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Public vs. Private Accounting Career Progression!

Public accounting roles

There are several positions in the field of public accounting that call for varying levels of expertise and years of experience. It’s critical to keep in mind that your public accounting position and pay will reflect your level of industry expertise. Here are a few roles played by public accountants, along with their national average salaries and main responsibilities:

Researching tax laws, assisting clients in reducing any tax liabilities, and preparing their clients’ tax returns are the main duties of tax consultants. A bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or a related field is required for tax consultants.

A tax staff accountant’s main responsibilities include preparing tax returns, finishing tax reports, and giving tax advice to their diverse clients. They assist their clients in ensuring that their taxes are in compliance with IRS requirements and inform them of any relevant tax deductions. These experts ought to be bachelor’s degree holders in accounting, finance, or a related field. Though not required, having a certification is widely preferred.

Senior tax auditors’ main responsibilities are to supervise the auditing procedure, tax records, and various financial records. They also collect delinquent taxes and report their audit findings. These experts should have excellent mathematical skills, be excellent analysts, and pay close attention to details. An accounting or related field bachelor’s degree is required for senior tax auditors. As this job requires travel, they should also have a vehicle and a valid drivers license. A master’s degree or a professional certification will probably be necessary for this senior position as well.

Tax managers oversee a client’s tax strategy and make sure it complies with a variety of tax laws and regulations. Among their many responsibilities, they look into new laws, foresee problems, and organize tax provisions. Additionally, they prepare and file their clients’ taxes and take steps to reduce the likelihood of an audit. A bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or a related field is required for tax managers. Having a certification is highly preferable.

Primary responsibilities include supervising staff and assisting clients with their tax needs. They provide support in tax preparation and issue tax returns. Tax partners hold a position of leadership and are in charge of managing all business operations and providing tax advice for their company. For this position, these professionals must obtain a bachelor’s degree, possibly a master’s degree, and become certified public accountants (CPAs).

What is public accounting?

Public accounting describes accounting firms that assist various clients, including individuals and businesses, in the preparation of their financial documents and statements. Public accountants also prepare their clients’ tax returns and audit client statements. A private accountant, in contrast, caters to the unique requirements of a business or other single entity. Public accountants hold a variety of positions in public accounting firms, such as tax consultants and senior tax managers. Public accounting firms employ certified public accountants (CPAs). Because CPAs have a higher level of accounting knowledge, many firms can justify charging their clients more. Public accounting firms may also specialize in certain areas, such as sports accounting or healthcare auditing.

Services public accountants offer

Here are three services public accountants offer:

Accountants are tasked with assisting their clients in preparing their financial documents and records using generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). Accountants ensure that their clients’ financial statements are uniform and simple to understand by using GAAP. In order for other banks, shareholders, or financial analysts to use these statements, public accountants also assist in auditing them.

Public accountants help clients prepare their tax returns. They inform their clients of any tax deductions and other issues that may arise related to taxes. Additionally, they make sure that all tax returns and financial statements follow strict rules and regulations.

Public accountants provide guidance to a wide range of clients and help them with a variety of financial needs. This can include anything from financial management to auditing. They can also help clients predict their financial future and provide advice on how to make a profit.


What jobs look for after public accounting?

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  • Corporate Banking. …
  • Buy-Side Financial Analyst. …
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation. …
  • Corporate Accounting / Finance. …
  • Financial Planning. …
  • Final Considerations.

What is a career in public accounting?

Public accountants help both individuals and businesses with a range of financial tasks, such as calculating and filing income taxes, reviewing financial records, keeping up with tax laws, preparing financial statements, and giving general accounting advice.

What types of services do public accountants provide?

Here are some of the public accounting services:
  • Preparation, review, and auditing of the clients’ financial statements.
  • Work related to taxes, such as preparing income tax returns and planning estates and taxes,
  • Accounting system consulting and advice, mergers and acquisitions advice, and much more

Is public accounting a good career?

Anyone who wants to work in a position of importance should consider becoming an accountant because they play such a crucial role in every organization. Given the high salaries paid to trained accountants, this field is a great choice for anyone looking to maximize their income.

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