nurse practitioner salary fresno

The average salary for a nurse practitioner is $121,756 per year in Fresno, CA and $18,750 overtime per year.

What does a Nurse Practitioner do?

A nurse practitioner, also known as an advanced practice nurse (APN), is a registered nurse who has had additional training in a specialized area, such as pediatrics or family practice. Nurse practitioners can work alone or with other medical professionals. They usually practice in clinics and doctors’ offices, but can also be found in healthcare centers, hospitals and care facilities.


Highest paying cities for Nurse Practitioners near Fresno, CA

  1. San Francisco, CA

    $150,180 per year
    98 salaries reported
  2. Oakland, CA

    $139,218 per year
    27 salaries reported
  3. Los Angeles, CA

    $134,758 per year
    177 salaries reported
  1. Irvine, CA

    $133,718 per year
    34 salaries reported
  2. San Diego, CA

    $131,749 per year
    113 salaries reported
  3. Sacramento, CA

    $131,318 per year
    68 salaries reported
  1. Santa Rosa, CA

    $129,606 per year
    15 salaries reported
  2. Long Beach, CA

    $127,123 per year
    44 salaries reported
  3. Stockton, CA

    $120,559 per year
    22 salaries reported


How can I know if I am being paid fairly as a nurse practitioner (NP)?

If you’re unsure about what salary is appropriate for a nurse practitioner (NP), visit Indeed’s Salary Calculator to get a free, personalized pay range based on your location, industry, and experience.

How much do similar professions to Nurse Practitioner get paid?

Do nurse practitioners (NPs) make good money?

Yes, nurse practitioners can earn high income depending on their certification and the area of expertise.

What is the highest paying nurse practitioner specialty?

1. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist ($181,040) The highest paid profession for an NP seems to be that of the Nurse Anesthetist. As of May 2019, the Bureau of Labor Statistics puts their median hourly wage at $87, making it the top paid position for a nurse with an MSN.

What is a nurse practitioner salary in California?

Nurse practitioners in California earn an average of $151,830 per year (or $72.99 per hour).

What is the lowest paid nurse practitioner?

Of all US states and territories, Puerto Rico has the lowest salary for NPs at $20,900.

What is a good salary in Fresno CA?

The average salary in Fresno is $53,857. A good hourly wage in Fresno is $21.63 per hour. That works out to a good weekly wage of $865 per week and a good monthly wage of $3,750 per month.

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