Near Miss: Definition and Tips

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How to report a near miss

It’s crucial to notify management of a close call as soon as possible. By immediately informing management of any potential dangers, you can help keep other employees safe. To report a near-miss that happened at work, follow these instructions:

1. Ensure youre safe

After a near-miss, make sure you and your coworkers are safe by leaving the dangerous area and scanning your surroundings. For instance, if a number of your team members dropped some wooden planks, you should immediately seek cover and make sure the area is secure to prevent any more wooden planks from falling.

2. Identify where the near miss happened

Once you are safe, locate the site of the near-miss and the tools used in the incident. Members of management will find this information useful in developing measures to prevent similar near-misses in the future. When describing the location where it occurred and the circumstances that may have caused it, try to be as specific as possible.

3. Include all employees involved

If other employees were involved in the near-miss, speak with them first to inquire about their well-being and learn more about what transpired. It’s also a good idea to include anyone who saw the incident happen so they can share their observations of what they saw and heard during the close call.

4. Speak to your supervisor

To inform management of the near miss, speak with your immediate supervisor or a member of management at your place of employment. Your boss ought to launch an investigation to ascertain what went wrong and how to avoid similar mishaps in the future. Some places of business have websites or mobile apps where you can report a near-miss right away.

5. Record what happened

When you tell your supervisor about your near-miss, they might ask you to document the incident in writing so that they can collect data and use it for safety analysis. Here is the information that a near miss report includes:

What is a near miss?

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Alliance and the National Safety Council (NSC) define a near miss as an incident that almost results in property damage or bodily harm at work. Although it didn’t fully occur, it was an unexpected event that could have caused a mild to serious injury to an employee. A near miss might occur, for instance, if a worker almost trips over condensation by a freezer but manages to catch themselves before falling. An incident or accident would occur if the worker fell and got hurt.

The various kinds of work-related events that need to be reported are listed below:

Why are near miss reports important?

Here are several reasons why reporting near misses is important:

Tips for avoiding a near miss

Here are some recommendations for preventing near misses:

Participate in safety meetings

It is beneficial to attend safety meetings held at your place of employment so that you are knowledgeable about potential risks unique to your industry and how to avoid them. These gatherings can educate you on the appropriate safety gear you should use, how to prevent accidents, and details on safety rules and laws that apply to your industry. You can ask your boss if they can help with safety programs or provide information about safety awareness if your workplace doesn’t host safety meetings.

Stay aware of your surroundings

Try to stay conscious of your surroundings while working to prevent near-misses. Regularly scan your surroundings for any potentially hazardous buildings or flooring, and check equipment and tools to make sure they’re in good working order. Try to avoid being distracted while working by things like technology and conversations that aren’t related to your tasks because doing so could result in a near-miss.

Familiarize yourself with prior near misses

Learn about previous near-misses at your place of employment to become aware of any potential hazards. To find out if any of your coworkers have experienced any near misses throughout their careers, you can speak with them or your supervisor about any near misses. This can help you identify important details to watch out for, such as any particular materials that almost hurt your coworkers or any large machinery that has been involved in accidents in the past.

Study the employee handbook

There may be a section on near miss prevention in your company’s employee handbook. It may contain details on how to prevent near-misses, how to report them, and how to spot potential near-miss situations. Ask your employer if they have resources on near miss prevention if your employee handbook doesn’t mention it.

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What is near miss with example?

These are incidents that could have or might have occurred, but this time around there were no injuries. A worker trips over an extension cord that is spread out across the floor but manages to stop herself from falling by grabbing the corner of a desk.

What is called near miss?

When something typically disastrous (like a collision between two aircraft) almost occurs but does not, it is referred to as a “near miss.”

What is OSHA definition of a near miss?

A near-miss is a potential hazard or incident where no damage to property or injuries to people occurred, but where, with a small change in timing or location, damage or harm very easily could have.

What is near miss in HSE?

Near miss: an occurrence that does not yet cause harm but has the potential to do so. In this guidance, the term “near miss” will also include dangerous occurrences.

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