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Are you preparing for an interview with PwC? If so, you may be looking for insight into what questions to expect during the process. Interviews can be tricky, and the more information you have, the better. Reddit is an excellent source of information and can provide some great insight into the types of questions you may encounter during the PwC interview process. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the most commonly asked interview questions on Reddit, as well as a few tips on how to best answer them.

PwC Interview Questions & Answers! (PricewaterhouseCoopers Interview!)

This one went incredibly well; she said she wasn’t going to question me at all, so I assume she was just testing my teamwork and interpersonal skills. One of her classmates is my current teacher, so we discussed everything from 3M environmental reports to exchanging travel tales. I was asking her questions the entire time, and when she asked if I had any last questions with two minutes left, I told her we had covered most of the topics I wanted to bring up, so I asked a stupid question about how long the rest of the process would take.

I went over my background and experiences with him as he interjected some behavioral queries. I think I handled all but one of these questions quite well. I didn’t use STAR for this because it didn’t seem to merit it; instead, I just explained my time management strategies to him, but I didn’t do so as succinctly as I could have. I ended up asking him quite a few questions, which led to him discussing advice he would have put into practice earlier in his career, suggestions to broaden one’s personal and professional network, and the impact COVID has had on preserving client relationships. He concluded by congratulating me on the wonderful experiences I had and encouraging me to get in touch if I ever needed anything.

I’m going to get one for Audit Associate 2023 this week. I need some advices on the matter.

Got lucky and landed a job interview with PWC for a January internship in auditing (I know it’s just a job interview, but I’m still so excited and grateful for even that). God knows how much I need this because it will probably lead to a lot of opportunities for me in the future. I’m incredibly nervous, so does anyone have any advice on how to handle an interview with a company like this? Any advice from anyone who has ever had a BIG FOUR interview would be SO helpful.

I was wondering if you could respond to a few questions, offer any general advice, and let me know about the questions you were asked during the 30-minute interviews with PwC for their Talent Academy leadership conference.

When I’m not completely confident in a person’s abilities, it’s difficult for me to delegate. In my early undergraduate years, this was a significant issue because I would spend a lot more time working on group projects than my peers did, or I would end up correcting and changing what my group members did, which would cause me to stay up late right before the deadline. Both of these lead to people feeling underappreciated and like they haven’t contributed much to the group, which isn’t very motivating. In the past year or so, I’ve started to set expectations and early deadlines at the start of projects. I sat down with my group when I was given the Audit project this semester to assess everyone’s areas of strength and decide who wanted to do what. I set guidelines for how we should format our responses and present the information. Most importantly, we agreed to finish all of our components a few days before the project’s final deadline. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of my team helped me to feel more confident in their ability to deliver high-caliber results. But most importantly, having a deadline a few days before the project was due gave us time to review each other’s work and make necessary corrections. In the past, I’ve spent the night before a project’s deadline fixing and redoing the report’s poorly done sections. In this project, the group looked at everyone’s contributions together and gave each person advice on how to make their work better. This gave us the opportunity to work as a team to produce better answers, and it also gave the original author of that section enough time to make the necessary corrections. This gives them the opportunity to grow for the future and feel like they are contributing to the team in a meaningful way. This strategy led to us receiving a grade of A on the report.


What questions are asked in a PwC interview?

Following are the list of most frequently asked questions in an HR Interview:
  • Walk me through your resume.
  • Why PwC Pvt Ltd?
  • Why consultant role? …
  • Would you consider relocating to another part of India?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years/ 10 years?
  • Tell me about a challenging circumstance you had to handle.

How do I prepare for a PwC interview?

Advice Do your homework and educate yourself about PwC, particularly the position and business area to which you are applying. Be certain of your personal brand and how you plan to leave a good first impression. Practice, especially if you have never answered video questions before.

How many interview rounds are in PwC?

PwC Interview Process If you count the initial call with human resources, which you absolutely should, you can anticipate up to four rounds of interviews. If you make it to your next interview depends on the outcome of your first call with a PwC recruiter from HR.

How hard is the PwC case interview?

Because the PwC case study interview is so challenging, it’s crucial that you comprehend the key competencies that PwC interviewers are looking for. You will be well on your way to acing the interview once you master those techniques.

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