Oracle Application’s Blog: 25 Most Important Oracle receivable interview questions

Oracle Receivables – AR Interview Questions – Technical and…
  • What are Different types of transactions in AR? …
  • What is the use of lockboxes? …
  • What are the interface tables used for AR invoices for conversion process? …
  • What is Auto Invoicing?

15 most asked Accounts Receivable interview questions and answers

1. What is a journal, how many types of the journal?

Journals it is used to record the business transaction it contains debit and credit lines always debit must be equal to the credit. Types of journals are Suspense Journal or Unbalanced Journal, Recurring Journals, and Reversal journals.

1. P2P Process & O2C Process

1. B. O2C processing four high-level processes i.e. Order, Invoices, Recognize the COGS, and Cash Receipt.

Sales orderàBook OderàRelease the OrderàConfirm the OrderàClose the OrderàImport InvoiceàPrint the InvoiceàRevenue RecognitionàDefer the Cost of Goods àenter ReceiptàApply the Receipt.

11. What are Payment Terms and How to define Payment Terms?

Payables use payment terms to automatically calculate due dates, discount dates, and discount amounts for each invoice you enter. Payment terms will default from the supplier site. If you need to change the payment terms and the terms you want to use are not on the list of values, you can define additional terms in the Payment Terms window.

6. Explain Flexfield Qualifiers in GL?

  • Need to assign qualifiers to individual accounting key flex field segments to identify or represent the purpose of COA.
  • Natural Account Each Accounting Flexfield structure must contain only one natural account segment. When setting up the values, you will indicate the type of account as Asset, Liability, Owner’s Equity, Revenue, or Expense.
  • Balancing Account Each structure must contain only one balancing segment. Oracle General Ledger ensures that all journal balances for each balancing segment.
  • Cost Center This segment is required for Oracle Assets. The cost center segment is used in many Oracle Assets reports and by Oracle Workflow to generate account numbers. In addition, Oracle Projects and Oracle Purchasing also utilize the cost center segment.
  • Intercompany General Ledger automatically uses the intercompany segment in the account code combination to track intercompany transactions within a single ledger. This segment has the same value set and the same values as the balancing segment.
  • FAQ

    How do I prepare for an AR interview?

    Accounts Receivable Specialist Interview Questions
    1. What should be included on an invoice for services rendered? …
    2. What accounting software have you used, and how would you describe your experience level with these programs? …
    3. Do you have experience or interest in analyzing large amounts of accounting data?

    What are three types of AR transactions?

    • Accounting.
    • Accounts Receivable.
    • Invoices.
    • Transaction Entry.

    What is AR module in Oracle Apps?

    The Oracle Accounts Receivable module works with other Oracle Financial modules to provide a complete set of transactions and reports for maintaining accounts receivable control.

    What is account receivable in Oracle?

    Oracle Receivables. Oracle ® Receivables is a comprehensive solution that enables you to. streamline invoicing, receipt, and customer deduction processing. It provides. the tools, flexibility and strategic information needed to meet the demands of a.

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