be able to assist them in using the product more efficiently or clarify any features they might not fully comprehend.

What does our competitors product do better than ours?

Only if you are speaking to a customer who has previously used a different product or is currently a client of a competitor, should you ask them this question. You demonstrate to them that you are open to improving your product in response to their needs by asking them what they value about the competition’s product. This helps you develop as a salesperson and enhances your offering to customers.

How would you rate our customer service?

The client-salesperson relationship is more important than just the product you’re selling. When a customer complains about a product they’ve purchased or intend to purchase, you want them to feel valued and heard. By asking them to rate your customer service, you can demonstrate to them how important helping customers is to you and get open feedback on how to make your sales strategies more effective.

Additional questions about product opinion

Additional examples of sales inquiries that can be used to gauge customer opinion include the following:

Salesperson questions for getting to know your client

Knowing your customer and their distinct personality is an important part of great selling in addition to having a thorough understanding of the product and asking probing questions. It can be simpler to establish a rapport and solid relationship by asking insightful questions about how they like to spend their free time and how they feel about their business, which can help you increase sales. Here are some questions to consider:

Are you attending any events or conferences this year?

Instead of asking your client what they care about, find out what their priorities are by asking about events and conferences. The response to this query can give your client a platform to talk about themselves and make their true priorities known to you. For instance, it may be a sign that they want to improve their marketing and are making efforts to do so if they mention attending two different marketing conferences in the first few months of the year.

What are your plans for the weekend?

This question is simple and easy to answer. It enables your customer to unwind and develop a relationship with you apart from the business you’re doing. In addition to putting the client at ease, asking them this question can teach you more about potential features they may be looking for in a product. To illustrate how your product can help them get more done and experience less stress at work, for instance, if they say they plan to spend the entire weekend relaxing at home, this may indicate that they were overworked during the week.

What does success look like to you?

By posing this query, you can learn more about the person you’re speaking with and their aspirations outside of their current position. You’re selling to the person sitting across from you, not just to a company. You can better position yourself to explain how your product meets both of their needs if you are aware of their needs independently from those of their place of employment.

Additional questions for getting to know your client

Additional examples of sales inquiries that can be used to learn more about your client are provided below:


What are five questions we should ask salespeople candidates?

Typical Questions Asked in a Sales Interview
  • Are you comfortable making cold calls? …
  • Have you consistently met your sales goals? …
  • What motivates you? …
  • How did you land your most successful sale? …
  • How would your colleagues describe you? …
  • Sell me this pen. …
  • What are your long-term career goals?

What are good questions to ask a sales manager in an interview?

Fit and Motivation Sales Interview Questions
  • Which is worse, not meeting quota each and every month, or having dissatisfied customers?
  • What’s your least favorite part of the sales process? …
  • What motivates you? …
  • What is your ultimate career aspiration? …
  • What made you want to get into sales?

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