What Is a Recruitment Report? (Definition, Template and Example)

In a report, activities, tasks, and other completed objectives are noted for documentation and frequently to track the advancement of a person, group, business, or particular department. Additionally, reports are given to individuals in high positions within an organization. There are still many reasons why reports are used. A recruitment report is produced by the hiring department of a company and includes information about the operations of that department. Here are some helpful sample reports that you can review to learn more about this type of report.

Recruitment Tracker Excel Template | Hiring Plan for HR Managers

Elements of a recruitment report

While you can tailor each recruitment report to meet your needs, most recruitment reports share a few common features. You can include the following items in your recruitment report:

What is a recruitment report?

In a recruitment report, job candidates are evaluated, recruitment activities are analyzed, and the overall effectiveness of a campaign is evaluated. Recruitment reports are frequently used by HR personnel and hiring managers to monitor their progress and calculate the ROI of their marketing and hiring choices. Additionally, by using this data, they can improve their hiring practices moving forward. The following are some advantages of using a recruitment report:

How to write a recruitment report

Here are some guidelines you can use to draft a qualified hiring report:

1. Create a header

Create a header section at the top of your hiring report. Include fundamental details in this section to assist readers in understanding the content of your report and who created it. Some key details to list in your header include:

2. State your objective

Create a section to summarize the primary goal of your recruitment drive beneath the header. Describe the project’s scope in two or three sentences, using specific data or statistics to clearly state your objective. For instance, you might specify that your goal was to bring on 10 new hires or reduce your hiring costs by 20%.

3. List the candidates you hired

Next, list the number of applicants you ended up hiring for your recruitment drive. Afterward, list each applicant by name and job title. You may also decide to include these specifics in the same section if any employees left the company during this time. This can assist you in determining whether the candidates you hired were a good fit for the organization and determining whether there are any other aspects of your workplace culture that could use improvement.

4. Review your expenses

Make a chart that shows the amounts allocated in your initial budget for various costs or expenses. Include your actual spending in each of these categories. This can help you assess whether you are on or over budget, which could facilitate future resource allocation that is more efficient. To provide a snapshot of your spending throughout the entire recruitment campaign, include your total budget and expenses.

5. Discuss challenges

Discuss any unexpected difficulties you encountered during your hiring campaign in this section. Let the reader know how these difficulties affected the hiring procedure while maintaining a constructive and expert tone. Then, share what solutions you implemented to overcome these challenges. You may also mention any lessons you took away from the situation.

6. Provide suggestions

Review the information you’ve gathered to come up with some ideas for upcoming recruitment campaigns and procedures. For instance, if you were over budget, you might request more money or propose a less costly marketing plan. Reiterating significant information and facts from the rest of your report will help you to explain why you are making these suggestions. You can do this to make sure the reader understands how you came up with them.

7. Summarize key information

Finally, summarize the key information from your report. Include whether you met your goal and the precise outcomes that occurred. You can also briefly restate the key elements that impacted your outcomes. Make this section easy for the reader to understand by using clear, concise language.

Recruitment report template

You can use the following sample to create a polished recruitment report:

Recruitment report for [Organization]Compiled by [your first and last name][Your job title][Your business email address][Date]

Objective [Describe the scope of the recruitment project you worked on and your main goals in two or three sentences. ].

Candidates recruited
[Total number of candidates]

[Total budget]
[Amount spent]

Challenges[Describe any challenges you encountered throughout the recruitment process. Describe how you dealt with them and how this affected your outcomes. ].

Suggestions [Include any recommendations you may have to advance the hiring procedure ].

[Summarize the results of your recruitment campaign in two or three sentences. ].

Recruitment report example

You can use the following sample as a guide when writing your own recruitment report:

Universal Engineerings Quarterly Recruitment ReportPrepared by Lydia ThomasHuman resources managerlydia. [email protected]. comJuly 1, 2021.

Specifically, we wanted to fill five mid-level and senior-level positions across our design, engineering, and control teams during this quarter’s recruitment campaign. *.

*Candidates recruited
Total: 5*

Total budget: $1,700
Amount spent: $1,450*

*ChallengesThe biggest obstacle we encountered was establishing a formal recruitment procedure and improving our hiring procedures. The HR team worked closely with department managers throughout this quarter to improve a system that we can use going forward to streamline our hiring procedures. *.

*We recommend increasing our external expenses budget to $250 per quarter based on our cost analysis from this quarter. Moving forward, we also advise keeping the same marketing and candidate expense budgets. This can assist us in accounting for cost variations caused by the state of the labor market and the number of positions we fill with candidates in a given quarter. *.

*SummaryBy hiring qualified candidates for all five of the open positions, we met our hiring objectives this quarter. Additionally, we were able to stick to our spending plan and keep every employee that we hired. *.


What is a recruitment report?

In a recruitment report, job candidates are evaluated, recruitment activities are analyzed, and the overall effectiveness of a campaign is evaluated.

How do you write a recruitment strategy report?

What are the 7 stages of recruitment?
  • Prepping for Your Ideal Candidate. …
  • Sourcing and Attracting Talent. …
  • Converting Applicants. …
  • Selecting and Screening Candidates. …
  • The Interview Process. …
  • Reference Check. …
  • Onboarding.

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