How To Share a Report Using Power Bi (With Tips)

Power BI is an amazing platform that allows organizations to easily share and visualize complex data. With its wide range of features, it is no surprise that Power BI is the go-to platform for many businesses. Power BI Share Report is a great feature of the platform that enables users to easily share their reports and insights with colleagues. Sharing reports ensures that everyone in the organization is on the same page and can easily access the data they need. The ability to quickly and easily share data makes Power BI an invaluable tool for organizations of all sizes. In this blog post, we will be exploring the features of Power BI Share Report in detail and exploring how it can help organizations better utilize and share their data. We will be discussing how to set up sharing, how to access shared reports, and tips for optimizing the power of Power BI Share Report. We will also be looking at the potential pitfalls of using the feature and how to avoid them. If you are looking to make the most of the Power BI

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Reasons to use Power BI to share reports

A company may consider integrating Power BI into its business reporting and data analysis processes for a variety of reasons. Some reasons to use this tool to share reports include:

What is Power BI?

Power business intelligence (BI) is a platform for data insights that helps businesses learn more about their business. This platform can be scaled and customized by organizations to meet their unique business intelligence requirements. By allowing businesses to combine all of their data sources into a single straightforward visualization platform, using this platform can also assist businesses in gaining big data insights. This platform for data compilation has three main levels, which are as follows:

How to share a report using Power BI

If you want to share reports with Power BI users, there are a few different approaches to take into account. To share a report with this program, follow these three steps:

1. Use the direct report share method

The direct report share method is the first way to share a report with Power BI. After publishing your report, you can share it with other users. First, go to the workspace where you published the document. Move your mouse cursor over the report, then click the “Share” button in the top navigation bar. When you do this, a window appears where you can enter the email addresses of the users you want to have access to the report for. After adding the emails, press “Send” to share the document.

2. Send a link to a filtered report

Sending a link through the program to other users is a quick way to share a filtered report with them. Apply a filter to the desired report after opening it in the “reading view.” For instance, you could include a filter to only show particular data from a city or state. After adding the filter, choose “Share” and make sure “Include my changes” is selected. This ensures that the program saves the filter you added.

You can then either type the correct email addresses into the text box or click the “Copy link” button at the bottom of the window. You can share the link with any users to enable them to access the filtered report once you have it.

3. Share a report with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a program specifically for collaboration. It can be used by a group of workers to hold meetings and exchange information. Additionally, you can use it to send a Power BI report. Simply use the “Share in Teams” option on BI Power to add a report to a team, which is the Microsoft Teams integration. This opens a search window so that you can look for a team or channel. Click the “Share” button after selecting the group to which you want to send the document.

Tips for sharing a report with Power BI

Take into account the following advice when sharing a report with Power BI:

Grant all members access

Make sure you give each member of the Power BI team the appropriate level of access when sharing a report with them. For instance, they need your permission if you want them to edit or comment on the report. If you’re using the direct report share method, select “Share,” then “More options,” and finally “Manage permissions.” Then, by selecting the appropriate boxes, you can give users access to the report and choose the permissions you’d like to give them. In order to share the report with the chosen permissions, click “Grant access” at the end.

Publish your report

You can use Power BI to publish your report on the web if you’d like to share it with others for no charge. This is free and simple to do, though it might not be as secure as the other methods. Click “Share,” “Embed Report,” and then “Publish to Web (public)” after selecting the report you want to share. This gives you the option to publish the report to a website by giving you an embed URL and iframe code. You can share the webpage with any of your team members after it is published by sending them the site’s link.

Create a workspace

In Power BI, you can create a workspace where other team members can share and edit objects. There are two workspace levels: editable and read-only. You can do this to decide what level of permissions to grant other users. They can work together on different projects after you create a workspace and add users to it. Through workspaces, you can distribute reports and let others read or edit them.

Add comments to your report

You might occasionally want your coworkers to comment on a report you’ve shared. They can do this quickly and easily by adding remarks directly to the report. In the top navigation bar, users can open the desired report and select the “Comments” button. By doing so, a menu on the right side of the screen is opened, displaying a text box where users can leave comments. Once they’ve finished writing their notes, they can press “Post” to add their comments to the report.

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How do I share a report in Power BI?

Simply type in their name or email address, choose Send, and, if desired, enter a message. When you choose Send, Power BI emails your recipients the link. When your recipients open the email, they can choose to “Open this report,” which will send them directly to the report via a shareable link.

Can you share Power BI desktop report with others?

Simple Sharing for Dashboards and Reports You can share a dashboard or report with other users by clicking the Share button. By default, the report and data set will also be shared when you share a Power BI dashboard using this technique.

Can Power BI distribute reports?

With the help of Power BI apps, which are currently in preview, you can quickly distribute a number of specifically created dashboards and reports to numerous business users, giving them the tools they need to make data-driven decisions. You can distribute to the entire company or to particular individuals or groups.

Can a free user in Power BI share reports?

Users of the Power BI service have the option of a Free, Power BI Pro, or Premium Per User license. Free users can view and interact with shared content as long as their coworkers use workspaces with Premium capacity.

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