How To Write a Prospecting Email (With Template and Example)

Email prospecting is the process of identifying, researching, and qualifying for cold emails. It’s a way of ensuring that you’re emailing people who fit your product or service. Email outreach also gives you valuable info that you can use to personalize current and future messages.

How To Cold Email Clients – Best Cold Email Templates

How to write a prospecting email

You can use the following steps to write your next email prospecting:

1. Open with a salutation

Start with a greeting that includes the recipients name. Open your email with a greeting like “Hello Anne” or “Dear Mrs. Richards”. To make the prospect feel more at ease, the goal is to establish a warm, personal tone. Additionally, this helps prevent the automatic transfer of your email to the spam folder.

2. Include your value statement

Introduce your recipient to a high-level value proposition after your salutation. A great value proposition usually contains the following:

3. Discuss your reason for contacting the recipient

Tell the prospect why you are contacting them before or after your value statement. Tell them who referred you to them if they were a recommendation. Tell them if they recently used a similar service and you hope to provide one of higher caliber. This helps a customer differentiate your email from spam emails.

4. Close your email with a call to action

Prospecting emails usually end with a call to action. A call to action that is properly phrased can be very powerful. Here are some aspects of a good call to action:

What is a prospecting email?

A form of outreach to a potential customer is a prospecting email. A prospecting email seeks to pique the client’s interest and curiosity. A prospector can then provide the potential customer with information about the brand, what it offers, and how using its products or services can benefit the customer.

Prospecting emails, also referred to as “cold emails,” are intended to establish a connection rather than to make a sale right away. Selling the value of your brand before your goods or services is the goal.

Prospecting email template

Using a credible template makes it simpler to compose a successful prospecting email. Here is a sample prospecting email that you can adapt for your own use:

[Your salutation]

In this letter, I would like to introduce you to [brand name], the leading supplier of [product or service]. [Value statement]. It can be difficult to quickly identify high-quality [product or service] providers with so many options available. Thats why [brand name] is here to help. We provide [service or product] that give you:

You won’t need to spend a ton of time searching the internet for [good or service]. We bring the [product or service] to you through [brand name] with a complete platform for all of your [product or service] needs. The best part is that there are no extra charges, and your data is never sold.

As a result of your recent purchase of [product or service] from [competitor], we are pleased to provide you with this exclusive offer of 50% off any [product or service] for a limited time. Please accept this as a token of appreciation for using our [product or service]. We look forward to doing business with you!.

Example prospecting email

Heres a prospecting letter example using the template above:

Hello Mrs. Yin,

I’m Tim, and I’m writing to you today to introduce Course Hound, the top provider of online courses in 2021. It can be difficult to sift through all the online course options available today and choose the one that best suits your learning needs. Thats why Course Hound is here to help. Our brand offers:

Each of our courses was entirely developed by academics, professionals, and industry experts. We also only charge once, so you won’t need to worry about subscription fees every month.

Because you recently bought a course from Learning Port, one of our competitors, we are proud to give you this incredible one-time introductory discount so you can try any of our courses right away. You will receive a free trial course in addition to 75% off any course in our library to ensure that our platform is suitable for you. Don’t pass up this fantastic opportunity; the deal expires on April 6th.

We look forward to doing business with you, Mrs. Yin!

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How do you send an email to a sales prospect?

How to write a sales email that stands out
  1. Write engaging subject lines.
  2. Use nongeneric opening lines.
  3. Tailor the body length to your audience.
  4. Avoid talking about yourself.
  5. Include a clear call to action and next steps.
  6. Send the email at the right time.
  7. Add value with a follow-up email.

What prospecting means?

Prospecting is the process of finding potential clients, communicating with them, and building a database of leads with the intention of turning them into paying clients. Prospecting is sometimes defined as lead generation.

What is prospecting and example?

Finding potential customers, also known as prospects, is the first step in the sales process. Creating a database of potential clients, then communicating with them regularly in the hopes of turning them from potential clients to current clients, is the aim of prospecting.

How do I email cold prospects?

How To Email Cold Prospects And Get People To Respond
  1. Rule #1 – Make sure you’re emailing the right person.
  2. Rule #2: In the subject line, be succinct.
  3. Rule #3 – Keep it short.
  4. Rule #4 – Make it personal.
  5. Rule #5 – Cover the recipient’s problem.
  6. Rule #6 – Schedule a follow up.
  7. Rule #7 – Bulk email efficiently.

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