How To Write a Project Brief

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How to write a project brief

You must comprehend how to create a project brief in order to benefit from its advantages. The fundamental components to include in your project brief are as follows:

1. Company profile

Understanding your client and expressing that understanding in a company profile is the first step in developing a project brief. Start with an overview of the clients business. Include details about the client and the brand, such as name, product lines, industry features, and other information. Examining the company’s mission and vision will be beneficial. Youll also need to understand who the clients competitors are.

2. Project overview

The project description and information on the project’s scope and scale should be included in the following section. What is the project’s goal? Is it to create a website or a gadget? Please explain that here.

Additionally, this is where you will specify who will be in charge of each task throughout the project. Additionally, you should determine your client’s motivation for accepting this project and look for any potential obstacles.

3. Objectives, scope and metrics

Describe the precise, well-defined, measurable, and realistic goals that the project aims to achieve. Starting a project with this at the beginning will keep your team on track. Additionally, this is where you should outline the scope of your project.

Describe the metrics that will be used to judge the project’s success. These should be measurable goals. For instance, you might want to assist your client in increasing online sales by 50%. Make sure you have the resources necessary to accomplish your goals at this time.

4. Target audience

Make your project unique by getting to know the intended audience. These are the people who will use the thing the project produces. Determine the demographics, behavior, preferences, interests, and goals of the target audience. This data might be provided by your client, or you might need to do some research. This information will give you a keen understanding of how to meet the needs of your target audience.

5. Schedule and budget

In this section, you should decide on a deadline for completing the project and achieving your goals. To assist you in staying on course and achieving your goals, set milestones with due dates. Additionally, this is where you should decide on the project’s overall budget. Clearly state how the budget will be allocated.

What is a project brief?

An essential document that summarizes a project’s ideas is the project brief. A good project brief acts as a road map to help a project be completed successfully. It should include a summary of the project strategy and the procedure that a team will employ to accomplish the project’s objectives. It must contain all of the project’s goals, deadlines, key tasks, deliverables, and resources. It will outline the requirements and the timeline for fulfilling them. When it comes to the project, a project brief should provide answers to the who, what, when, and why questions.

By ensuring that you know exactly what is needed from the start to complete the project successfully, a project brief also saves time and money. A well-written project brief will ensure that your project runs smoothly and that your client is satisfied.


An example of a project brief for a project to redesign a client’s website is provided below:

Company profile

Zippy Cycles is a Raleigh, North Carolina-based bicycle manufacturer that specializes in producing high-quality, inexpensive bicycles, tricycles, and safety accessories for children between the ages of 3 and 12. “To design, manufacture, and distribute bicycles and tricycles for young boys and girls, to deliver value to our customers, and to create a company culture that is conducive to creativity and the happiness of our employees,” reads the mission statement of the business. Every young boy and girl in the world should have access to a secure, enjoyable bicycle or tricycle, according to Zippy. ”.

Project overview

Since going live in 2003, the Zippys website has been using the current visual design architecture. Since then, the website has significantly expanded its content, adding 8,000 pages and a huge library of linked documents. This makes it increasingly challenging for users to navigate the website. The number of unique visitors to the site has increased by 2,000 per day since it first went live, but average time spent on the site and the number of pages visited have decreased.

Objectives, scope and metrics

The objectives of this project include:

The metrics of this project include:

The following is outside the scope of this project:

Target audience

Children under the age of 12 and their parents are the project’s target market. Color, design, and enjoyable elements like bells and streamers are the children’s main motivators. Primary concerns of the parents include cost and safety.

Schedule and budget

The project will follow the following schedule:

The projected budget is $25,000.


What is a project brief template?

The project brief is a method for disseminating this data in a concise manner that will outline the project’s goals, scope, primary deliverables, milestones, and timeline. Making a thorough project brief will help everyone work together to better carry out the project’s objectives.

What is an example of a brief?

A project brief template is a formatted document that describes the reason for your proposed project, its objectives, target audience, team members, and timetable. Give the project board and other stakeholders a copy of the project brief for approval.

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