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Why are sales gifts important?

A sales gift is a crucial tool that sales representatives use to draw customers, express gratitude, and raise brand awareness. When a salesperson gives a customer a gift, they might feel appreciated, welcomed, and acknowledged. A salesperson can present their customer with a variety of gifts, some of which are listed below:

The top 11 types of sales gifts

Here are eleven gift ideas that sales representatives can think about giving to their customers:

Gift cards

Gift cards can be given to customers by salespeople as a token of their appreciation. They might share gift cards for food or beverages, like those for a coffee shop, or they might share retail gift cards, like those for clothing stores. Additionally, sales representatives can provide gift cards to the company they work for, which can help advertise the establishment while attending to a customer’s needs or offering something of value.

Event tickets

To establish a professional relationship and show their clients they care, sales representatives might think about purchasing event tickets for them. This type of sales gift works best when the salesperson is aware of the kinds of activities that their client enjoys, and it can further develop an emotional bond. Tickets often include sports games and concerts. Some businesses have set aside a specific budget for more pricey client gifts, like passes to an event or competition.

For instance, a salesperson might find out a customer’s favorite musician and offer them tickets to a concert that is coming up to show that the business values their interests and aspirations.

Thank-you note

After a sales presentation, meeting, or consultation, sales associates can send clients thank-you notes to express appreciation for their time. In order to demonstrate that they have written a personalized message rather than a form letter, sales associates can include specific details in their thank-you note, such as specifics of the conversation they had with the client. They could send an email or mail a handwritten letter as a way to express their gratitude.

Personalized merchandise

Salespeople frequently give clients personalized goods as heartfelt presents. They may offer customized clothing, mugs, blankets or water bottles. Additionally, they frequently exchange office supplies like stationary with a customized header. Additionally, salespeople frequently tailor merchandise to a customer’s interests or personality. A gift might, for instance, contain the client’s name, current address, favorite sports team, or alma mater.

Company merchandise

Companies can increase their customer base and promote their brand by giving their customers merchandise. The brand name, logo, mission statement, or any other images connected to the brand may appear on this merchandise. Sales representatives frequently give customers branded clothing, bags, key chains, coffee mugs, pens, or pencils. This can help build brand recognition, enhance public opinion, and express gratitude.

Baked goods

Companies frequently choose to give customers baked goods as sales gifts because they are accessible, affordable, and easily shared. For instance, if a sales representative is presenting a product or service to a sizable staff, they might think about bringing donuts for the audience to enjoy during the presentation and then sending a cake a few days later to express appreciation and remind the audience of the product.


Sales representatives might think about giving their customers technology gifts, especially if the business they represent is in the software industry. Choosing a technological gift is a great way to give customers a product they’ll use frequently and can serve as a constant reminder of the business. This can increase brand recognition and give customers a useful gift. Phone chargers, headphones, screen protectors, and phone and laptop cases are a few examples of technological gifts.

Gift baskets

When salespeople want to send their clients a variety of gifts, gift baskets are a great option. Baskets frequently contain a wide range of items, including baked goods, personalized goods, and technology. The baskets can be put together by the salespeople themselves, or they can hire a specialist to do it for them. Gift baskets can also contain a variety of foods and beverages. Salespeople may think about asking a customer what they would prefer to receive in a gift basket or they may decide to surprise them.


Customers may value receiving a planner from a salesperson to assist them in planning their schedule. Despite the fact that many people use their smartphones or computers as planners, writing down a schedule in a planner may help a client remember events and tasks more effectively. A physical planner can be a thoughtful and practical gift for a client, as it can increase productivity and keep them organized.


A sales associate may decide to give a book as a sales gift based on the business they work for and the interests of their clients, which can be a special keepsake. A salesperson may inquire about the client’s preferred reading genre in order to increase the perceived value of the gift and to assist them in selecting the appropriate genres of books to give. Sales representatives might also think about including a customized message inside the book to inspire recipients to remember the source of the gift.


Sales representatives may think about making a charitable donation on behalf of their clients rather than giving them tangible items. They can choose a charity that is in line with their company’s values or donate to one that the client supports. For instance, a toy company for kids might think about making a donation to a cause that supports education for children. Then they can give their client a record of the donation and divulge information about how it helps the charity accomplish its goals.


What is a good gift for a salesman?

To earn the affections of your reps, consider these 16 gift ideas for salespeople:
  • A luxury Bluetooth headset. …
  • Desktop terrariums. …
  • Carry on cocktail kit. …
  • Tickets to a sporting event. …
  • Leather briefcase. …
  • A massage. …
  • Portable battery charger. …
  • Coloring books and art supplies.

What are gifts in marketing?

19 Thank-You Gift Ideas for Your Customers
  • Write personalized handwritten notes. …
  • Send flowers. …
  • Offer books. …
  • Give charitable gifts. …
  • Offer surprise upgrades. …
  • Help customers learn something. …
  • Gift an experience. …
  • Send a birthday gift.

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