8 Position Statement Examples (And Why They’re Important)

Developing a position statement is an important step in any professional environment, whether it is for a business, organization, or individual. A position statement is a succinct, clear articulation of a position or opinion on an issue. It outlines the viewpoint of the individual or entity issuing the statement and provides an indication of how they intend to approach the issue. Position statements can be used to inform and shape an organization’s stance on a particular issue, outline the goals and objectives of a business, or be used as a persuasive tool in a political setting.
In this blog post, we will explore the different types of position statements, their uses and purposes, and examples of position statements. We will also discuss the importance of developing a clear, concise position statement and how it can be used to effectively communicate an organization’s stance on a particular issue. Through the use of examples and in-depth analysis, this post will provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of position statements, their value, and

How To Write A Positioning Statement (Brand Template + Example)

Why is a positioning statement important?

Some of the reasons listed below highlight the significance of a positioning statement:

It establishes your brand

Positioning statements aid in defining all the core ideas of a brand, good, or service. It explains to customers the benefits of your idea and explains why they should purchase it as opposed to alternatives. By doing so, a statement may highlight distinctions or affinities between our product and those of competitors. A positioning statement for a brand can assist in establishing new elements that may not already be a part of the business, such as when it enters a new industry.

Positioning statements can assist in more effectively connecting products with clients and coworkers if the business for which you work as a marketer enters a new industry. Products may require various marketing strategies, summaries, and accents from those that a team has previously advertised. Customers might be more receptive to a product after hearing an introduction that highlights the most important aspects, potentially leading to higher sales.

It emphasizes values

A product’s positioning statement can be crucial because it highlights the reasons why consumers should use or purchase it. Most positioning statements attempt to convince consumers to buy a product by highlighting the advantages it has for them. A positioning statement can also highlight important values for the marketing team, highlighting features of a product that could be useful for future advertising efforts.

It develops a pitch for your customers

Making a position statement is crucial because it enables you to develop a compelling sales pitch for your clients. A marketing team can provide a long list of justifications for why a customer should purchase a product by highlighting its benefits and differentiating its features. These marketing strategies may generate higher sales than campaign-exclusive marketing strategies because position statement marketing demands key points and differentiation statements.

It helps differentiate a brand

Position statements assist in communicating to an audience how this product differs from ones produced by competitors. While some terms may be interchangeable with a product’s value statements, some differentiations may be neutral characteristics that benefit the target market. Customers might view privacy as a necessity rather than a feature in social media, for instance. Therefore, a marketing team’s claim that its social media program offers greater privacy than rivals may not be a value statement, but it is a useful way to stand out from the competition.

It can help advertise new products

By outlining benefits, features, and values for consumers, a position statement can assist in promoting new products. A company’s position statement on a new product can explain to both current and potential customers why they should buy it. A position statement may aid in boosting initial sales if it helps orient a new product toward consumers.

Making one for your team will enable them to produce more effective advertisements later on in the product campaign. These statements can also help introduce new products to a marketing team. Marketing teams can outline and comprehend what can result in success in their advertising by using a position statement that highlights a product’s best features.

What is a positioning statement?

A positioning statement is a succinct explanation of how a product or service differs from the competition that marketing teams develop. It aids in educating clients on the virtues, goals, and advantages of a team’s particular brand over competing products. Making a positioning statement highlights a company’s core values and assists in confirming the type of product being advertised.

The two types of orientations for a positioning statement are similar to those for a product summary. To encourage a customer to purchase a product, one might approach them. A positioning statement aids marketing teams in understanding their product or the strategies they employ in another marketing orientation. It can be used to develop or market a product and to explain it to various audiences.

Positioning statement examples

Review the examples and the focuses of the following statements if you want to develop a positioning statement:

1. Expertise and outreach

An illustration of a positioning statement that highlights a company’s knowledge and reach is provided below:

River Valley Steel assists in providing tested, cut, and rolled steel for companies that work with steel in a variety of contexts. River Valley offers a high-quality supply for businesses around the world thanks to its quality testing lines and committed professionals in the quality, loading, and testing stages.

