PSM vs. CSM: What’s the Difference?

What is difference between csm and psm?

Difference Between CSM vs PSM (Certified Scrum Master vs Professional Scrum Master / 100% PASS RATE)

What is the CSM certification?

The Certified Scrum Master (CSM) certification provides scrum masters with interactive opportunities to advance their abilities and heighten their expertise. The fact that the courses are typically tailored to each learner to prioritize the concepts they most need training in makes the CSM certification process unique. Candidates who are interested in earning the CSM certification complete training and get ready for the exam, which can lead to certification if they receive a passing score. The CSM certification uses coaching, facilitation and leadership, communication, and problem-solving as its three main concepts in its program.

What is the PSM certification?

Professional Scrum masters can become certified quickly and easily with the PSM, or Professional Scrum Master, designation. Despite the fact that there are two courses available to help candidates prepare for the PSM certification, the company that provides the certification permits applicants to schedule and take the PSM exam without first finishing a course. Given that they can become certified quickly and are already familiar with the knowledge and abilities required of a Scrum master, this can be especially helpful to Scrum masters who have worked in the industry for some time.

After receiving their PSM certification, candidates can also pursue PSM II and PSM III certifications, which are two more levels of certification.


The following are some significant distinctions between the PSM and CSM certifications:

Who offers it

Who issues each certification is a significant distinction between the PSM and CSM credentials. The PSM certification is provided by an organization called Scrum. org, a specialized tool for seasoned Scrum masters that provides assessments and discussion forums Candidates can go to the organization Scrum Alliance, which specializes in training Scrum masters at various levels, to pursue the CSM certification.

How to get it

The procedure each certification requires to obtain it is one of the differences between the Professional Scrum Master certification and the Certified Scrum Master certification that stands out the most. Candidates for the CSM certification must select a course from Scrum Alliance’s list of choices, which offers a variety of options for Scrum masters with various levels of expertise. Candidates can take the CSM after finishing a course, which all require at least 14 hours of training, and become certified if they score well on it.

There are two routes candidates can take to obtain the PSM certification. Candidates can choose to pay the fee and sign up right away for the PSM exam, using their own experience from working professionally in the field to guide their responses. The other option is to enroll in one of Scrum. orgs two training sessions, which usually last two days, and then pays for and arranges a PSM certification exam sitting. If a candidate passes the PSM exam after taking it, they can become certified.

Passing score

Candidates for the PSM certification and the CSM certification must meet various minimum standards in order to pass. According to Scrum. org, the organization mandates that applicants obtain a minimum score of 85%, or 68 questions answered correctly out of 80. The minimum score required for the CSM certification, according to Scrum Alliance, is 74%, or answering 37 of the 50 questions correctly.


The cost of obtaining each certification is another distinction between the Professional Scrum Master certification and the Certified Scrum Master certification. A Certified Scrum Master certification currently costs $495, according to Scrum Alliance. The cost of the courses and the CSM exam are covered by this price.

According to Scrum. For each exam attempt, the Professional Scrum Master certification costs $150 at the moment. However, completing one of Scrum’s challenges might result in candidates paying a higher price. orgs preparation courses for Scrum masters. The Professional Scrum Master course costs $1,195 and includes the PSM exam in addition to two days of training. Candidates may also select the Applying Professional Scrum course, which costs $1,095 and includes the PSM exam in addition to four part-time training days.

When deciding whether to complete the PSM II or PSM III levels of certification, candidates for the Professional Scrum Master Certification may also need to take additional costs into account.

Exam pattern and duration

Exams for the Certified Scrum Master and Professional Scrum Master certifications highlight additional distinctions between the two certifications. The format of the questions and how they are organized on the test, as well as the time allotted for candidates to complete the test, are included in the exam pattern. Candidates have one hour to finish all 80 questions on the Professional Scrum Master exam, which consists of a mix of true-false, multiple-choice, and multiple-answer questions.

Candidates are given an hour to complete the 50 questions on the Certified Scrum Master exam. The CSM exam contains only multiple choice questions.


The requirements for renewal are another distinction between the PSM and CSM certifications. Candidates for the CSM certification must submit the necessary number of Scrum Education Units and pay a fee to Scrum Alliance in order to renew their certification every two years. The PSM certification, however, never expires, so candidates are not required to take any action to update their credentials.

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Which is harder PSM or CSM?

Exam Level Compared to the CSM certification exam, the PSM exam is much more difficult. You can give CSM exam after taking 2 days training.

Is PSM 1 same as CSM?

CSM VS PSM I. Most IT companies now prefer to hire applicants who can apply agile and scrum in challenging circumstances. There are two different Scrum Master certifications: CSM and PSM I. Reputable governing bodies provide the PSM I and CSM certifications.

Is PSM certification valuable?

Those who regularly use scrum as well as those who do not can both benefit from the PSM 1 Certification. I think that both people who use scrum every day and people who don’t (yet) use scrum can benefit from the PSM 1 Certification.

Is PSM recognized?

CSM and PSM are the two recognized Scrum Master certifications.

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