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Let us see the top VBA Interview Questions & Answers. Which helps us to go through VBA interview questions quickly before going to an interview.

VBA Stands for Visual Basic for Applications. VBA is an event driven programming language. It is introduced by Microsoft. We can write codes and develop MS Office applications using VBA in MS Excel, MS Word, MS Access and MS PowerPoint.

We use Excel VBA to automate repetitive tasks, to build very powerful tools, to create reports, add-ins, and many more. We can interact with the user by creating Userforms, or custom dialog boxes. We have great feature in VBA is Record macro. It helps to create VBA macro code for which we perform actions in Excel. Once we create a macro, we can edit the code and we can customize as required.

What do you consider when creating lookup fields in a database?

This question can help interviewers evaluate your approaches to planning and implementation. Discuss how you collaborate with team members and establish database parameters that simplify a staffs approach to accessing and using internal data.

Example: “The first thing I consider is how the structure of data tables displays the query values, as unlinked tables may not display look-up values properly. This sometimes occurs when the lookup IDs display instead of lookup values, which affects the ability to make modifications to linked data tables. To ensure the proper display of individual lookup values, I ensure related tables link to each respective destination field.”

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How would you create multiple forms for a database?

The interviewer is also likely to ask about your skills in setting up access points within various Access databases. When answering this question, consider how you apply this feature to create forms for things like customer contacts, employee access or system updates.

Example: “Even though there are several methods for creating forms, I prefer to use the programs wizard module because it allows for later modifications using the design view. For many of my past projects, I created multiple forms for internal access control and external communication using the command wizard. For internal permissions, I integrated query fields in each layout where employees entered specific criteria that allowed various levels of access.”

Which types of data relationships do you establish when building databases?

This question can help employers understand how you gather data and connect important files that teams use for daily tasks. Consider giving an example or two to showcase your ability to evaluate business needs and support improvements in efficiency and resource usability.

Example: “The type of data relationship I build depends on the type of information Im organizing. In most cases, I create one-to-one relationships between single data tables within a larger hierarchical category, like customer demographics. For linking one or more data tables, I would create one-to-many and many-to-many relationships, which allow for multiple relationship builds between data values. When I know the type of data table, I can then set a primary key in the original field and establish foreign keys for additional tables.”

Joins determines the relationship between tables in Access by stating the details of the relationship between two tables. You can create joins on the database tools tab or by opening a query in design view.

Queries are the medium of manipulating the data to display in the form or report. Queries can join tables, update data, delete data, sort, calculate, filter, etc.

In Access, we can only join two tables, in order to join more tables you require to group the first join together by using parentheses, as if it was a newly derived table. After that, you can join another table to that group.

When you establish a relationship between two data, the first table for your data is referred as the primary key while the new field in another data is called a foreign key.

To create a table using MAOL, you have to pronounce a variable of type object and then initialize it with the CreateTableDef() method of the recent database object. This technique takes argument as the name of the table.

Top 30 MS Access Database Interview Questions and Answers

ms access vba interview questions


Can VBA be used in Microsoft Access?

VBA Interview Questions
  • What VBA stands for?
  • What Kind of Language VBA is?
  • What is an Object in VBA?
  • What is the Object Hierarchy in Excel?
  • How to Activate the Developer tab?
  • How to use the Visual Basic Editor?
  • Where you can Write a Macro (VBA Code)?
  • What are the Ways to Write a macro (VBA Code) in Excel?

What is MS Access short question answer?

Like macros, VBA lets you add automation and other functionality to your Access application. You can extend VBA by using third-party controls, and you can write your own functions and procedures for your own specific needs.

What are the 4 features of MS Access?

Microsoft Access database is a relational database management system which combines GUI (Graphical User Interface) with Microsoft Jet database engine. It can import and use data from Access, SQL, Oracle, etc. This software is used to build application software.

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