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Are you a . If you want to become a Net professional, get started learning Net Core, which has faster cycles and is simple to upgrade. Wisdomjobs assists you in becoming familiar with all the features of Net Core technology, informs you of certification programs to do so, and also provides a list of various job openings where you can apply your skills. If you use Net Core, you can work on open source and cross-platform projects to boost language construct performance. For the upcoming generations of mobile, IoT, and cloud technologies, you can find affordable solutions. Visit wisdomjobs to look for Net Core-based positions and get ready to create a bright future. Here are a few Net Core interview questions and responses to help you ace your job interview.

Top 30 .Net Core Interview Questions in 30 mins

As technology advanced over time, learning pedagogy changed. ASP. You will gain a better understanding of this technology thanks to NET core training. The training session would allow you to learn that ASP NET core is not an upgraded version of ASP. NET. ASP. NET Core is completely rewriting the work with the . NET framework. It supports more platforms and is much faster, modular, configurable, scalable, and extensible. NET world, where businesses from around the globe are utilizing this technology to expand more quickly. Even it can work with both . NET Core and . NET frameworks via the . NET standard framework.

ASP. NET Core is an open-source and asp. To create contemporary cloud-based applications, such as IoT apps, web apps, mobile backends, and more, learn net core, a cross-platform programming language that runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac. In terms of pure performance, it outperforms Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, Java Servlet, PHP, and this web development framework.

I hope these inquiries and responses will assist you in passing your ASP. NET Core interview. These interview inquiries came from our recently published eBook ASP. NET Core Interview Questions & Answers. This book contains more than 140+ ASP. NET Core interview questions.

Use the ASP to help you get ready for the interview. Get a good development job on a cloud-based application, such as a web application, an IoT application, or a mobile application by responding to the NET Core interview questions in the PDF file.

The purpose of this book is to help you get ready for an ASP. NET Core interview with a solid foundation on ASP. NET Core in a short time. It would be useful for both your real projects and for breaking your ASP. NET Core Interview.

ASP.NET Core Interview Questions and Answers

These interview questions are targeted for ASP. NET Core, ASP. NET Core MVC and Web API. You must know the answers of these ASP. NET Core interview questions to clear a . NET FullStack developer interview. C# Programming language is used to show examples.

1. Describe the ASP.NET Core.

ASP. You can create cutting-edge, cloud-enabled, Internet-connected applications using the open-source, cross-platform, and high performance NET Core platform. With ASP. NET Core you can.

  • build web applications, IoT (Internet of things) apps, services and mobile Backends.
  • run on .Net Core.
  • You can do your development on Linux, Windows and MacOS.
  • deploy your code to cloud or on-premises.
  • 2. What are the benefits of using ASP. NET Core over ASP. NET?.

    ASP.NET Core comes with the following benefits over ASP.NET.

  • Cross platform, provide ability to develop and run on Windows, Linux and MacOS.
  • Open-source
  • Unified Platform to develop Web UI and services.
  • Built-in dependency injection.
  • Ability to deploy on more than one server like IIS, Kestrel, Nginx, Docker, Apache etc
  • cloud enabled framework, provide support for environment based configuration systems.
  • Lightweight, High performance and modern HTTP request pipelines.
  • well suited architecture for testability
  • Integration of many client-side frameworks like Angular any version
  • Blazor allow you to use C# code in browser with JavaScript code.
  • 3. What is the role of Startup class?

    Startup class is responsible for configuration related things as below.

  • It configures the services which are required by the app.
  • It defines the apps request handling pipeline as a series of middleware components.
  • 4. What is the role of ConfigureServices and Configure method?

    According to the code above, the ConfigureServices method is optional and defined inside the startup class. Prior to calling the Configure method, the host calls this method to configure the apps and services. Middleware components are added to the IApplicationBuilder instance that is made available by the Configure method. Additionally, the configure method specifies how the application responds to HTTP requests and responses. ApplicationBuilder instances Use. To add one or more middleware components to the request pipeline, use the extension method. By defining this configuration inside the Program class in the CreateHostBuilder method, you can configure the services and middleware components without using the Startup class and its methods.

    5. Describe the Dependency Injection.

    Inversion of Control (IoC) between classes and their dependencies is achieved using the Design Pattern known as dependency injection. ASP. A built-in Dependency Injection framework included with NET Core makes configured services accessible throughout the application. The ConfigureServices method allows you to configure the services as shown below.

    5. Explain the request processing pipeline in ASP.NET Core.

    For more about request processing pipeline for ASP.NET MVC visit Request Processing Pipeline.

    5. Explain the difference between app. Run and app. Use in ASP. NET Core.

  • app.Use method adds a middleware delegate to the applications request pipeline. When you want to pass the context to the next middleware then prefer app.Use method.
  • app.Run method adds a terminal middleware delegate to the applications request pipeline. When you want to terminate the pipeline then prefer to use the app.Run method.
  • 6. What issues does Dependency Injection address? Let’s examine this concept with a C# example. A class can use a direct dependency instance as below.

