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Oracle Demantra is a tool for supply chain management and demand management. Demand forecasting is mapped against a variety of factors, including customer commitments, inventory counts, and supply restrictions, using an automated forecasting process that is enabled. Higher service levels, lower inventory costs, greater customer satisfaction, and lower distribution costs are just a few advantages of implementing Oracle Demantra.

Few benefits of Demantra Implementation?

Demantra implementations result in:

  • Higher service levels
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Cheaper inventory costs
  • Lower distribution costs
  • Do not worry, we are here to assist you with job interview preparation if you are prepared to face an interview for Oracle Demantra. If you are preparing for an Oracle Demantra interview and are unsure of the questions that will likely be asked, we advise you to review the interview questions and solutions page on WisdomJobs to ace the interview. A tool for managing the demand and supply chain is Oracle Demantra. It automatically correlates the necessary demand with the supplies on hand and the needs of the customers. With the help of the tool, service levels rise at low inventory costs. Strong technical skills are needed as there is huge competition. You can prepare for interviews by reviewing the list of frequently asked Oracle Demantra interview questions and answers below:

    Oracle Demantra


  • Create a C:/Tmp folder on the machine where the setup.exe will be executed before the installation as this will generate a log file to this folder
  • Note that there will also be some ancillary logs under the following folders:
  • Demand PlannerDatabase ObjectsOracle Server (Oracle back end database)
  • Demand PlannerDatabase ObjectsMicrosoft SQL Server (SQL Server back end database)
  • FAQ

    What is Oracle Demantra?

    Oracle offers Oracle Demantra as a demand management and supply chain management tool. It assists in enabling an automated forecasting process that compares demand projections to variables like supply constraints, customer commitments, and inventory levels.

    How do I know what version of Demantra I have?

    Sign in to Demantra Collaborator Workbench and choose “Help” and then “About” to find out what version and build of Demantra you are currently using. A pop-up window displaying the version and build will appear as a result.

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