salesforce steelbrick cpq interview questions

As the Salesforce SteelBrick CPQ Salesforce Consultant, you must have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Salesforce platform and its related products. This blog post is designed to provide an overview of the key Salesforce SteelBrick CPQ interview questions that you should be prepared to answer as part of the recruitment process. As a Salesforce SteelBrick CPQ Salesforce Consultant, you must possess a broad understanding of the Salesforce platform, its related products, and Salesforce SteelBrick CPQ in particular. You must be able to demonstrate your knowledge of the platform and apply it to customer business scenarios. This blog post will provide an overview of the key topics, questions, and knowledge that you should be prepared to answer during the interview process. We will discuss the types of questions you may encounter, the types of scenarios you may be expected to solve, and the general expectations for a Salesforce SteelBrick CPQ Salesforce Consultant. With

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Q What are Product Rules in Salesforce CPQ?

Salesforce CPQ’s Product Rules make sure the user sees the correct Product. There are four kinds of Product Rules:

  • Validation Rules – Confirms that a quote’s product combinations or quote line field values match predetermined conditions
  • Selection Rules – Automatically adds, removes, hides, enables, or disables options in a bundle
  • Filter Rules – Prefilters the products available to add to a bundle
  • Alert Rules – Guides and informs through messages during configuration or pricing
  • salesforce steelbrick cpq interview questions

    Q What are Price Rules in Salesforce CPQ?

    Salesforce CPQ’s price rules automate price computations and change the quote line fields. In order to determine an accurate price during the quoting process, price rules contain price conditions.

    In a quote or quote line field, price rules insert a static value, field value, or summary variable. Create a price rule, for instance, that mandates that the quantity of maintenance kits in your quote is always double that of the quote’s printers. Salesforce CPQ activates the price rule and modifies the maintenance kit quantity when a customer modifies the printer quantity and saves the quote.

    Price rules can be directed at the calculator in the quote line editor or the configurator. The Calculator Evaluation Event field can be configured to apply the price rule if you target the calculator:

  • Before calculation
  • After calculation
  • During calculation
  • Or during any combination of the above three
  • Tips to Clear Salesforce CPQ Interview

    Focus on the fundamentals by learning what Salesforce CPQ is and how it functions. How a query is handled or computations are carried out when building a representation

    #1 Gain knowledge of discrete and continuous views, as well as best practices for creating dashboards and visualizations.

    #2 Explain why you favor Salesforce CPQ or how it differs from comparable products. Your enthusiasm for Salesforce tools will give you a competitive advantage.

    #3 Complete knowledge of Dimensions and Measures.

    #4 Gain knowledge of the server’s dashboard delivery system and the time it takes to generate a dashboard.

    The following 10 sections make up our list of the top Salesforce CPQ interview questions and answers:

    timely creation of sales reports; provision of consistent sales data; depiction of the daily number of customers served Provide complete reports to the sales manager. Provides the small print of the perennial client activities.

    40. Why is the CPQ tool considered a modern utility tool for an organization?

    Ans: With the help of this tool, it gives sales executives the flexibility to calculate value quotes supported by the most recent approved valuation structures and predefined discounting rules and approvals. Thus, when creating a chosen value quote, the majority of these factors are considered. As soon as there is a desire, all of this can occur anywhere and right at their fingertips. making it a flexible tool that can be used by all sales executives at different organizations (Salesforce Training Videos).

    It contributes to the overall execution of the company’s merchandising strategy in addition to making your sales executives’ or officers’ lives simpler and more affordable.

    22. justify IaaS?Ans: within the IaaS, the cloud services includes infrastructure services like servers, hosting services and network storages, etc. the highest suppliers of IaaS area unit, AWS ,AT&T, CA Technologies, Cloudscaling,Bluelock, Eucalyptus, etc.


    What is Salesforce CPQ interview questions?

    Salesforce CPQ Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced:
    • Explain Audit Trail in Salesforce. …
    • What is Product Hierarchy? …
    • Explain QTC. …
    • How do we need to follow the Product Validation Rules? .
    • How can we be benefited if we use Lookup Queries? .
    • How do you use price actions in Salesforce CPQ?

    What is CPQ process in Salesforce?

    What is CPQ Salesforce, or Configure, Price, Quote Software by Salesforce? CPQ Salesforce is a sales tool used by businesses to provide accurate pricing for any given product configuration scenario.

    Is Salesforce CPQ easy?

    By making it simple for the user to configure the product, determine the price, and provide a quote to the client, Salesforce CPQ is a powerful tool for enhancing business prospects. This has helped to close deals much more quickly as communication has improved and response times have decreased.

    What are the limitations of Salesforce CPQ?

    Salesforce CPQ Reduction Orders Limitations
    • When you lower a covered asset, take into account a percentage of all lines.
    • Include bundle components when you reduce the parent bundle.
    • Create price schedules.
    • Consider the price calculation status when you activate an order.
    • Create a contract, subscription, or asset.

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