How To Find a Job as a Retired Nurse

I quit my job as a Registered Nurse (Early Retirement age late 40s)

How to find jobs as a retired nurse

As a retired nurse, you have lots of employment options in the market. Knowing what positions you might be eligible for based on your medical history can help you expedite the job search process and make sure you land positions you’ll enjoy. A retired nurse can find employment in the following ways:

1. Consider what you want to do

Before looking for jobs as a retired nurse, think about the position you want to hold. For instance, you might be searching for a part-time position or one with a flexible schedule. You may also want a non-clinical job. Knowing your preferences beforehand can greatly help you focus your job search.

2. Attend nursing fairs

To broaden your job search, research nursing fairs in your area and go to some of them. These fairs give you the opportunity to network with more people in your industry because many insurance companies attend them. Attending a nursing fair enables you to meet people in person and form meaningful connections rather than communicating via phone or email. Attending nursing career fairs may even provide you with additional job suggestions as a retired nurse.

3. Call health insurance companies

Make calls to large and small health insurance companies. If a company hires work-from-home nurses nationwide, you can also reach out to a location that is not close to you. If you do this, talk to a human resources representative or the nurse recruiter and let them know your background and that you’re looking for a work-from-home opportunity. Even if there are no open positions, you can request to be added to their database of prospective employees so that you will be contacted if and when opportunities arise.

4. Contact nursing agencies

A nursing agency that employs nurses outside of hospitals should be contacted. Let them know what you want out of the job. You could, for instance, request a part-time or temporary position. Working in this capacity gives you relevant experience, and if you want to leave retirement, it might lead to regular employment.

5. Use your network

Think about contacting your network to let them know you want to return to the workforce. Inform them of the position you’d like to hold. Once they are aware that you are seeking employment once more, they may introduce you to worthwhile opportunities.

What should you work as a retired nurse?

Reentering the workforce as a retired nurse has numerous advantages, whether you’re looking for a second source of income or something to do in your spare time. Knowing these advantages can assist you in deciding whether you want to continue working after retirement. Here are some justifications for continuing to practice as a retired nurse:

15 types of jobs for retired nurses

Knowing what kinds of jobs you can consider as a retired nurse before returning to the workforce is helpful. Knowing what you can do increases the effectiveness of your job search. Consider these 15 job categories if you’re a retired nurse:

Work in home health

You have the chance to assist patients in their homes as a retired nurse. Although home health agencies frequently make less money than hospitals, there are still a number of benefits to working in this field. Home health nurses not only have more freedom and autonomy, but their work is less physically demanding than that of a traditional nurse.

Become a substitute nurse

For nurses with an RN degree and a valid nursing license in the state they wish to work in, many public school districts provide substitute nursing opportunities. When a school’s regular nurses aren’t available, the institution fills the shifts with substitute teachers. Get in touch with a local public school district if you’re interested in working at a school there. They can make sure that you are added to the district registry so that you can be contacted about substituting opportunities.

Work as a travel nurse

If you enjoy traveling, consider taking your nursing skills on-the-go. As a travel nurse, you commit to working in a specific area of the United States for a predetermined amount of time, like three months. Additionally, you get to work in a variety of departments like the intensive care unit, the operating room, and the emergency room. Additionally, it’s important to note that travel nurses are paid competitively, just like they would be by a hospital. To learn more about available positions as a travel nurse, get in touch with a travel nursing agency.

Work at a flu clinic

You can utilize your medical expertise at a flu clinic as a retired nurse. An active RN license and a CPR card are typically prerequisites for employment at a flu clinic. You can work in a variety of flu clinics in your neighborhood in addition to this job’s flexibility. You can find employment at a flu clinic through a home health company, a hospital, or a health clinic. If you’re interested in this kind of opportunity, speak with the human resources department of your local hospital to learn more about the jobs available at the local flu clinic.

Train hospital staff

Some hospitals employ retired nurses to supervise new hire training Working in this capacity often offers flexible hours. You may also get to work part-time or on-call. Contact a clinic, long-term care facility, or local medical center if you’re interested in helping hospitals with staffing.

Teach at a high school

You are a retired nurse with a wealth of information to share about nutrition and health. If you want to get back into the workforce, you could instruct high school health courses using your firsthand experience. You don’t have to commit to a full schedule for this position, and you can even work part-time in the school clinic.

Teach first aid classes

Learning first aid is a requirement for many jobs, especially in the medical industry. You can teach classes or hold seminars about this life-saving method as a retired nurse. If you’re qualified, you can also instruct more complex subjects like first aid.

Become a freelance health writer

Consider working as a freelance health writer if you’re looking for a less stressful job. You can even start a blog about diet, healthcare, and general health. If you run a blog, you can make money from affiliate marketing.

Write a book

You could also try writing by creating your own memoir and outlining your experiences as a nurse. Additionally, you can write health or healthcare books about the industry’s more technical topics.

Sell medical equipment

You’re certain to have experience using a variety of medical tools and gadgets as a retired nurse. You can make a good living without investing a lot of time by selling this kind of equipment and gear. In fact, since you probably have a lot of contacts and acquaintances in the medical industry, this job could end up being very lucrative for you.

Run a clinic

You have sufficient experience to manage your own straightforward clinic, like a maternity clinic, as a retired nurse. By doing this, you can assist patients with their basic medical requirements.

Review nursing licensure exams

Anyone who wants to work as a registered nurse must pass a licensing test. By passing this test, they can demonstrate their readiness for a professional position in the medical industry. As a retired nurse, you can review these exams. This job not only offers flexible hours and good pay, but it also enables you to assist aspiring nurses in realizing their career goals.

Represent a medical company

You probably know many doctors, a variety of medications, and how clinics and hospitals operate as a retired nurse. You can be successful as a medical company representative by having this knowledge. Your primary responsibility as a medical company representative is to advertise the company’s goods and services.

Provide nutrition and lifestyle counseling

As a nurse, you spend a lot of time taking care of patients and giving them instructions on what to do while they are in the hospital and after they are discharged. You can carry on doing this after becoming a counselor, just in a different way. For instance, you could advise your patients on their diet or assist them with therapeutic exercises.

Cover hospital shifts

If you once worked in a hospital, you might be able to step in for your coworkers by taking on some of their shifts. You have a better chance of doing this at a hospital you have previously worked at, though it depends on your hospital’s policy.


What can a retired nurse do?

5 jobs for retiring nurses
  • Nurse Writer. Being a nurse writer could be a great way to spend your nurse retirement if you’ve always loved to put pen to paper (or keyboard).
  • Travel Nurse / Contract Nurse. …
  • Volunteer Nurse. …
  • Medical / Healthcare Exam Proctor. …
  • Consultant.

At what age do most nurses retire?

RNs, on average, retired at 58. 1 years and AHPs at 59. 4 years. More than two thirds retired before age 65. Caregiving demands among RNs predict early retirement; policies that support employed RN caregivers may lower early workforce exits among RNs employed by the government.

What do you say to a retiring nurse?

Happy Retirement Messages for Nurses
  1. Although a retired nurse never stops nurturing and caring, this is the time to focus those nurturing behaviors toward yourself.
  2. We’ve been so lucky to have you here all these years. You don’t even know how deeply you will be missed.

Why do nurses retire?

Many nurses experience stress at work and are unhappy with their current positions. Due to vaccination requirements, some people feel forced out of their jobs, while others are simply past retirement age. In fact, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing survey found that 50 or older accounts for half of RNs.

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