How To Create a Performance Improvement Plan Template

(Performance Improvement) Plan Template

Why are performance improvement plans used?

The formal notice of probation is a performance improvement plan. They are therefore employed to alert staff members to their subpar performance and offer them the means and resources to do so. A performance improvement plan addresses an employee’s performance in the moment, as opposed to waiting until the annual performance review. Although a performance improvement plan’s specific goals can vary, the following are some of their typical uses:

What is a performance improvement plan template?

An example of a formal letter that addresses an employee’s performance and offers guidelines for achieving specific objectives by a particular deadline is a performance improvement plan template. A template for a performance improvement plan offers a framework for developing a strategy that holds personnel responsible for their work performance.

The template offers a structure for the performance improvement plan that outlines corrective action, offers resources to the employee, and establishes a timeline for performance improvement. The template also gives room for managers, employers, or human resource specialists to list repercussions, such as dismissal from employment, should the employee fail to live up to expectations and enhance their performance by a particular date. A performance improvement plan typically lasts for 30, 60, or 90 days.

What does a performance improvement plan include?

Certain elements must be included in a performance improvement plan in order to give employees the information they need to succeed at their workplace. The following are some typical elements of a performance improvement plan:

What are the benefits of a performance improvement plan?

There are numerous advantages to developing a performance improvement plan for both employees and the business as a whole. You can decide whether or not to use these plans at your own organization by considering these advantages. The following are some advantages of a performance improvement plan:

How to create a performance improvement plan

Spend time observing the employees’ performance before creating a plan for performance improvement. So that you know what to address in the performance improvement plan, identify any areas that need improvement. Use these steps to create a performance improvement plan:

1. Include the employees name and your name

Include both of your names, positions, and the departments you are a part of at the start of the plan. This informs the worker who the plan is for and who to contact if they have any questions.

2. Include the subject and date

Include a subject like “Performance Improvement Plan” below your names, followed by the date you created the plan.

3. Explain your concerns

Include a summary of issues regarding an employees work performance. Additionally, you can use this section to draw attention to previous conversations you’ve had about this subject and problems that need fixing. Additionally, you can mention any training that was previously given to them to address these concerns and provide specific examples and facts to support your concerns.

4. List improvement goals

List the various objectives and tasks you have for the employee. Clearly state what they need to achieve. Outline the performance improvement plan’s intended results for the employee. To establish goals, consider using the SMART method.

5. Provide resources

List the resources you’ll give them to help with their development. To assist them in achieving the objectives you specified in the performance improvement plan, you can provide materials, additional training opportunities, and outside resources.

6. Explain the expectations and consequences

Describe your expectations for them as they work to achieve these objectives. Additionally, mention the repercussions they might experience if they don’t meet these expectations.

7. Provide a timeline

Describe the specific steps they must take to accomplish the objectives you have set forth and how you intend to measure their progress. Include a timeline for this performance improvement plan period. Be sure to include the date of the performance improvement plan meeting, as well as the beginning and ending dates of the plan. Include the date of any meetings that are planned to review their progress or provide any other updates.

8. Leave space for signatures

Leave a spot for their signature and the date at the bottom of the performance improvement plan. Include a spot on the letter where you can sign and date it as well.

9. Get feedback

Review the performance improvement plan with a manager or a human resources specialist before it is completed. They could provide you with their unbiased opinions to help you polish the letter’s content. By doing this, the employee will be treated fairly by all the departments of the business.

Performance improvement plan template

It’s crucial to organize and present the information in a polished manner when writing a performance improvement plan. Making use of the proper format and structure organizes the plan and makes it simpler for staff members to comprehend. To suit your team’s requirements, alter the following performance improvement plan template:

To: [Employee name]
From: [Managers name]

Subject: Performance Improvement Plan [date of plan]

This letter is to inform you of persistent issues with your performance and your capacity for meeting deadlines.

We previously talked about your poor performance on [date of previous meeting] and came up with suggestions for how to help you get better going forward. Since then, you’ve [describe current performance issues] that have [explain the negative consequences of their actions]

The following objectives, which you are expected to meet by [date of goal completion], are now being held against you:

I intend to [list the resources you intend to give the employee to help them achieve their goals] to assist you in achieving these objectives. By [date all goals should be completed], if you do not meet these objectives and expectations, we will [explain consequences].

Date: [Leave space for them to write the date] Employee signature: [Leave place for them to sign]

Date: [Leave space for you to write the date]Supervisor signature: [Leave place for you to sign]

Performance improvement plan example

Once you are familiar with the structure and key components of a performance improvement plan, you can begin creating one for your team. Use this performance improvement plan example to help guide you:

To: Carly Henderson
From: Olivia Jones

Subject: Performance Improvement Plan, Jan. 9

This letter is intended to inform you of persistent customer complaints from the previous three months. In addition to receiving complaints, our logs also show that you average a five-minute call handle time compared to the call center average of 20 minutes. This suggests that you have not given our customers enough time to find a solution to their problems.

We previously discussed your underperformance on Oct. 8 and came up with ideas to help you get better going forward. Since then, no improvements have been made.

You are now being held responsible for the following objectives, all of which are due by March 10:

Up until March 10 I will set up a meeting every week to go over these objectives and your progress. By March 10th, if you have not met these objectives and expectations, we will need to talk to Alliance Healthcare about your future.

Employee signature:

Supervisor signature:


What is an example of a PIP?

How to Write a Performance Improvement Plan
  1. Know the right circumstances for a performance improvement plan.
  2. Describe the problem and the desired goal.
  3. Lay out required employee actions and clear metrics for success.
  4. Detail the available organizational support.
  5. Explain milestones for follow-up.

What is PIP format?

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What should a PIP include?

An employee with performance issues can succeed with the help of a performance improvement plan (PIP), also known as a performance action plan. It could be applied to address specific job goal failures or address issues with behavior.

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