FAQ: What is a Paralegal Studies Degree? (Plus 5 Jobs You Can Pursue)

About Paralegal Studies

Your degree in paralegal studies is designed to provide you with the skills you’ll need to succeed – such as critical thinking, organization, research, writing, effective communication and interpersonal skills.

A paralegal studies degree is an essential credential for those seeking a career as a paralegal. Paralegals are highly sought after professionals, as they provide direct assistance to lawyers in a variety of legal functions. With an emphasis on developing legal research, writing and analytical skills, a paralegal studies degree provides a comprehensive education in the fundamentals of law. Graduates of paralegal studies degree programs are equipped to become valuable members of a law practice, helping to streamline the daily operations of the firm and make the most efficient use of the available resources. For those seeking to build a successful career in the legal profession, a paralegal studies degree is the ideal starting point.

Paralegal Studies – Associate Degree

What are the benefits of earning a paralegal studies degree?

The following are some advantages of pursuing a paralegal studies degree:

What is a paralegal studies degree?

Students can learn how to conduct research and analyze issues pertaining to legal documentation, data, and evidence through a paralegal studies degree program. Numerous of these courses go beyond the basics of law to cover communication, office management, research, and analytical skills. Some programs also provide on-the-job training via internships, which can give paralegals valuable experience.

How much does a paralegal degree cost?

The total cost of earning a paralegal studies degree varies considerably among universities, but some common factors that influence program costs are as follows:

Numerous universities also factor in expenses for food, lodging, and course supplies. To help with some costs, students can also apply for scholarships or grants. Before enrolling in a specific program, look into ways you can lower your tuition.

What are common classes in a paralegal studies program?

There are several common core classes within each paralegal program, despite the fact that the specific curriculum can vary between institutions and paralegal study programs. Common classes in paralegal studies degrees often include:

How long does it take to complete a paralegal studies degree?

You can complete many paralegal studies programs within four years. Some institutions might provide options for accelerated or online courses, which can shorten the time needed to finish your program. In order to shorten the time it takes to finish a degree, colleges may also accept previous college credits that you may have acquired in high school or by pursuing other degree programs.

5 career options for paralegal studies graduates

Following graduation from a paralegal studies program, many professionals choose to pursue one of the following five careers:

A tax preparer’s main responsibilities include assisting clients and businesses with accurately preparing their quarterly or annual taxes. Analyzing expenses, looking over financial statements, and entering data into databases all fall under this category. Research is another common activity among tax preparers in order to stay informed about current state and federal tax laws.

Primary responsibilities include assisting insurance companies with the investigation, evaluation, and resolution of customer insurance claims. They also examine insurance contracts to assist clients in calculating the total amount of coverage for a claim. Additionally, interviewing people to verify claims are true and ascertain total settlement amounts is a common duty of adjusters.

Primary responsibilities: Paralegals are in charge of a wide range of duties, such as researching legal matters, creating documents, and supporting lawyers during trials. By speaking with clients or other case participants, they also assist in confirming the information in cases. Many paralegals may perform office duties like filing case information, helping clients, and taking phone calls in addition to providing legal support.

Among their main responsibilities, legal secretaries frequently prepare expense reports, schedule meetings, or send legal correspondence. Additionally, in some circumstances, they draft and prepare legal documents for their clients or employers. Additionally, these experts might help with communication between opposing attorneys, clients, or judicial staff.

Mediators’ main responsibilities include facilitating communication between parties engaged in contract negotiations or disputes. They are participants who are impartial and assist both parties in reaching an understanding. Additionally, they assist in setting mediation appointment times, draft mediation paperwork, and remind mediation participants of their appointments.


What is the best degree for a paralegal?

Many people begin their paralegal studies with an associate’s degree and are qualified to work as paralegals. However, some paralegal positions require a bachelor’s degree. A paralegal studies bachelor’s degree is a great way to get more lucrative and competitive jobs.

Is being a paralegal worth it?

According to the BLS, the top 10 percent of paralegals made an annual salary of $82,500 or more in 2019. In addition to receiving compensation for your efforts and experience, paralegals can add value by concentrating their knowledge in particular areas, such as tax laws or patent law.

How do you become a paralegal in Australia?

Are Paralegals Recognized In South Africa? The Legal Practice Act, a recent statute, now permits registered paralegals to offer legal advice and assist members of the public with their legal matters.

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