5 Useful PHP Certifications To Pursue

Despite the fact that the majority of developers are self-taught, formalizing your understanding of the language by earning a PHP certification can have some advantages for your career. Additionally, it shows potential employers that you are proficient in the language, which can help you stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs or requesting raises.

In some circumstances, building code with what you already know is more valuable than studying for a PHP certification. This might entail making a contribution to an open source project or starting from scratch. This can frequently provide employers with more information about your language proficiency than a PHP certification.

Do you need PHP certification?

What are PHP certifications?

Formal credentials that demonstrate your proficiency in this coding language include PHP certifications. Because PHP is a scripting language that is so popular, some web developers and engineers decide to obtain a PHP certification. This achievement enables professionals to demonstrate their abilities and may increase their employability. Some web developers earn more than one PHP certification.

What is PHP?

Web designers and developers use a type of scripting language called PHP, or Hypertext Pre-Processor, to create the server side of websites and apps. To control the changing content on a website or app, experts frequently integrate PHP into HTML, another kind of coding language.

How to get a PHP certification

Although the procedure for obtaining a PHP certification can vary depending on which you select and where you obtain it, you can do so by adhering to these general steps:

1. Get an education

A high school diploma or GED is the prerequisite for a PHP certification. You do not necessarily need a college education before pursuing a PHP certification because many professionals pursue them on their own.

Frequently, the certification program you select will offer a training course. However, some PHP engineers also obtain a certification and a bachelor’s degree in computer science to strengthen their credentials. A bachelor’s or associate’s degree may provide more opportunities for career advancement for professionals.

2. Choose a certification

There are many organizations that offer PHP certification programs. Here are some factors to think about when selecting the best program for you:

3. Study

The certification program you select may determine the subsequent steps in your certification process. While some certifications only call for passing an exam, others involve completing an entire PHP course. In either case, studying can make the material you’ll be tested on more familiar to you.

Consider requesting confirmation from your instructor via the course syllabus of the topics that will be covered on the PHP exam so you can study and get certified.

Types of PHP certifications

The PHP certification type is determined by the training or test you take to obtain it and your level of expertise. Here are some of the biggest brands of PHP certifications:

1. Zend Certified PHP Engineer

The Zend PHP certification is respected by programmers worldwide as a noteworthy achievement. Employers frequently use this certification to differentiate the applicants’ skill levels Professionals can earn this certification by passing an exam.

Candidates have 90 minutes to complete the 75 questions on the Zend PHP certification exam. Candidates can take the exam as many times as they’d like for $195 each time. This exam was developed by Zend to assess the subjects that PHP programmers deal with on a daily basis. The following topics are listed as part of the exam:

The Zend PHP certification is meant for intermediate-level coders. Zend advises individuals interested in earning the certification to either finish the three PHP courses they provide or, if they already have experience with PHP, to buy the Zend certification study guide.

2. PHP Developer certification

A PHP course with 45 hours of training videos is available on LinkedIn. Professionals earn a badge of completion after completing this course. Applying for jobs on the LinkedIn website can be aided by this since employers can view the badge and recognize the achievement.

The PHP developer certification teaches the basics of PHP coding. Given that the only prerequisites for this course are a general understanding of HTML and JavaScript, two popular coding languages, it might be the perfect course for beginners. The following is a list of the subjects covered in this PHP certification course:

LinkedIn charges a monthly fee for access to this course. You can do this to finish the certification on your own schedule.

3. Coursera PHP certification

Unlike LinkedIn, university professors lead the Coursera PHP certification courses. Although there are tests and graded assignments in the course, candidates can choose their own learning pace. Coursera charges a monthly fee for access to its courses. They divide the courses for the PHP certification into four sections, beginning at a level for newcomers.

Heres a list of topics that the beginners course includes:

4. W3Schools PHP certification

Candidates have 70 minutes to complete the 70 multiple-choice questions in the W3Schools PHP certification exam. The passing score of this exam is 75%. Candidates who receive a 95% or higher on their certification receive special recognition. With this certification, you can stand out from other job candidates and demonstrate how proficient you are with PHP.

The following topics are covered in the W3Schools PHP certification exam:

5. Udemy PHP certification

Candidates must finish a specialized course to obtain the Udemy PHP certification. For PHP programmers, Udemy provides three distinct courses, each divided by skill level. A professional who successfully completes a skill level will be awarded a certificate for that particular course. They can then choose whether to move on to the following course.

Professionals can pay a one-time fee for each of these courses, despite the fact that prices can vary. Udemy provides study materials and video content so that candidates can learn at their own pace.

Heres a list of topics covered in the beginner-level course:


Is there a certification for PHP?

Employers use the Zend Certified PHP Engineer certification, an industry standard that recognizes PHP proficiency, to assess potential hires. Recognize your PHP expertise by joining the thousands of PHP professionals who have attained official certification.

How hard is Zend PHP certification?

1. If you don’t have enough practical experience, becoming certified as a Zend PHP Engineer is almost impossible. If you want to pass the Zend Certified PHP Engineer exam, you should study PHP this way because it is typically easier to learn by doing.

What is HTML certification?

An official certification in HTML, or hypertext markup language, demonstrates a person’s proficiency with understanding and using the various elements of HTML. It is used by web designers and other technical experts to create the visual appearance and functionality of website documents.

What is the PHP course?

Overview of the PHP course PHP is a popular general-purpose scripting language that is particularly well suited for Web development and can be embedded in HTML. With PHP you are not limited to output HTML. You can output images, PDF files, and even Flash movies.

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