How to Write a Resignation Letter for Family Reasons (With Template and Example)

As you are aware, I have finally decided on my role in this situation. I wish I could stay, but I fear I will have to resign due to family obligations. I could not have asked for a better professional opportunity than the one I currently possess, but I am unable to successfully juggle my obligations here with the attention my personal life right now requires. I’ll stay until the end of the month to finish projects and get someone else ready to take over my accounts.

I want you to know that my reasons for leaving have nothing to do with the position, the business, or the working environment. The fact is, I am unable to adequately express the personal fulfillment I have experienced during my eight years here. I’ve established relationships and made business connections that have made going to work every day enjoyable. I sincerely hope that after my family situation has been resolved, I will be asked to resume holding my previous position or a comparable position. If you can’t do that, maybe you can suggest me to one of the other satellites of the organization.

Resignation Letter Due to Family Reasons | Letters in English

How to write a resignation letter sample for family reasons

Be sure to include all pertinent information in your resignation letter for family reasons so that your employer is kept informed. To write a clear letter, you can follow these steps:

1. Start with a clear opener

Start off by announcing that you will be leaving your position and providing a date for your anticipated last day of employment. This will be necessary for your manager to plan how to distribute your workload. Before mentioning it in your letter, try to speak with your manager if at all possible if you must leave with little advance notice. If you are unable to provide more advance notice, offer to lessen the inconvenience in any way you deem necessary.

2. Provide only the details youre comfortable sharing

You can maintain some discretion in your resignation letter as long as you make it clear that your reasons for leaving have to do with family obligations rather than your job. Although you might want to use ambiguous language, you can provide clarification in your letter by referencing a previous conversation you had with your manager.

3. Maintain a professional tone

Keep your tone professional no matter how youre currently feeling. Despite how stressful a family emergency may be, your resignation letter should still be factual and to the point. Keep in mind that your resignation letter will be kept in your personnel file and could be used as reference material in the future by keeping the details brief and the tone positive.

4. Indicate how youll help your employer prepare before you leave

You can include any information about your workload, the tasks you anticipate finishing, and any files or notes you plan to leave for your group or the succeeding person. You might want to consider making an offer to assist with the transition to a new employee if you can, even if your circumstances require you to leave unexpectedly or with little notice. Additionally, you might be in a position to be accessible to respond to inquiries, finish a handover, or meet with your replacement. If you do agree to assist, be honest about what you can provide and make sure you can carry it out.

5. Close on a positive note

You might want to mention how much you have enjoyed working for your employer and how you wish your team or department the best in the future in your positive remarks about your time there. This can strengthen your relationship with your employer, which could make it simpler for you to work for them again in the future.

When you have some inspiration and ideas to use as a starting point, writing a letter of resignation can be simple. As long as you include everything that needs to be included, your letter can be brief and factual.

When should you write a resignation letter for family reasons?

There are many reasons why you might need to leave your position to handle a family situation. Your resignation letter must present you in the best light possible, regardless of whether you must travel to support a loved one or care for a family member who is ill.

Maintaining a professional and friendly relationship with your employer is still advisable even if you are quitting your job for family-related reasons. Before submitting your resignation letter, attempt to speak with your manager in person if at all possible to go over the specifics of your departure. You can bring up that conversation if you want to in your letter. Use a phrase like “family reasons” or “caring commitments” if you’d prefer not to share too much information with anyone. “.

You might want to make it clear in your resignation letter that there is no connection between your reasons for leaving and your position or company. This can assist you in departing on a positive note, making it simpler to uphold a positive reputation among employers in your industry.

Resignation letter template

You can make a concise and expert resignation letter using this template.

[Managers name]
[Employers name]
[Employers address]


Dear [managers name],

[Reason for leaving and date of expected last day]

[Instructions on what you plan to accomplish during your notice period and anything you can transfer to a colleague or successor]

[An expression of gratitude to your employer for the rewarding interactions you have had with them]


[Your name]

Resignation letter example

Farrah Begum
Westcourt Industries Ltd
2435 Creekside Drive Almont, Michigan 48003

November 3, 2019

Dear Ms. Begum,

I regret having to let you know that I am leaving my position as senior accounts administrator with Westcourt Industries due to family obligations. My last day will be on Friday, November 15, by which time I hope to have completed all pending billing and filing tasks, created a spreadsheet of work to be given to my replacement, and other related tasks. The rest of the team has access to my thorough notes that I’ve prepared on the upcoming software update.

If any questions come up, I will be reachable by phone and email, and if necessary, I can come in for a handover session to ease the transition.

We talked about how sorry I am to be leaving Westcourt Industries, and if the demands on my time weren’t so great, I wouldn’t even think about leaving. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and am grateful for the chances for professional advancement they have provided. I’ll miss all of my coworkers and wish you luck in the future.

I apologise for any inconvenience my departure may have caused, and I will do everything in my power to facilitate the team’s work without me.

Yours sincerely,

Natasha Plesch


How do I write a letter of resignation due to family emergency?

I’m writing to let you know that I will be leaving Oak and Spruce Co. at the end of the month for family reasons. Unfortunately, my current family situation necessitates my full attention, and I have significant matters to attend to, which prevents me from performing my duties to the company.

How do I write a resignation letter due to personal reasons?

How to write an emergency resignation letter
  1. Talk to your manager first. Inform your manager or leader of your emergency in person or over the phone, if at all possible.
  2. Use the business letter format. …
  3. Maintain an optimistic and grateful tone. …
  4. State the date. …
  5. Provide necessary details only.

How do I quit my job with my family?

I regret to inform you that in two weeks, I will be leaving [company name]. I feel that leaving my position is in the best interest of the company because I am unable to fulfill the duties of my position due to unforeseen personal issues. My last day will be [date of final working day].

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