32 Questions to Ask Your Boss

Questions to help you understand your job expectations
  • What are my strongest skills? …
  • Can you tell me more about your management style?
  • What is one thing I am doing well and why?
  • Do I need to change something? …
  • Is there something I could be doing differently?
  • How would you like me to provide feedback?

Receiving professional feedback at work is important for employees because “no news is good news” isn’t always the case. “No news” frequently denotes that a manager is overworked and therefore unable to give feedback. Another possibility is that your boss would rather “let things slide” than deal with a difficult situation.

It is ultimately up to you to manage your career, even though a good boss will regularly give you constructive feedback and encourage you to ask questions. Communication is a two-way street. If you have questions, ask. Or, if you don’t have any questions, consider this article seriously and start formulating some. Asking questions can help you see things from a different angle, offer insightful career advice, and demonstrate to your manager that you’re concerned about your professional growth. Here are some insightful inquiries you should make to your boss on a regular basis.

20 Questions to Ask Other Leaders

Questions to help you understand your job expectations

It’s critical to understand what your employer requires of you. The following questions can help you determine whether you are making progress or if you need to make some changes:

Why should you ask your manager questions?

Asking questions to your manager offers several benefits. It can assist you in receiving helpful feedback on your work from your manager, which can improve your understanding of your work and provide you with practical suggestions. Additionally, you can learn crucial information that might not be communicated through official channels. For instance, you might find out about a recent opening in your company brought on by another employee’s resignation. Keep in mind the following advantages of keeping open lines of communication with your manager:

Questions to understand your manager’s priorities

Finding out what your manager views as the top priorities in your company will help you to ensure that you are working productively and concentrating on the right projects. The following inquiries can help you learn more about these priorities:

Questions to learn more about opportunities for growth and career progression

Career growth and personal development are important items to address. You can ask the following questions to help advance your career:

Questions to understand the requirements and resources of your job

Find out what resources your manager deems necessary for your position. Understanding their viewpoint will enable you to better match your responsibilities to the resources at your disposal. Additionally, you can ask for more resources if doing so will help you reach your objectives. You can ask the following questions to learn more about this aspect of your role:

Questions to show support for your manager

Knowing that you are willing to assist and support your managers at all times increases happiness at work. The following inquiries can be used to show your willingness to contribute:

Base your inquiries on the current situation and stage of the project. Create your own inquiries about particular challenges and opportunities at your place of employment.


What questions should I ask my boss in a one on one?

Questions to ask your boss’s boss during a skip-level meeting
  • What mentorship opportunities are there available for me?
  • What skills do you think our team is lacking?
  • What can I do to support and train others at the company?
  • Who do you believe I can learn the most from in the organization?

What are good topics to talk about with your boss?

Here are 5 types of questions to ask your manager in a one-on-one: Checking-in on expectations. Growth, personal development & progression.

1 Questions to check-in on your manager’s expectations
  • What am I doing well and why?
  • What do I need to change? Why and how?
  • What I should stop doing? And Why?

How do you ask your boss to be well?

5 Things You Should be Talking to Your Boss About
  • Where You See Yourself in Five Years. …
  • Your Ideas for the Company. …
  • Advice for Tough Work Situations. …
  • Company and Industry Insight. …
  • Your Life Outside of Work.

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