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Like most top tech companies, Microsoft has grueling interview rounds. In addition to onsite and online rounds, there is a dedicated round in the ON-site interview, where your behavioral skills are tested. “Why do you want to work at Microsoft?” is one of the frequently asked behavioral interview questions at Microsoft. With this question, the hiring managers want to understand your motivation for applying to Microsoft and whether you are the right fit for the organization.Â


Microsoft Technical Interview Questions

Microsoft follows a method, which is known as STAR method, meaning Situation, Task, Action and Result. Now, this is a formation method which they will implement, not only for main interviews but also for the mock interviews in certain cases of technical rounds. First thing is, they will conduct a mock interview. When you ace the mock interview, you will be qualified for the next round. STAR method. When you qualify using the STAR method in the technical round, the following qualities are been looked upon: Situation and Task is being used to understand your understanding and scope in your interview. While Action and Results are being used to test your coding and testing knowledge.

Technical Concepts, covered in this Microsoft interview questions blog are linked list trees, strings, dynamic programming, math and statistics, backtracking, graphs, sorting and searching. There will be many questions that has asked under these topics here are a few:

Q1. Write an efficient program for printing k largest elements in an array. Elements in array can be in any order.

For example, if given array is [1, 23, 12, 9, 30, 2, 50] and you are asked for the largest 3 elements i.e., k = 3 then your program should print 50, 30 and 23.

There are many methods to approach this problem.

Method 1

1) Store the first k elements in a temporary array temp[0..k-1]. 2) Find the smallest element in temp[], let the smallest element bemin. 3-a) For each elementxin arr[k] to arr[n-1].O(n-k) Ifxis greater than the min then removeminfrom temp[] and insertx. 3-b)Then, determine the newminfrom temp[].O(k) 4) Print final k elements oftemp[]

Time Complexity: O((n-k)*k). If we want the output sorted then O((n-k)*k + k*log(k))

Method 3

1) Sort the elements in descending order in O(n*log(n)) 2) Print the first k numbers of the sorted array O(k).

Q2. What are class and object in C++? A class is a user-defined data type that has data members and member functions. Data members are the data variables and member functions are the functions that are used to perform operations on these variables. An object is an instance of a class. Since a class is a user-defined data type so an object can also be called a variable of that data type.

Q3. Given an array of integers, write a function that returns true if there is a triplet (a, b, c) that satisfies a2 + b2 = c2.

Q4. What is operator overloading?

Now this could be asked both in C++ and in Java.

Operator Overloading is a very essential element to perform the operations on user-defined data types. By operator overloading we can modify the default meaning to the operators like +, -, *, /, <=, etc.

Microsoft Core Competencies

  • Collaboration: Communicating effectively within the team and across teams.
  • Drive for results: Working tenaciously to deliver on commitments, constantly seeking bigger challenges, holding yourself and others accountable.
  • Customer focus: The mission at Microsoft is to empower every person and every organization to achieve more.
  • Influencing for impact: Successfully persuading and influencing others with effective communication.
  • Judgment: Effectively scoping complex problems and using business acumen to make knowledge-based decisions.
  • Adaptability: Ability to deal with ambiguous and uncertain situations or problems with agility.
  • Now that you understand what is expected from you in the interview in terms of cultural fit, let’s go ahead and understand how you can apply at Microsoft!

    Q5. How do you allocate and deallocate memory in C++?

    The new operator is used for memory allocation and deletes operator is used for memory deallocation in C++.

    Apart from these there will be many for questions asked even in different programming language.Remember these tricks to crack the Technical round of your Microsoft interview.

  • Problem Solving Technique: The first task is to understand the question or the problem statement. And then come up with the answer. Remember the way to answer is important rather than perfect answer here. You need to understand the logic behind each of the use case.
  • Find more than one solution: Coming up with at least two solutions for a particular program statement is very important this way, even if you forget one particular logic, another logic will back up your answer.
  • Be clear with each of the solution you choose for a problem: Being ambiguous will not help you. Sometimes some have tendency to remember answers which will not help in the technical round. It’s important for you to practice and understand the logic behind each of the scenario using any kind of technique which will help you understand the soluti on. And this way you can be clear with each of the solution that you use instead of just remembering a solution.
  • Timely decision making capacity: It’s important for you to fix a time for a particular problem and make sure you have finished that solution within the desired time. Stacking up your problems will not help and eventually, you will end up not finishing anything.
  • Next in this Microsoft Interview Questions blog, let’s look at some tips and tricks before you sit for your Microsoft Interview!


    How can I prepare for Microsoft technical interview?

    Top interview tips for getting hired at Microsoft
    1. First you should apply. The best place to start is here. …
    2. Do your due diligence. …
    3. Know where you want to go. …
    4. Work well with others. …
    5. Showcase the qualities we’re looking for. …
    6. Demonstrate your thinking. …
    7. Be yourself. …
    8. See the landscape.

    How hard is Microsoft technical interview?

    Microsoft coding interviews are really challenging. The questions are difficult, specific to Microsoft, and cover a wide range of topics. The good news is that the right preparation can make a big difference.

    What type of questions are asked in Microsoft interview?

    Microsoft Behavioral Interview Questions
    • Tell me about yourself. …
    • Why do you want to work for Microsoft? …
    • What do you think are the 3 qualities to work at Microsoft? …
    • Tell me about a when you took risk at work.

    What questions are asked in technical interview?

    Basic questions to ask in interviews
    • Do you have any technical certifications?
    • How many programming languages do you know?
    • What are the different types of OS you are comfortable working with?
    • What is the extent of your technical expertise?
    • How many development tools have you used?

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