Sales Manager Skills: Types and Tips for Improvement

We’ve compiled a list of the top competencies for a sales manager below. Based on the proportion of Sales Manager resumes that contained each of the top skills, we ranked them. For example, 21. Sales Goals were listed as a skill on 5% of sales manager resumes. Let’s investigate the abilities a sales manager actually needs to succeed at work.

Sales Manager Daily Action Plan

Examples of sales manager skills

Examples of useful abilities for sales managers and how they apply them in the workplace are provided below:

Creative thinking

Thinking creatively is the process by which someone can come up with original solutions to problems or apply them to various situations. Since they must devise sales pitches, figure out how to sell-out of difficult-to-sell products, and come up with entertaining incentives to spur sales initiatives, sales managers can benefit from having creative thinking abilities.

Interpersonal communication

The ability to adapt one’s communication with others to suit that person’s preferred communication style is referred to as interpersonal communication. This is a crucial ability for sales managers because they must regularly communicate effectively with their staff, superiors, other department managers, and clients.

Attention to detail

Sales managers should pay close attention to detail so they can review employee performance information, spot trends in sales data, and modify departmental activities in response to those factors.

Company product knowledge

Sales managers can gain from having in-depth knowledge of the company’s products because they must be able to instruct new hires, provide guidance for sales pitch ideas, and give clients in-depth insights to ensure that both parties are adequately educated about the uses of the company’s products and their features.


A successful sales manager exhibits a proactive mentality that enables them to find potential sales leads before their rivals. They can increase their departments’ sales opportunities and instill the same values in their employees by taking the initiative.

Self discipline

Sales managers who possess self-control can complete their tasks on their own. This is crucial because, despite the fact that they answer to the director or vice president of sales, these people rarely check in with them and frequently rely on sales managers to make decisions and carry out tasks without their input.

Customer service

Customer service refers to a person’s capacity to treat clients with respect and render exceptional assistance for a range of different needs, such as inquiries, feedback, or product requirements. Sales managers play a crucial role in engaging with customers or clients and providing complex answers, even though their main focus is on managing the activities of the sales department and sales personnel.


Sales managers must demonstrate accountability for their division’s sales figures. This is a quality of a good leader because it encourages sales managers to congratulate staff members for departmental accomplishments. Leaders, on the other hand, accept responsibility for mistakes or the failure of their department to meet objectives. This promotes favorable interactions between sales managers and sales personnel.

What are sales manager skills and why are they important?

Sales managers use a combination of interpersonal skills (personality traits) and technical skills (sales-specific skills) on a daily basis. They are crucial because they guarantee that sales managers continue to exercise effective departmental leadership. Other justifications for the significance of sales manager skills include the following:

How to improve your sales manager skills

Consider the following actions to decide how to raise your sales management abilities:

1. Ask for feedback

Asking for input from your team and your immediate superior is one way to advance your abilities as a sales manager. These people are in constant contact with you and may be able to offer insightful opinions on your strengths and areas for improvement. You can arrange a meeting with your direct superior to discuss your performance and inquire about how well you meet their expectations. This demonstrates to your manager that you’re dedicated to making improvements and growing in your capacity as a sales manager.

Create an anonymous email survey for your staff to respond to if you want to be sure you’re getting their honest opinions about what you can do better.

2. Conduct one-on-one meetings with employees

You can better understand each of your employees’ personalities, motivations, and ways to support their success in their jobs by meeting with them one-on-one and getting to know them better. You could accomplish this by hosting a one-on-one meeting with a different employee every day or every week, during which you converse informally and eat breakfast or lunch.

3. Encourage idea-sharing

It’s critical that, as a sales manager, you actively encourage your staff to discuss ways to enhance the department, customer relations, and other areas of the business on a regular basis. This demonstrates to them your respect for their viewpoints, and it may also inspire or foster creative thinking in you and your staff.

4. Form good working relationships with other company departments

Sales and customer relationships are promoted by other business divisions like marketing and customer service. Therefore, by attempting to maintain consistent communication with other department heads, you can enhance your interpersonal communication skills and strengthen your capacity to relate to people from different professional backgrounds and personality types.

5. Take a certification course in sales management, technologies or practices

It’s crucial that you utilize these opportunities to improve your sales management skills since there are numerous certification options available both in-person and online that help sales professionals advance their professional knowledge. This might entail taking a leadership course, becoming certified in customer service, or learning about a new sales-oriented software program.

6. Make an effort to speak with clients on a regular basis

Salespeople and those in management positions must place the highest priority on providing excellent customer service. You can show your dedication to your clients and their needs by setting aside time to regularly communicate with them and assist them in navigating your products or services.


What skills do you need to be a sales manager?

Sales Manager Skills
  • Analysis Skills.
  • Strategic Planning Abilities.
  • Strong Communication Skills.
  • Collaboration and Motivation Skills.
  • Delegation Skills.
  • Ability to Remain Calm Under Pressure.
  • Good People Skills.

What makes you a good sales manager?

Engage the Team and Encourage Productivity A successful sales manager will be able to engage the team in the sales process as well as the sales philosophy. To make each salesperson feel like a vital member of the team and an integral part of the solutions they offer to customers, the sales manager must be receptive to new ideas.

What are the five basic responsibilities of a sales manager?

Sales managers guide, train, and mentor a sales team while also setting sales quotas and goals, developing sales plans, conducting data analysis, allocating sales territories, and developing their team.

What are 7 basic functions performed by a sales manager?

7 Key Responsibilities of Sales Managers
  • Selecting Targets. You must direct salespeople to the appropriate individuals because they are able and willing to speak with anyone.
  • Defining Priorities. …
  • Defining Time Guidelines. …
  • Navigating the Terrain. …
  • Securing Resources. …
  • Knowing When (and When NOT) to Expedite.

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