Resigning While on Maternity Leave

You may chose to resign during maternity leave or prior to taking maternity leave, or return for a brief period and then resign. Your decision may be influenced by financial considerations, as quitting prior to maternity leave may mean losing insurance or paid time off.

How Do I Quit My Job After I Return From Maternity Leave?

How to decide if you should resign while on parental leave

During your parental leave, spending time at home can give you the chance to reflect on your future, reevaluate your goals, and look into potential alternate sources of income. Before deciding to quit while on parental leave, take the following actions into account:

1. Assess your current situation

If you’re considering quitting your job while on maternity or paternity leave, carefully evaluate your current circumstances to make sure you’re comfortable with your choice. Consider your financial situation and professional objectives so you can successfully plan for the future. To decide what will work best for your current situation at home, think about the following questions:

Such inquiries can assist you in making the best decisions for your future, both personally and professionally. To gain clarity and confidence in your choice, consider talking with a partner or friend about these issues as well as any other ideas or worries you may have.

2. Think about alternative options

For new parents who are unable to commit to full-time employment, many businesses offer alternative options. For instance, your employer might permit you to work from home, schedule you to work part-time hours rather than full-time hours, or scale back your duties.

3. Visit your workplace to discuss the transition

Even if you’re unsure whether you want to leave your position after your parental leave, consider going to your place of employment and sharing your plans with your manager. If you’re unsure of your options, seek clarification, and voice any worries you may have about leaving the company. Before making a final choice, you might want to ask your employer the following questions:

4. Notify your employer ahead of time

Tips for resigning while on parental leave

It can be beneficial to establish new routines and adjust any previous long- and short-term goals after leaving full-time employment. Here are some pointers to help you leave your job with confidence:

Stay connected

Consider contacting former coworkers and industry connections for resources, updates, and new discoveries to stay connected to your industry and professional network. Without working full-time, this can give you a sense of involvement in your field and open up job opportunities for the future.

Make a schedule

Make a schedule to establish new routines at home in order to lessen stress during the resignation process. This may give you more confidence in your choice to quit your job. Making a schedule can help you concentrate on the things that are most important to you.

Explore hobbies

You may have the opportunity to pursue your interests while on parental leave by quitting your job during that time. Many new parents who quit their full-time jobs may join community groups, work on their own, look into freelance work in their field, or launch creative businesses from home. Numerous interests and talents can lead to additional sources of income.

Go back to work if you want to


Is it OK to resign while on maternity leave?

Although many states permit workers who leave for specific compelling personal reasons to continue to be eligible for unemployment benefits, staying at home to take care of a healthy infant will disqualify you from benefits.

Should I quit before or after maternity leave?

In any case, think about the timing of your resignation and how it will impact both you and your boss before you give your notice. It seems wise to resign before or during the first few weeks of your maternity leave so that your boss has plenty of time to find a suitable replacement.

What happens if you quit job after maternity leave?

Your employer is still required to pay you all of your unpaid wages or salary if you quit while on parental leave. Even if you owe your employer money for health insurance benefits, your employer cannot withhold your last paycheck.

Do you have to pay back maternity leave if you quit UK?

Even if you leave your job before the end of the maternity pay period, you are not required to pay back any Statutory Maternity Pay or Maternity Allowance and you should continue to receive it from your employer/JobCentre Plus for the full 39 weeks.

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