  • If you want to replace MyDependency with a different implementation then the class must be modified.
  • Its difficult to Unit Test.
  • If MyDependency class has dependencies then it must be configured by class. If Multiple classes have dependency on MyDependency, the code becomes scattered.
  • Use Interfaces or base class to abstract the dependency implementation.
  • Dependencies are registered in the Service Container provided by ASP.NET Core inside Startup class ConfigureServices method.
  • Dependencies are injected using constructor injection and the instance is created by DI and destroyed when no longer needed.
  • 7. Describe the Service Lifetimes.

    There is a lifetime for each service when it is registered. ASP. NET Core provides the following lifetimes.

  • Transient – Services with transient lifetime are created each time they are requested from service container. So its best suited for stateless, light weight services.
  • Scoped – Services with scoped lifetime are created once per connection or client request. When using scoped service in middleware then inject the service via invoke or invokeAsync method. You should not inject the service via constructor injection as it treats the service behavior like Singleton.
  • Singleton – Service with singleton lifetime is created once when first time the service is requested. For subsequent requests same instance is served by service container.
  • 8. Explain the Middleware in ASP. NET Core. The middleware components that make up the request handling pipeline each carry out an operation on a request and then either call another middleware component or end the request. When a middleware component terminates the request, its called.

    9. What is Request delegate?

    Each HTTP request is handled by request delegates, which are then used to create request pipelines. It can configured using Run, Map and Use extension methods. An anonymous method (known as in-line middleware) or reusable class can serve as a request delegate. These classes or in-line methods are called middleware components.

    10. What is Host in ASP.NET Core?

    Host encapsulates all the resources for the app. On startup, ASP. NET Core application creates the host. The Resources which are encapsulated by the host include:

  • HTTP Server implementation
  • Dependency Injection
  • Configuration
  • Logging
  • Middleware components
  • 11. Describe the Generic Host and Web Host. The host is in charge of setting up the server, the request pipeline, and managing the lifetime of the app. There are two hosts:

  • .NET Generic Host
  • ASP.NET Core Web Host
  • 12. Describe the Servers in ASP.NET Core.

    Server is required to run any application. ASP. To run the application, NET Core offers an in-process HTTP server implementation. The application receives HTTP requests from this server implementation as a set of request features assembled into an HttpContext. ASP. NET Core use the Kestrel web server by default. ASP. NET Core comes with:

  • Default Kestrel web server thats cross platform HTTP server implementation.
  • IIS HTTP Server thats in-process server for IIS.
  • HTTP.sys server thats a Windows-only HTTP server and its based on the HTTP.sys kernel driver and HTTP Server API.
  • .NET Core interview questions and answers

  • Flexible deployment: Can be included in your app or installed side-by-side user- or machine-wide.
  • Cross-platform: Runs on Windows, macOS and Linux; can be ported to other OSes. The supported Operating Systems (OS), CPUs and application scenarios will grow over time, provided by Microsoft, other companies, and individuals.
  • Command-line tools: All product scenarios can be exercised at the command-line.
  • Compatible: .NET Core is compatible with .NET Framework, Xamarin and Mono, via the .NET Standard Library.
  • Open source: The .NET Core platform is open source, using MIT and Apache 2 licenses. Documentation is licensed under CC-BY. .NET Core is a .NET Foundation project.
  • Supported by Microsoft: .NET Core is supported by Microsoft, per .NET Core Support
  • The Common Type System (CTS) harmonizes all programming languages’ data types by using NET under the umbrella of . NET to a standard data type for simple and efficient communication between these NET languages. As a singly rooted object hierarchy, CTS is created with System The base type from which all other types are derived is called an object. CTS supports two different kinds of types:

  • Value Types: Contain the values that need to be stored directly on the stack or allocated inline in a structure. They can be built-in (standard primitive types), user-defined (defined in source code) or enumerations (sets of enumerated values that are represented by labels but stored as a numeric type).
  • Reference Types: Store a reference to the value‘s memory address and are allocated on the heap. Reference types can be any of the pointer types, interface types or self-describing types (arrays and class types such as user-defined classes, boxed value types and delegates).
  • Explain types of comment in C# with examples


    ii. Multiple line (/* */)




    What is .NET Core C# Corner?

    Building Windows, Web, and mobile applications for Windows, Linux, and OS X platforms uses the open source, modular, and cross-platform NET Core framework.

    What is C sharp interview questions?

    Answer. Kestrel is a cross-platform web server built for ASP. Based on the cross-platform asynchronous I/O library libuv, NET Core Due to the fact that all ASP uses it, it is the recommended web server. NET Core templates. It is really fast.

    What is Kestrel Mcq?

    To ace C# interview questions and answers for seasoned professionals, you should thoroughly practice control statements, arrays, functions, object classes, properties, inheritance, abstraction, polymorphism, CLR, CLS, CTS, and strings exception handling.

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