9 Mock Juror Opportunities You Can Do From Home

The term “mock jury” refers to a discussion-group type of research that allows lawyers to evaluate the potential reactions of “jurors” to the evidence and arguments before a case goes to trial.
  1. You must be 18 years of age or older.
  2. You must be a citizen of the United States.
  3. You must be proficient in reading and writing.
  4. Your record must be free of any indictments, felonies or misdemeanors.
  5. You must be of sound mind. Related: 50 Jobs You Can Do to Make Money From Home.

Waiting for the verdict is the phase of the trial that many lawyers find the most unpleasant. We wonder if the jurors liked our client. When lawyers have the luxury of holding a mock trial, the majority of these questions (and more) get answered before the actual trial even begins. Did we choose the right jurors? Did they comprehend the closing argument? Do they know how to complete the jury verdict form? Are we going to win? This article examines how mock trials have evolved in the modern era and how many law firms are making excellent use of them to help with case evaluation, trial preparation, and occasionally even case settlement.

What is a Mock Jury

Common mock juror requirements

There are some general requirements for working as a mock juror, though specific requirements differ depending on who you work for:

What is a mock jury?

In a mock trial and mock jury, attorneys can identify any flaws or holes in their case and get a sense of how the jury would rule in a real trial. Typically, a mock jury is composed of the same types of people as a jury in a real trial.

Opening arguments, evidence, rebuttal, and closing arguments are all included in a mock trial’s replication of a real trial. The mock jury responds to a series of questions and, in some cases, renders a decision on the case at the conclusion of the presentation.

There are two kinds of mock juries:

Where to find mock juror jobs

Nine businesses are listed below that are hiring for mock juries:


Focus groups are used by the online research firm eJury to help attorneys develop their cases. The business creates virtual juries of 40 to 50 people for mock trials. On eJury’s website, you can apply to work there. You get an email inviting you to apply for a case when one opens up in your region. Accepting the email, reading the included documents, and either giving your judgment or responding to questions about the case are all you need to do to participate in the mock trial. Your work is complete when you submit your answers. Pay from eJury via PayPal varies by case length and complexity and is between $5 and $10.

Jury Talk

Jury Talk, a member of the Wilmington Institute Network, provides opportunities to serve as an online juror in mock trials and to take part in legal focus groups. If you participate in Jury Talk, you watch lawyers present brief cases and then respond to queries or share your thoughts on the pertinent legal issue.

Online Verdict

Online Verdict connects attorneys with potential jurors near them Depending on how complex the case is, Online Verdict typically uses 25 to 50 virtual jurors for its mock juries. You deliver your judgment and respond to inquiries after learning the case’s specifics. When a case becomes available in your area, Online Verdict will send you an email. Depending on the amount of time needed, payment varies, but you can typically anticipate to make between $20 and $60 per case.

Jury Test

As a virtual juror for Jury Test, you listen to or read about legal cases before giving your opinion. You can provide feedback through a voice recording, a live video chat, or an online survey. Cases usually take an hour or less. If you reside in a city, your chances of being hired through a jury trial are higher. Pay varies from $20 to $50 per trial.

Virtual Jury

A virtual jury panel is created by the online focus group Virtual Jury to discuss hot-button political issues and significant court cases. You share your opinions and respond to inquiries after learning about a political issue or case. Selection for a Virtual Jury panel is completely random.

Resolution Research

A marketing research company called Resolution Research also produces online mock trials. You can take part in industry surveys or serve as a virtual juror through Resolution Research. Depending on the difficulty of the case and the amount of time involved, the pay ranges from $5 to $400. When you convince new users to sign up, you can also receive a small referral fee.

Trial Juries

Trial Juries, a company founded by two attorneys, provides numerous positions for mock jury trials online. By creating a profile on the T Lex website, you can submit an application to work for Trial Juries. When a case matching your profile becomes available, you will receive an email invitation. The going rate is $30 per case, but complex cases can pay more.

Sign Up Direct

Sign Up Direct is an online juror recruiter. You will be sent invitations to mock juries that fit your specific demographics after registering on their website. You will hear a case during a Sign Up Direct mock trial before responding to questions. Sign Up Direct pays approximately $12 per hour.

Jury Solutions

Jury Solutions is another focus group research. Unlike many of the other businesses on this list, Jury Solutions provides both online and offline mock trial employment opportunities. You can anticipate devoting up to eight hours to a case if Jury Solutions chooses to invite you to participate in a mock trial. Jury Solutions pays $20 per hour.

Important tips for mock juror jobs

When looking for opportunities to serve on a mock jury, bear the following in mind:


Are mock jurors real?

A mock jury is a panel of people assembled to hear and respond to a legal argument in a “trial” that has no legal consequences. Mock juries are used in legal research and education to simulate a courtroom setting without using the actual legal system.

Do you get paid for Ejury?

eJurors receive $5 to $10 for each decision they make, depending on how long the case was. Each case’s top will display the amount that must be paid. Serving as an eJuror won’t make you rich, but one case per week could likely cover the cost of your Internet access.

What are mock trials used for?

The mock trial has been shown to be a successful teaching tool for students in elementary and secondary schools. It aids students in acquiring practical legal knowledge, effective questioning methods, critical thinking abilities, and oral advocacy abilities.

Is virtual jury legit?

When it comes to hiring people to review and decide on cases that the attorney will be bringing to trial, Virtual Jury seems to be similar to other websites that serve as mock juries. Reviewing a case typically takes an hour to 90 minutes. In most cases, virtual juries do their work online.

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