15 Tips for New Real Estate Agents

The surplus of active homes for sale is at an all-time low and the number of Realtors has reached a record high, making it harder than ever for new agents trying to break into the real estate market in 2022 to thrive, survive, or even just stay afloat.

Inman set out to teach new agents the fundamentals so they could learn from the best Realtors in the country. More than 200 agents, many of whom were among RealTrends’ top producers, were asked for advice, and what we got went beyond the platitudes to provide cutting-edge counsel on topics like the most effective use of video text messaging and the best sales philosophies for the coming year.

Austin Real Estate Experts in Texas, the No. 1 brokerage in the state, and Matt Menard, co-founder, wrote: “As agents, finding business is the job, and conducting business is the reward.” 8 ranked agent in the U. S. for transactions in 2021, according to Real Trends. You should be generating leads for three hours a day, four to five days a week, unless you have all the business you can handle. ”.


What makes a good real estate agent?

A good real estate agent is prepared, organized, and open to learning new things. Referral-based real estate agents who are dedicated to treating their career as a business can expand quickly. The goal of these real estate agents is to establish a solid professional reputation and foster community trust. Many real estate agents discover that their professions can offer them a high-income potential and an exciting lifestyle with the right work ethic and approach.

Some other qualities of good real estate agents include:

Tips for new real estate agents

When you first enter the industry, remember these 15 pointers to help you develop your abilities and become a more prosperous real estate agent:

Understand the licensing requirements

Check with your state to see what is required if you don’t yet have your real estate license. This can ensure that you are successful as you start your real estate career. If you already hold a real estate license and intend to relocate or work in another state, be sure to research the requirements there. Regulations and requirements can differ significantly between states.

If you intend to partner with an agency, be sure to enquire as to any additional requirements that may apply.

Market yourself in your area

Engage with local property owners to become familiar with the area and find potential real estate opportunities. To advertise your services in this area, mail flyers and postcards, knock on doors to introduce yourself in person, and post yard signs. This will help you gain more exposure, generate leads, and establish a steady flow of real estate work. It can also assist you in gaining insight into potential future properties and the marketing strategies employed by your rivals.

Track your personal and business expenses

If you want to succeed as a real estate agent, treat yourself like a business. You need to have a budget and a way to track your expenses and anticipated revenues if you want to run a profitable business. To pay for your licensing classes, exam fees, and marketing supplies, you might need some startup cash. Make a list of additional personal and professional expenses, such as business travel, bookkeeping fees, and insurance, after you have determined your startup costs.

Utilize expense management software to keep track of your income, expenses, and cash flow in one location. It may be simpler as a result to stick to a monthly budget, achieve your financial goals, and file your taxes at the end of the year. Utilize a search engine to look up popular expense management tools, then pick the one that suits you the best.

Manage your time

As a real estate agent, learning how to manage your time well can help you avoid stress, complete tasks more quickly, and achieve financial success. Create a plan for each day and attempt to complete less appealing tasks first to reduce procrastination. A planner, to-do list, or task management program can all be used to plan your day and ensure that you use your time effectively.

Establishing separation between your personal and professional lives will help you reduce distractions during the workday. Then, let friends and family know these boundaries so they know when you are and are not available for personal interactions and social activities.

Develop a marketing plan

It’s crucial to set aside money for marketing costs as you launch your new career as a real estate agent and create a strategy that enables you to market your offerings via a variety of media. In addition to a robust social media presence, print materials like flyers and brochures, yard signs, and networking events, your marketing strategy should include a professional website.

You can also look into the use of billboards, email marketing, newspaper ads, radio and television advertisements, billboards, and other marketing materials. You can reach more potential buyers and sellers by varying your marketing strategy, which could help your business expand more quickly.

Choose a brokerage

When selecting a brokerage, give your options careful thought. Inquire about the brokerage’s objectives, the resources and assistance they can provide, and the commission structure. Look into the brokerage’s average number of listings and pay attention to the caliber of their listings. Last but not least, confirm that the brokerage is a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR). If you want to brand your company as a real estate agent and use the term “realtor,” this is a crucial consideration.

Find a mentor

As a brand-new real estate agent, think about locating a mentor who can guide you through the field, provide you with guidance, and boost your confidence. Find an experienced real estate agent in your brokerage or neighborhood that you get along with. Then, inquire if they would be willing to serve as your mentor as you begin your career.

Explain to them what you admire or respect about them as a real estate agent and what you hope to learn in order to make sure that they understand why you are asking them to mentor you. To express your gratitude, you might even think about giving a small gift, like a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates. Once you’ve found a mentor, respect their time while also being ready to ask them questions. Here are a few questions to get you started:

Grow your network

Since the majority of real estate agents get the majority of their business from referrals and word of mouth, your network is a valuable resource. Attend broker open houses, networking gatherings, and neighborhood events to expand your network. Make sure your loved ones are aware of your new profession in real estate, and think about asking them if they know anyone looking to buy or sell a home. In order to get to know people better, you can also invite potential leads or acquaintances out to lunch or coffee. An essential component of being a successful real estate agent is developing relationships.