2. Unique aspects

Here is an illustration of a positioning statement that highlights the distinctive features the business provides in comparison to its rivals:

Greenvalley is a distinctive shopping service that supports creative artists and what they want in order to assist customers purchase exceptional goods from creators around the world with quick delivery services and a trustworthy market. Greenvalley Market aspires to provide an opportunity for all artists across industries to exhibit their work and make a sizable profit.

3. Product benefits

This illustration highlights the company’s benefits and individualized elements:

At RiverTech Global, everything we do is aimed at making your business successful. Consider us your always-available support and direction staff for your efforts in marketing and website success, providing 24-hour support seven days a week.

4. Customer needs

The example position statement that follows develops a sales pitch for clients based on the audience’s requirements:

You can find literature at ValleyRiver to suit all your needs. For its customers, ValleyRiver offers more than just a bookstore, offering everything from hardbacks from more than a generation ago to today’s contemporary authors. Customers can count on ValleyRiver to deliver books on demand whenever they need them thanks to an excellent delivery service that runs on schedule every day.

5. Unique services

The company’s position statement, which is provided below, highlights its offerings and what distinguishes it from other businesses of a similar nature:

In addition to providing its customers with exceptional drinking water, Greenway Water also aims to: Greenway Water commits its resources, policies, and staff to taking environmentally responsible actions as a business in order to protect and preserve the environment.

6. Introduction to customers

The following position statement illustration aids in introducing the business to a potential client:

As an electric company, Greenvalley River INC works to build a more sustainable future for people and their families. Greenvalley River is a business you can rely on for both work and at home thanks to our trustworthy service, strict quality control, and safety guidelines.

7. Convenient products

The following example of a position statement for Pocket Valley seeks to introduce the client to the company’s product line and list conveniences they might find useful:

By bringing the most high-performance technology into your home, Pocket Valley aims to revitalize the contemporary technology you use on a daily basis. To make life a little more enjoyable for everyone, Pocket Valley wants to use phones, TVs, and gaming consoles.

8. Customer pitch

The following position statement for River Central Park aims to use personable language in a business introduction and as value statements for the customer pitch:

At River Central Parks, we understand that the guest matters. You can anticipate an even better visit to any River Central Park than the last one thanks to our strict safety procedures, engaged staff, and evolving entertainment schedules.

Tips for writing effective position statements

Consider these suggestions when writing a position statement to make it effective:

Demonstrate values through empathy

You could discover what the customer values in products if you use empathy to understand the values of your products. Empathy for a different demographic, age group, or profession is one example of this. Marketing personnel can better understand the standards of their target audience by studying a profession, sport, or other area of interest.

Develop reasoning through customer understanding

Try to use your understanding of a particular customer group to create logical patterns as you work to comprehend it better. You can read and edit your statement from a new angle by using the patterns you create from the viewpoint of your customers. Your marketing team can more effectively produce statements that target potential customers the better it understands its target audience.

Remain brief to keep customers interested

Another recommendation for creating position statements is to keep them succinct. Short sentences can keep readers’ attention without requiring them to read for very long. To make your argument more readable for a larger audience and to guarantee that you pay attention to only the most crucial details, think about keeping your statement to just a few sentences.

Be transparent to maintain customer loyalty

Consider including an honest statement about your product in your position statement to help foster loyal customers. For instance, try to be honest about your product’s capabilities and limitations rather than exaggerating its advantages. This can assist you in providing the service you guarantee, which will increase brand loyalty and client retention.


What is an example of position statement?

Your position statement should have at least three supporting arguments to be strong and convincing. Reason #1: “School uniforms will deny me the freedom to dress however I please.” I like going shopping and trying on various school clothes.

How do you write a position statement?

A good positioning statement ultimately involves defining the experience you want your customers to have and directing the internal teams responsible for making it happen. Consider the benefits you provide for your clients and what makes your product and service offerings distinct.

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