RDA Certification: Description, Requirements and FAQs

What is a rda certification?

After completing the course, you will take the credentialing examination. You must retake the exam portion, which is only offered online, if you don’t achieve the required level of proficiency of 70%. Before you have to repeat the entire course and exam, you are permitted up to two retests.

How to apply for RDA license (Texas)

Requirements to apply for an RDA certification

An applicant for an RDA certification must meet one of the following three criteria:

What is an RDA certification?

The American Medical Technologists organization issues a national certification called RDA, or registered dental assistant. This certification entitles a person to work as a registered dental assistant in conjunction with state-specific eligibility requirements. Once certified, professionals must maintain their certification by paying annual fees, participating in continuing education programs, and adhering to all American Medical Technologists’ practice standards. Registered dental assistants must pass both a written and practical exam to become certified, in contrast to certified dental assistants.

How to earn an RDA certification

The four steps outlined below outline how to become an RDA certified, though specific requirements will vary by state.

1. Obtain a high school diploma or equivalent

One of the most crucial prerequisites for enrolling in a community college or vocational school dental assistant program and becoming eligible for an RDA certification is completing high school or earning an equivalent diploma. Counselors at your high school might be able to assist you as you look into and apply for formal training programs.

2. Complete an approved preparation program

Although working as a registered dental assistant under a licensed dentist or gaining similar experience can help you meet the requirements, many prospective RDAs enroll in a formal training course. The duration of certificate programs offered by CODA-accredited institutions ranges from nine to twelve months.

Community colleges offer associate degrees that can be earned in about two years and may also include general prerequisite courses in addition to the dental assistant content. Both courses cover the fundamental duties of dental assistants and give students the chance to put their newly learned skills to use. These programs may be accessible in person or online, depending on the state and the particular institution.

3. Pass the certification exam

Applicants are qualified to take the registered dental assistant certification exam after completing a recognized program and paying the required examination fee. Scores on this test, provided by the American Medical Technologists organization, range from 100 to 900, with a passing mark of 400 as the minimum. You can prepare and get a passing grade by using the study materials that are available online. Before passing this test, applicants must have received CPR training and have a valid CPR certification.

4. Complete state-specific requirements

Each state may have additional licensing requirements in addition to the certification exam. Be sure to research these requirements as part of your preparation so you can dress appropriately for your training. You can compare state requirements using online resources to make sure you are fully informed. Additional exams that are computer-based or practice-based, completion of particular internships, or a minimum number of hours of work experience are all potential requirements.

Frequently asked questions about RDA certification

These frequently asked questions about RDA certification and employment as a registered dental assistant are addressed below:

What are the typical job duties of a registered dental assistant?

The following are the general responsibilities of registered dental assistants, although specific job duties may vary by employer or even state.

Some registered dental assistants additionally carry out the following duties, if they obtain additional certifications as required by their state:

What is the average salary for a registered dental assistant?

How long does an RDA certification last?

RDA certification is typically valid for two years, though there may be some variations by state.

Why are continuing education courses required for registered dental assistants, and what content do they cover?

In order to improve and broaden their clinical competencies and to stay up to date with recent developments in the industry, which may include new procedures, techniques, or medications, registered dental assistants are required to complete continuing education courses. Examples of course material include pediatric dentistry, office management, infection control, and chairside assisting. There are frequently continuing education courses offered online, at conferences, or in person. The quantity of continuing education credits necessary to maintain registration as a registered dental assistant is set by individual states.

What skills are necessary for a registered dental assistant to have?

Successful dental assistants should also possess the following interpersonal skills in addition to their core technical competencies, which are evaluated by the certification exam and other licensing requirements:


What is RDA exam?

You must pass the RDA exam to be eligible to work as a Registered Dental Assistant. RDAs are qualified healthcare professionals who treat patients’ dental needs. They perform a variety of tasks, including patient care, laboratory procedures, and office work.

How much is it to become an RDA?

The completed Application for RDA Examination and Licensure, along with the $120 fee, must be sent to the address listed above by first-time applicants. 00. You will pay an additional fee of $38. 50 when scheduling your exam with Psychological Services Page 2 Inc. for the RDA General and Law and Ethics Written Examination

How long is the RDA test?

The three-hour, computer-based RDA General and Law and Ethics written exam consists of 150 multiple-choice questions. It is given in a computerized testing facility at various locations throughout California. If your application is approved and you are accepted as qualified, you will receive information on how to register for this exam.

What is an RDA dental?

The tasks that a Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) may perform, the level of dentist supervision necessary, and the environments in which those tasks may be carried out are all expressly set forth in law and regulation.

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