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What the Microsoft Interview is like — with sample questions

Microsoft Corporation is a multinational technology company based in Redmond, Washington, that manufactures computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and related services. The Microsoft Windows operating system, the Microsoft Office suite, and the Internet Explorer and Edge web browsers are among the companys most well-known software products. The Xbox video game consoles and the Microsoft Surface range of touchscreen personal computers are the companys major hardware offerings.

Microsoft has a number of scholarship programmes, internships, and full-time positions available to help you develop your skills. It is well understood at Microsoft that having a diverse workforce, including those with disabilities, is critical to achieving the purpose of empowering every person and organisation on the planet to achieve greater success.

How to Answer the “Why do you want to work at Microsoft?” Interview Question

Even the best software engineers and developers find it incredibly challenging to answer this behavioral interview question at Microsoft. After all, there are no right or wrong answers in a behavioral interview. These questions only help the recruiters evaluate whether you are a good fit for the company and its environment. And while these questions look deceptively simple, they play a critical role in establishing your value to an organization and directly impact the hiring decision.Â

But before we learn about the ways of answering this question, let’s understand the real motive behind asking such a question.Â

  • Most interviewers try to determine whether you are genuinely enthusiastic about joining the organization or simply appearing for an interview to strike it off on your checklist.Â
  • They are also eager to learn more about your authentic self to determine whether your values are aligned with the company’s culture.
  • Lastly, asking such behavioral interview questions also helps hiring managers to check whether you have done your homework and researched the company well.Â
  • Therefore, you need to frame your answer in such a manner so that it ticks off all the boxes on the recruiter’s checklist and makes a fantastic impression on them. Your response should be able to convince the hiring manager that you are genuinely interested in the position.Â

    It should also showcase your USP that makes you the right fit for Microsoft. In addition, you should also convey how you expect to add more value to the growth of the organization. A helpful rule of thumb to answer behavioral interview questions at Microsoft is to structure your answer into three parts:

  • Start with highlighting how exciting it is for any software engineer to work for a tech titan like Microsoft
  • Next, talk about what are the critical skills that you are bringing to the table to contribute to the success of Microsoft
  • Conclude the answer by talking about how working at Microsoft will contribute to your growth and learning as a professional
  • Microsoft Behavioral Interview Questions

  • Tell me about yourself It’s important for you to focus on your strengths ,skills, qualities and experiences you have applied for will match your particular role in Microsoft. Now, as we all know, Microsoft itself is a very high achieving organization and hence showing your positivity and enthusiasm is highly recommended. Answer should be upto the point and of examples. This will prove that you can add value to the already established team. Example: “I’m highly motivated. And goal-oriented person who strongly believes that significant progress in an organization like Microsoft can be achieved, only if everyone in the team is working in the same direction.” Here, you have positively spoken about the company also, you have focused on your strengths, which is goal oriented and highly motivated. Combining all these efforts into the team that you’re going to be hired, will always give you a way into the company. “In my previous experiences, I have learned and understood the skills that perfectly fits with the job description. Adding on my reviews, on my performance, by my previous managers showcase that I am an apt candidate who is willing to give the best to an already established and highly achieving organization like Microsoft.” Here, you have also pointed out that your experiences with the previous company have been highlighted and being recognized by your managers. And hence you are an eligible candidate. Now to add on to this you can speak about your personal experiences and goals.
  • Why do you want to work for Microsoft? Do good research before attending interview of any company, this will bring out the best answer to give to the recruiter. Now, make sure your answer is crisp, genuine and unique. Example: “Working in Microsoft, will benefit for me, for many reasons. Some of them includes a long-term association with the company as Microsoft will shape my career in a great way. The history and achievement of Microsoft over the years, has inspired me to be a part of their upcoming achievements. Adding on, the kind of product that Microsoft creates will always have me take a thing or two from each of its uniqueness to understand and implement for my future to grow to a greater heights.” Now here, you might think that here I’m being extremely selfish. Well, to be honest, completely this is what the recruiter is looking for. As I’ve Individual, you will definitely not think only about the organization that you will be working for. but think about your personal growth. Hence being honest will make the recruiter believe your answer and eventually chances of getting hired is more.
  • What do you think are the 3 qualities to work at Microsoft? There is no perfect or correct answer for this. All you have to do is do an extreme research on Microsoft. Make sure you jot down three important values or points after your thorough research. Whatever answer that you give, make sure you present it in a most appropriate way to your recruiter. Also make sure to give an example answer for this. Example: “I could say after I’m going to research, One has to be a good team player and show immense passion towards the work. They are recruited for understanding and supporting the team and to have equal respect for everyone they work with. The Microsoft values are to achieve the desired goals in which they treat each and every individual of their company as equals. Now, it is important for one to hold and understand this to implement further in your work if you’re hired. The next thing is, with a positive attitude and partnership with the co-workers to welcome and consider, everyone’s ideas to establish. A happy environment, is one of the main goals of Microsoft which helped them reach to a height to where they are to be today.” Here, you have pointed out the popularity of Microsoft and why actually they have reached where they have reached. This way you have shown them three good qualities of Microsoft and also told that you kind of possess these qualities and hence you should be hired.
  • Tell me about a when you took risk at workFirstly, do not start with the negative scenario in most cases here. Generally people tend to start of answering to this question with a negative scenario, this is a big red flag. This way you’re putting out your drawbacks to the recruiter, which you do not want to do. Consider your strengths that you have and how it works best for you. Additionally you might also use one of the colleague or co-worker and have you all about them in a particular situation. Example: “While I was working on a project that had a tight headline and an issue was to be solved by one of my coworker. I put extra time over the weekends, to learn the requirement and understand to meet the project deadline. I not only could close the project for the desired deadline, but also prevented my coworker from facing trouble and prevented a huge loss to the company.” Here your strengths, with respect to that of your co-workers. Also, you have told that this benefited company in a huge way. This way you’ve answered to the point with no negative scenario.
  • Next in this Microsoft Interview Questions blog, let’s look at the Microsoft interview technical questions which will be asked to you when you are applying for a technical role!


    What type of questions are asked in Microsoft interview?

    Microsoft Behavioral Interview Questions
    • Tell me about yourself. …
    • Why do you want to work for Microsoft? …
    • What do you think are the 3 qualities to work at Microsoft? …
    • Tell me about a when you took risk at work.

    What does onsite hiring event mean?

    Jun 12, 2018 4:53:10 PM. A hiring event- also know as a job fair, career expo, career fair or a recruiting event- is an event typically held by employers, schools, or recruiters that offer on-the-spot interviews to interested candidates. Hiring events are usually held at convention centers, hotels, or businesses.

    How do I prepare for Microsoft Virtual interview?

    How to prepare for a virtual interview
    1. In preparation for your upcoming virtual Teams interview, download the Teams App to your computer. …
    2. Test that the Teams App is working. …
    3. Your recruiting contact will send a Microsoft Teams meeting ID# prior to your interview.

    How do I prepare for my first interview with Microsoft?

    Top interview tips for getting hired at Microsoft
    1. First you should apply. The best place to start is here. …
    2. Do your due diligence. …
    3. Know where you want to go. …
    4. Work well with others. …
    5. Showcase the qualities we’re looking for. …
    6. Demonstrate your thinking. …
    7. Be yourself. …
    8. See the landscape.

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