Finding the right talent is more difficult than it used to be. There are times when it seems like the technologies developed to simplify the hiring process have actually made things more difficult. Although they save businesses money and time, they lack the crucial face-to-face interactions that allow businesses to quickly determine whether a candidate is a good fit.

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12 effective recruiting event ideas

If you intend to hire people for company positions, look for the right talent. You can find the ideal candidate for an open position in your company through recruiting events. Here are some smart hiring strategies to help your business entice top talent:

Create lunch and learn sessions

Consider extending lunch and learn opportunities beyond your current employees. You can invite candidates to lunch with your team while also including a quick seminar on the opportunities your company provides.

You could begin your instructional presentation by summarizing the information about employer brands. These educational opportunities can give prospective employees a better understanding of what it’s like to work for your company. You can host a luncheon in public spaces with easy access, such as hotels or conference rooms.

Organize evening parties

You can also invite candidates to events that take place in the evening, similar to lunch and learn sessions. Before candidates apply for a position with your company, you have the chance to meet them at these events in a less formal setting.

Evening parties are best held in settings like restaurants and bars because they let attendees unwind and express themselves more freely. Such gatherings can assist in bringing talented candidates and your business together for fruitful recruiting discussions.

Invite experts to give a presentation

Your company can focus on candid conversations about hiring for open positions in your organization by introducing a team of experts to candidates. It’s crucial to select a subject that appeals to the prospective employees you’re speaking to.

To help candidates understand what your company is looking for, experts can speak on issues like best practices, company values, and new tactics. To give yourself an opportunity to speak with candidates and get their opinions, think about including breaks during these meetings.

Organize a panel conversation

Facilitating a panel discussion can be a particularly successful recruiting event idea if you work with a group of leaders who want to help candidates learn more about your company. You can learn more about attendees and choose the most qualified candidates for open positions by observing the atmosphere that is created during a professional gathering.

Facilitate an open meeting

Think about hosting a public meeting in the evening after most people have finished their work. Your company employees can invite qualified friends or local groups. A team of experts who can respond to questions posed by candidates may also be invited. Open meetings provide a relaxed environment that can make it easier for candidates to understand the advantages of working for your company.

Engage in a conference and greet

Set up meetings on college campuses, secondary schools, and technical schools with a focus on internships. You could host conferences and introduce prospective employees to your company when speaking with people in entry-level positions. Use this chance to talk about hiring issues that will benefit new hires and interns in interviews.

Hold a networking event

Experts interested in your company’s hiring process can be found at networking conferences. You can host networking events to enhance your company’s recruitment strategy.

This event may feature well-known people who educate potential employees about the culture and values of your business. Additionally, you can use a networking occasion to highlight the advantages of working for your business.

Interview people at hiring fairs

One of the most efficient ways to encourage people to apply to your organization is to interview candidates at hiring fairs. By planning a hiring fair, you can quickly evaluate a large number of applicants. It’s crucial to inform candidates you select for your company’s positions of the next step in the hiring process.

Host a competition

When searching for candidates with particular skills, healthy competition can be advantageous. When professionals converse competitively, you might come across candidates who can elevate your business.

Offer training sessions

People who want to achieve their career goals frequently think about various techniques they can use to enhance their skills. By holding training sessions, you can draw in a lot of talented candidates for your business. Additionally, this gives you the chance to speak with applicants and advise them on how to stand out in any competitive job interview.

Fund local activities

Finding local talent that can fit in at your organization can be facilitated by your company sponsoring neighborhood events like fairs, sporting events, and free photo shoots. Additionally, you can use these occasions to gather recommendations for the top applicants for open positions in your organization.

Hold a national recruiting day

Setting up a national employment day can be very beneficial whether you want to hire candidates for a small number of positions or you require many employees for your business. This recruitment idea can be shared on social media platforms to attract numerous candidates at once.

Why are recruiting event ideas useful?

Any recruitment process’s goal is to identify the most qualified applicants. Recruitment events allow you to learn more about a candidate. Here are additional reasons event ideas are useful:

Finding candidates that match your qualifications

The purpose of the hiring process is to draw the best candidates to your business and give them a better understanding of the position within your company. You can determine each candidate’s distinctive talents and experiences through recruitment events.

Creating healthy relationships with employees

Many employers place a strong emphasis on building relationships with potential employees during recruiting events. Organizations can get a good idea of potential employees who can adapt to their workplace environment and work there for a long time after spending time reviewing applications, conducting research, and conducting interviews.

Creating a positive impression of your organization

You have the chance to present your business favorably and draw a large number of applicants during a recruitment event. Additionally, recruiting events are tools that can be used to enhance future recruiting strategies. For instance, following a recruiting event, you can assess what worked well and what needs to be improved.

Tips for better recruiting events

Here are some pointers to assist you in getting ready for an effective recruiting event:

Start planning early

Make your plans early, and don’t forget to include a budget and a timeline with dates. Additionally, think about proactively contacting qualified candidates about openings at your company. Create calendar invites that highlight the upcoming recruitment event.

Be a logistical expert

Logistics are important in any event. Make a list of everything you need to do in advance of your recruiting event, such as selecting a location. Additionally, specify the time and date of your event and provide clear directions to make it accessible to candidates.

Get help from other employees and coworkers

If you’re planning a recruiting event with others at your company, think about giving them responsibilities that will ensure the success of your event. For instance, you could request a coworker to email and message the attendees on social media.


What are some good recruiting ideas?

9 Fresh Employee Recruiting Ideas for 2022 + 10 Tried and True
  • Target Employees Recently Laid Off. …
  • Offer Free Training to the First 10 Ad Responders. …
  • Use a Recruiting Chatbot. …
  • Use Your ATS Tools for Career Counselors. …
  • Employee Video Competition. …
  • Host a Poker Tournament. …
  • Use a Wrapped RV as a Mobile Hiring Center.

How do I set up a recruiting event?

How to Host a Hiring Party: 9 Steps to a Successful Recruiting…
  1. Entice applicants to attend your hiring party. …
  2. Choose a location. …
  3. Pick a date and time. …
  4. Decide your hiring party strategy and event goals. …
  5. Promote your hiring party. …
  6. Schedule your staff. …
  7. Set up your space. …
  8. Meet your candidates.

What to talk about at recruiting events?

5 recruitment strategies for 2022
  • Create a candidate persona for hard to fill roles.
  • Ensure a seamless candidate experience.
  • Develop a successful employee referral program.
  • Work on reducing bias.
  • Understand what talent wants.

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