Product Launch Emails: Benefits and How To Write Them

A product launch email is an email sent to your subscribers that introduces your new product and provides details about the upcoming launch. They’re typically sent once you’ve announced the new product in your blog or via social media, but sometimes they’re sent before you’ve made any public announcements as well.

How to Write Emails for Your Next BIG LAUNCH!

Benefits of writing a product launch email

Using product launch emails in your marketing and advertising campaigns has a number of advantages, such as:

Promoting product awareness

Email campaigns for product launches are a great way to market to a broad target audience and raise awareness of your goods and services. Additionally, you can use product launch emails to improve customer loyalty and increase sales from your current clientele, which could help you save money and resources on advertising and customer outreach initiatives.

Advertising at a low cost

Sending out product launch emails is frequently a cheap and efficient way to let your customer base know about new or updated offers. Product launch emails let you reach a large audience for very little money. This could help to raise profit margins when coupled with the efficiency of direct outreach advertising.

Exciting your target audience

Emails about the launch of new products can be used to get your clientele excited about your offerings. When trying to convince customers to respond to a call to action, appealing to their emotions, like excitement, is frequently an effective marketing tactic. Through your product launch emails, you can raise the likelihood that customers will make purchases.

What is a product launch email?

To inform their target audience of the launch of a new product or service, marketing and advertising professionals send product launch emails. Product launch emails can be used by brands and companies to inform their clientele about a forthcoming release, raise brand and product awareness, or publicize new functions and changes to current promotions. Commonly used types of product launch emails include:

Product launch email template

Think about including your own details in this email template for a product launch:

Subject: [A succinct topic that immediately captures the audience’s attention]

Preheader: [A one-sentence preview of the upcoming content]

Header: [A brief, single line introduction to your email]

[Body] [Short copy that addresses all crucial inquiries about your good or service] [A call to action that is clearly stated]

How to write a product launch email

To write an email for a product launch successfully, you can use the steps below:

1. Create an exciting subject line

Making a subject line that will immediately catch your readers’ attention is the first step in writing a successful product launch email. Try to come up with a succinct, direct, and impactful subject line that summarizes the email’s most crucial information. Try to keep the subject line upbeat and exciting because it’s a great way to set the tone for the rest of the email.

A preheader can also be used to show a preview of your email. Preheaders should only contain one sentence that briefly explains the information in your subject line. To stand out in your readers’ inboxes and to evoke excitement, think about using special characters.

2. Write clear copy

Depending on your product or service and your marketing goals, the content of your email may change. Make an effort to write the body of your product launch email in a clear, concise, and jargon-free manner. Consider asking yourself the following queries to make sure your content is clear and contains all necessary information:

Include and define these terms clearly in your product launch email to maintain the efficiency and neatness of your email copy and to communicate your information as clearly as possible. Another crucial component of your email is a one-line header that introduces your content at the beginning of the body.

3. Include attractive images

Using images that are visually appealing will help you to further engage your target audience. In your product launch email, try to include images that attractively and clearly depict your product or service. If you’re launching a service, think about including animated graphics like GIFs or brief videos to show how it functions.

Images may not only excite your target audience about the contents of your email but also make it simpler for them to understand the benefits and specifics of your good or service.

4. Remain consistent

Your marketing and advertising campaigns, including your product launch emails, must be consistent across all platforms. Consider using logos, fonts, color schemes, and other aesthetic decisions that are present in other campaigns to maintain a consistent brand image. You can achieve this to maximize the effect of your product launch emails on brand recognition.

5. Include a clear call to action

Consider adding a clear call to action to the end of your product launch email to raise the likelihood of completed purchases. In order to avoid overwhelming or distracting your audience, it’s crucial to only include one call to action. Use a clearly defined subscribe button or purchase link that stands out among the other content to contrast your call to action with the rest of the email.

Product launch email example

Below is an example of a successful product launch email:

Subject: Ready to enhance your listening experience?

Preheader: Our new high-definition stereo system has finally arrived!

Header: Say hello to better sound

Our eagerly awaited surround-sound speakers are now accessible for your enjoyment. Utilize our cutting-edge speakers to give your listening experiences more depth and definition. Our speakers are guaranteed to bring the wonder of sound and music into your home and are compatible with nearly all stereo and television systems. No matter if you enjoy movies, video games, podcasts, or music, the high-quality sound produced by our new surround-sound speakers is sure to improve any listening experience.

Customers will receive 15% off and free shipping on orders of $400 or more for a constrained time only.

Follow this link to claim yours before theyre gone!

Tips for writing a product launch email

Additional pointers for creating a successful product launch email are provided below:

Send a series of emails

Consider sending a series of emails to further raise anticipation in order to make the most of product launch emails in your marketing and advertising campaigns. Below is a commonly used timeline for product launch emails:

Include questions

A great way to engage your audience and make it easier for your customers to understand the advantages of your product or service is by including hypothetical questions in your product launch emails. For instance, you could include a hypothetical query in your subject or preheader that addresses the needs or issues of your target audience and implies that your good or service might be the answer.


How do you write a product launch?

5 Steps to Write a Good Press Release for a Product
  1. Start with the headline. Make it irresistible. …
  2. Convey the news value in the first para. …
  3. Write one or two quotable quotes. …
  4. Provide detailed background information on the subject. …
  5. Place your boilerplate in the end.

How do you announce the launch of a new brand?

I have an important announcement regarding the [add product] . Since the launch is less than a week away and you already know about the [insert main advantages here], I’m announcing a pre-order sale today. You can get the [enter product] with a 50% discount and a special bonus if you pre-order it today.

How do I get pre launch email?

Use these tips to properly announce, launch and drive adoption for a website that delivers sales and positions your brand.
  1. Configure the Schedule. …
  2. Make the Announcement. …
  3. Launch Internally. …
  4. Create Cohesion. …
  5. Transition Existing Customers. …
  6. Create Momentum with Varied Digital Marketing Tactics. …
  7. Some Things to Keep in Mind.

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