Dress for success

As previously stated, in order to succeed, real estate agents should conduct themselves as if they were running their own company. This means that you should also dress professionally. When you meet with clients, dress professionally in neat, wrinkle-free attire to make a good impression. By doing so, you can give off an image of professionalism, competence, and respect that may win you the trust of your clients and their business.

Hone your communication skills

To make a successful sale as a real estate agent, you must be able to communicate clearly both orally and in writing. In order for their clients to understand complex legal terms and tax documents, real estate agents frequently have to do this. Strong communication skills are crucial for a real estate agent, whether you’re negotiating an offer for a seller, explaining the purchasing process to a first-time homebuyer, or networking with other real estate experts.

To improve communication, engage in active listening, pay attention to your body language, and be in the moment. Asking your customers which form of communication they prefer—such as emails, texts, or phone calls—will help you to better understand how to communicate with them.

Invest in yourself

Invest in yourself as a new real estate agent by going to seminars and continuing your education. Online courses in social media marketing, finance, and general business are some of the ones that could help you be a successful real estate agent. By subscribing to newsletters from various real estate websites, you can join neighborhood networking groups and keep up with the most recent real estate trends. Make time to read the National Association of Realtors’ (NAR) research and articles if you’re a member by taking advantage of them.

Prepare for open houses

Make sure to avoid choosing an open house date that conflicts with public holidays, regional celebrations, or neighborhood gatherings. Work with the homeowner to start staging their home at least a week beforehand. Make a to-do list for the owner in advance to help them with any last-minute organization, cleaning, maintenance, and yard work that may be required. Depending on time and resources, you might also think about having the house thoroughly cleaned.

Arrive early the day of the open house so you have time to inspect the property for anything that might be out of place. This gives you the opportunity to turn on all the lights, open the blinds and curtains, play music, set out refreshments, and get your marketing materials ready.

Get involved in your community

A great way to grow your network is by getting involved in your community. Think about helping out at a charity, joining a club, or contributing to local fundraisers. This can benefit your community and those in need, as well as help you establish trust with locals, get more recommendations, and generate leads for your business.

Build rapport with your clients

Real estate professionals who are successful realize how crucial it is to develop trusting relationships with potential clients. Making the client feel at ease, cared for, and understood is a responsibility of yours. To establish trust, ask your clients lots of questions, look them in the eye, and listen intently. Find ways to support your client and to let them know you appreciate them. Establishing a rapport with your clients can facilitate collaboration and boost the likelihood of referrals.

Partner with a professional photographer

In addition to helping you sell properties more quickly, using high-quality photos in your real estate listings and marketing materials can attract more potential buyers. Working with a professional photographer can also help you save time and make your listings stand out from other houses on the market. You can eventually use these images to create a stunning portfolio and improve your marketing materials, which might lead to more sellers choosing you as their real estate agent.


How do new Realtors start out?

8 Ideas for Getting Clients as a New Realtor
  1. Identify A Target Audience. …
  2. Set Yourself Up For Social. …
  3. Build a Professional Website. …
  4. Hire a Real Estate Photographer. …
  5. Engage in Content Marketing. …
  6. Showcase Your Properties in Style. …
  7. Create a Virtual Tour. …
  8. Install Google Analytics.

How do new Realtors get clients?

Here are 10 ways to survive (and thrive) during your first year in real estate:
  1. Expect long hours. …
  2. Market. …
  3. Set goals. …
  4. Go into the office. …
  5. Have a back-up plan. …
  6. Find a support system. …
  7. Build a network. …
  8. Become a local expert.

How can a real estate agent be successful in the first year?

13 Tips for New Realtors
  • Interview at Different Firms. Now that you have your license, do you feel ready to begin selling listings?
  • Find a Mentor (or Two) …
  • Create a Business Plan. …
  • Discover Your Brand. …
  • Work Your Sphere. …
  • Prospect, Prospect, Prospect. …
  • Discover the Right Lead Gen for You. …
  • Market Yourself.

What do brand new agents do?

13 Tips for New Realtors
  • Interview at Different Firms. Now that you have your license, do you feel ready to begin selling listings?
  • Find a Mentor (or Two) …
  • Create a Business Plan. …
  • Discover Your Brand. …
  • Work Your Sphere. …
  • Prospect, Prospect, Prospect. …
  • Discover the Right Lead Gen for You. …
  • Market Yourself.

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